What is the trainee category of registration?

This category is for those who have completed their education and meet the academic requirements for registration in their intended discipline while they work towards obtaining the required twenty-four (24) months of work experience to obtain their CTech or AScT designation

What are the requirements for trainee registration?


AScT, a two-year accredited diploma in applied science or engineering technology, or equivalent and certification exam.

CTech, a one-year accredited certificate in applied science or engineering technology, or equivalent.

Programs accredited by Technology Accreditations Canada (TAC) (including those programs with accreditation status through Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB)). Please note there will also be a grandfathering period for programs that were treated in practice due to policy or procedures by ASTTBC, as the equivalent of an accredited program in 2023, if that applicant commenced the program prior to January 1, 2024. Please click here for programs treated as accredited and contact registrations@asttbc.org for further information on the grandfathered programs should you have any questions.

Certification exam: If you completed a non-accredited education and are applying for AScT (trainee), you will be required to complete a certification exam as part of your trainee application to demonstrate equivalent competence to an accredited two-year diploma program.

If you completed an accredited program and are applying for AScT (trainee) and intend on obtaining your work experience in a discipline that differs from your education, you will be required to complete a certification exam (if a discipline-specific exam is available) when you apply for your AScT designation.

Professional Practices and Ethics Exam (PP&E): All trainee applicants are required to successfully complete the PP&E exam.

Good character:

Applicants are required to complete a good character declaration as part of their application.

Proposed supervisor and signed supervision agreement:

Trainee applicants must provide a signed supervision agreement. The proposed supervisor must be a registrant in good standing of a regulatory body designated under the Professional Governance Act who has at least three years’ experience and practices in the same area as the trainee applicant.

English Language Proficiency:

Applicants who have not completed a secondary or post-secondary diploma instructed in English may be required to provide evidence of meeting English language requirement.

What documents are required?

For Accredited programs:

  • Trainee application form and signed supervision agreement
  • Copies of Two pieces of ID are required. Check here for the requirement and accepted IDs.
  • Arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly from the issuing institution to ASTTBC
  • Completed good character declaration form

For non-accredited programs (requires academic review):

  • Arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly from the issuing institution to ASTTBC
  • Internationally trained technology professionals (ITTP) are required to submit a WES or ICES full version assessment report in lieu of original and official transcript. The report must be sent from the assessor to ASTTBC directly
  • Trainee applicants are required to submit an online application through asttbcapply.ca to complete the general and discipline-specific competencies

Attachments to upload in online application:

  • Trainee application form and signed supervision agreement
  • Course outline (course-by-course description of learning objectives). The document should be uploaded in the Attachment tab of the application.
  • Two pieces of ID are required to be uploaded to the attachment section. Check here for the requirement and accepted IDs.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Gathering, preparing, and requesting the required documentation

It is recommended that applicants start the process of gathering the required documents before starting the application process and paying any fees. This will assist in making sure your application can be processed as efficiently as possible.

Step 2: Submitting your application

If you completed an accredited education program, complete the trainee application and supervision agreement, pay the application fee online, submit application along with other required information as indicated in the application form including good character form to registrations@asttbc.org.

If you completed a non-accredited education program, you will need to submit an application online through https://www.asttbcapply.ca/. Select “Registration” as the type,  “AScT” or “CTech” as the class, and Pathway B to complete the application form including the good character declaration. You are not required to complete the work experience section or provide technical references. You are required to fill out the general and discipline specific competencies for your applicable discipline. Then proceed to the attachments page and upload the trainee application form, signed supervision agreement, course outline(s), and two pieces of ID. Make payment for your application on the ASTTBC website and contact registration staff for submission. Please don’t make payment in your online application.

Step 3: Document collection

All applicants will receive an initial email to acknowledge their application, any clarification required, and any outstanding items. During this phase, ASTTBC requests and/or files documentation received from third parties and reminds applicants of any outstanding information required to review their file. The onus is on applicants to ensure that all required documentation is sent to ASTTBC.

Step 4: File review (for applicants who completed non-accredited program)

An applicant is notified their application is ready for file review once all the required documentation has been collected. The application will be reviewed by two qualified individuals (file reviewers) for evaluation and recommendation to the credentials committee. These file reviewers will review and provide an assessment report to the credentials committee that recommends whether an applicant’s education meets the requirements for trainee registration.

Step 5: Review by credentials committee

The credentials committee reviews the application and any assessment report provided by the file reviewers. The committee may require clarification, request further information, or determine the applicant has met the basic requirements for registrant and is permitted to proceed to examinations. The credentials committee may also reject the application if the applicant has not demonstrated they meet the requirements for registration.

Step 6: Examinations

Applicants are required to successfully complete the Professional Practice and Ethics examination and any assigned certification examination (see the exams page for further information on exams).

Step 7: Placement on the Register

Once all required examinations have been successfully completed, the credentials committee moves to approve the application. ASTTBC will send an invoice for the required registration fee(s). Upon receipt of the payment the applicant will be issued a registration date and added to the Register

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to have a supervisor?

    Yes, a trainee registrant may only engage in applied science and engineering technology practice while under supervision in accordance with section 40 of the bylaws.

    What happens if my supervisor changes during my registration as trainee?

    You must report the end of the supervision relationship and its date or expected date to ASTTBC as soon as practicable. You must propose a new supervisor and submit a newly signed supervision agreement for review and approval by the credentials committee as soon as possible.

    Can my supervisor be a CTech if I am applying for AScT (trainee)?

    Yes, however, when you are applying for your AScT designation, you will be required to provide a professional reference from an AScT or P.Eng who has supervised and is familiar with your work that can validate your work experience at the technologist profile of practice.

    Can I still apply if I didn’t attend an accredited program?

    Yes, however, you will need to demonstrate that you have the equivalent competence of someone who graduated from an accredited program. This is done through a review of course outlines, transcripts, a declaration of general and discipline specific competencies, and successful completion of a certification exam.

    What is an official transcript?

    An official transcript typically refers to a document issued by an educational institution that provides a comprehensive record of a student’s academic performance and achievements. It usually includes details such as courses taken, grades received, credits earned, and any degrees or diplomas awarded. It must be sent directly from the issuing institution to ASTTBC to ensure authenticity and integrity.

    If you completed your education outside of Canada, you may have been required to submit a third-party credential assessment to ASTTBC. If the assessment was not sent directly from the third-party assessor, you will need to arrange to have it sent directly to ASTTBC by the third-party credentialing agency. A copy of your official transcripts is attached to the credential assessment report provided to ASTTBC by the third-party credentialing agency. You are not required to provide ASTTBC with an official transcript. However, if you provided copies of transcripts instead of official transcripts to the third-party credentials assessor, you are required to arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to ASTTBC. You may also arrange to have your official transcripts (in English) be sent directly to ASTTBC from the issuing institution in lieu of the third-party credential assessment.

    In circumstances where the institution or third-party credentialing agency does not provide paper records, ASTTBC will accept documentation in an electronic format directly from the third-party via email.

    Will you accept a copy of my unofficial transcript?

    No, we will need an official transcript sent by your educational institution. By requesting official transcripts, we mitigate the risk of fraud or misrepresentation as these documents are issued directly by the educational institution.

    What happens once I have completed my two years of work experience under my approved supervisor?

    Once you have obtained the minimum work experience requirements, you may apply for your AScT or CTech designation.

    To apply, proceed to https://www.asttbcapply.ca/. If you are applying in the same discipline as your education and work experience, select pathway ‘A’. You are only required to demonstrate you have met the experiential requirements for registration.

    If you are applying in a different discipline than what your trainee application was assessed, select pathway ‘B’. You may be asked to demonstrate (usually through competency declaration and a certification exam) that you have bridged the gap between education and experience.

    All applicants are required to submit a competency summary. This is used as an assessment tool to demonstrate you have fulfilled the experiential requirements at the applicable technical profile of practice. Your approved trainee supervisor must sign the competency summary.

    It is recommended that you record your experience in the competency summary soon after you gain it and consult your supervisors to ensure they will validate that experience. You will need to provide three references as part of your application, who have first-hand knowledge of your work. These individuals will validate your experience.