ASTTBC’s Bylaw amendments were declared in force by the Superintendent of Professional Governance effective September 8, 2023 and approved with September 21, 2023 Schedule C – Fees. 

The following significant changes have been made to the Bylaws:


  • Removed the requirements for AScT and CTech applicants to have their work experience in a Canadian environment, work experience can now be from other provinces and countries.
  • Made significant changes to Schedule A to allow for some significant changes to how we register AScTs and CTechs.
  • Made changes to the administration of exams and reinstatement of former registrants.
  • Changes to the registration requirements for Home Inspectors.
  • Updated Schedule C – Fees.


  • Changed the wording of Schedule F (which is now Schedule E) to allow for the Board to approve different requirements each year (such as an additional specific course or class/subclass specific requirements) to allow for the Practice Department to generate and implement content without the need to amend the Bylaws.
  • Created a new section 55.11 that allows for a fine to be issued to a registrant who completes but fails to record their CPD in their ASTTBC account by the November 30 deadline.


  • Amended the requirements to report dispositions of Complaints to the Superintendent to be in line with their guidances (only reporting RRACs, Citations, Consent Order or disciplinary hearing outcomes).