Payment is due before November 30, 2022. Prior to making a payment, registrants will be required to make declarations about their practice, CPD hours, and compliance with the Professional Governance Act (PGA), which are subject to audit. Invoices will be available after the declaration is signed.

Registration with ASTTBC is becoming increasingly important – in 2023 ASTTBC intends to announce next steps for a scope of practice that is reserved for ASTTBC registrants. This means in the future, you will be required to be registered with ASTTBC to perform this work.

If you renew your registration after November 30, 2022, but before December 31, 2022, a late fee of $56.80 will apply. If you have not yet renewed your registration by January 1, 2023, your registration will be cancelled immediately. If you attempt to renew your registration between January 1, 2023, and March 1, 2023, and can provide reasonable justification for late payment, a late fee of $170.35 will apply. In addition, the period during which your registration was cancelled will be shown on the registrant directory, as required by section 31(3)(e) of the Professional Governance Act (PGA). Those who wish to become registered again on or after March 1, 2023, following cancellation for late payment will be required to apply for reinstatement under section 48.1 of the ASTTBC Bylaws

Fee Reduction and Waiver Policy
If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances please read the Fee Reduction and
Waiver Policy
 to see if you qualify for a reduction or waive of ASTTBC’s registration renewal fees.