In September 2022, the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) wrapped up a consultation survey that discussed the results of a report produced by a third party which examined the 16 designations under the Registered Technical Specialist (RTS) class.

The report had several recommendations. For the past year ASTTBC has heard from stakeholders and registrants as we are completing our due diligence and accepting additional feedback from industry stakeholders. Simultaneously, ASTTBC has also been in discussions with stakeholders over reserved practice for technologists and technicians, which have led to other considerations and options. 

It is clear the industry framework has shifted since the research began three years ago. ASTTBC has decided it will not implement any changes at this time, including the sunsetting of designations in 2024, and instead we will continue to analyze feedback and explore options for each of the RTS sub-classes. We are looking at alternative pathways, including a limited license, to find solutions that will support all registrants moving forward.

ASTTBC remains committed and focused on what is best for the public and the environment, and our registrants. Another RTS update will be provided at the end of 2024.

Please note: ASTTBC’s intentions regarding the Registered Fire Protection Technician (RFPT) and Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners (ROWPs) remain the same as what was earlier reported as a conclusion of the RTS report, which is that these subclasses should be removed from the RTS class of registration and become their own class of registration with ASTTBC. In addition to these subclasses, ASTTBC has no intention of sunsetting the Certified House Inspector (CHI) or Registered Building Designer (RBD) categories.