Adherence to the ASTTBC Standards of Competence & Code of Ethics, standards of practice, and practice guidelines is required of all ASTTBC registrants.

The Code of Ethics also serves as a reference for all new applicants who are required to write the Professional Practice & Ethics Examination as part of the registration process with ASTTBC.

Additional details about the Code of Ethics can be found in the Schedule D of ASTTBC Bylaws.

Professionalism, Practice & Ethics Video

ASTTBC created this video for both its registrants and the public to better understand registrant obligations to professionalism, practice and ethics.

ASTTBC’s Standards of Competence and Code of Ethics includes important principles to guide registered technology professionals when they make decisions related to their practice and conduct. ASTTBC recognizes registrants for their enhanced commitment to the 26-principles that must be adhered and agreed to. Watch the above video to learn more.