This is an exciting time for ASTTBC and its registrants, as both discussions and work are underway for a scope of practice that is reserved for ASTTBC registrants. We invite you to renew your ASTTBC registration to ensure use of your professional title, demonstrate your commitment to the needs of British Columbia/Columbians, competence, and standards of practice.

Late fees
If you have not renewed your registration by December 31, 2023 your registration will be cancelled January 1, 2024.
Should you wish to renew your registration between January 1, 2024 and February 29, 2024 and can provide reasonable justification for the late payment, a late fee of $170.35 will be added to your 2024 fees. Please be aware that the period during which your registration was cancelled will be reflected on the registrant directory (as per section 31(3)(e) of the Professional Governance Act and section 47.2 of the ASTTBC Bylaws).

Those unable to provide reasonable justification for late payment or seeking reinstatement on or after March 1, 2024 must apply for reinstatement as outlined in section 48.1 of the ASTTBC Bylaws. If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances, please read the Fee Reduction and Waiver Policy. For information on the reinstatement process, please click here.

Important info

  • Any outstanding fees, debts or CPD fines must be paid prior to renewing.
  • CPD is to be completed and recorded in your ASTTBC account prior to November 30, 2023. Please note, this is not applicable to new registrants, trainees, retired, and non-practising registrants.
  • If you choose to not renew you must cease use of your ASTTBC stamp on January 1, 2024 and immediately return your stamp/seal to ASTTBC. 
  • Registrants are required to keep up to date contact information with ASTTBC. Renewal is an opportunity to confirm that ASTTBC has your current information. This will ensure you are receiving relevant communications related to your registration as a regulated professional.

Important info for Graduate Technologist, Graduate Technician, Associate or Provisional (except for Registered Technical Specialist Provisional)

The above categories have been discontinued and for you to continue as an ASTTBC registrant in 2025, you must apply to reclassify to either a Certified Technician (CTech), Applied Science Technologist (AScT), Certified Technician Trainee (CTech (Trained)), or Applied Science Technologist Trainee (AScT (Trainee)). Your application must be approved before September 30, 2024. If you do not apply by the above date, or you are ineligible for reclassification, your registration will not be renewed in 2025. Should you wish to pursue registration, you would need to reapply. Please apply for reclassification as soon as possible.

If you are planning on taking leave (i.e. parental, caregiver, medical, educational, etc.) or you are not actively employed or engaged in the practise of applied science or engineering technology, you may want to consider electing non-practising status. For more information, please click here.

Changing Your Registration Status

For further information on changing your registration status to non-practising, please click here. We recommend reviewing ASTTBC’s Guidance for Non-Practising Status to assist you in determining whether you should move to non-practising status.

For further information on changing your registration status to retired, please click here.

Information on Reinstatement

For information on reinstating your registration status, please click here.

Resignation Request Form

A registrant requesting resignation from ASTTBC must complete this form and declaration acknowledging they have read and agree to abide by the requirements outlined in the resignation request form in accordance with the Professional Governance Act, ASTT regulation, and the ASTTBC bylaws and submit it by December 31st of the calendar year along with any stamp or seal (if applicable). The completed form may be submitted to  

By submitting a request for resignation by December 31st of the calendar year, the ASTTBC register will reflect a registration status of “resigned”. Please note that, instead of submitting a resignation form, a registrant may decide not to complete the renewal process as a method of resigning from ASTTBC. In this case, the ASTTBC register will reflect a registration status of “cancelled” for non-payment of annual dues. Please click here for the Resignation Request Form.

Please note that we no longer mail invoices. To be environmentally responsible and for registrants’ convenience, all invoices are now electronic.

Prior to making a payment, registrants will be required to make declarations about their practice, CPD hours, and compliance with the Professional Governance Act (PGA), which are subject to audit. 

Please direct your questions to: 

•           Payment system login difficulties:
•           Fee renewals and invoicing:
•           Practice and CPD:
•           Registration status updates:
•           Compliance with PGA: