ASTTBC’s Young Professionals Group (YPG) promotes the development of individuals who have worked in the applied science technology profession for less than 10 years or who are under the age of 40.

The YPG strives to support younger registrants by offering networking and professional development opportunities to create connections between our members at the beginning of their careers. These relationships help to foster attachment with the industry that retains talented professionals across all our sectors. The YPG have already hosted several webinar sessions in addition to virtual and in person networking sessions around the province. These previous webinar sessions are available for members to watch anytime through their registrant portal.

We also have a Discord server where YPG members can discuss professional experiences, learn about upcoming YPG events, hear about job postings and ask questions regarding classifications. To join the Discord, please send an email to and request the link.

The YPG committee strives to represent the entire province of BC, and not just the larger regions. The group is currently looking for members from all regions to join the YPG committee for a low-commitment, once a month, one-hour meeting. Sitting on the committee is a great way to learn more about what ASTTBC does and how it can improve and shape the future of young ASTTBC registrants with the benefit of earning CPD hours. For more information, reach out to the committee at