While the annual CPD requirement is 20 hours, in 2021, registrants are only required to complete an adjusted total of 12 CPD hours. This amount is pro-rated and determined based on the Professional Governance Act (PGA) coming into full force in February 2021.

An important aspect to highlight with respect to the type of CPD required is with Indigenous Awareness. Each year, all practising registrants must complete a minimum of two hours of their annual requirement focused on this important topic. To assist you with meeting this requirement, ASTTBC has purchased course licenses from Indigenous Awareness Canada (IAC) which you have access to for free. Register for our Indigenous Awareness Training here. Please review ASTTBC’s 2021 CPD Requirements & Reporting guide below for detailed information.

Note: While Indigenous Awareness CPD is mandatory for all practising registrants, ASTTBC recognizes that taking the course may cause hardship for Indigenous registrants and requests for accommodation should be sent to Jason Jung, Director, Professional Practice & Development at jjung@asttbc.org.

Mandatory CPD


In our ever-changing technological environment, the public expects that technologists, technicians and registered technical specialists keep informed of the latest developments in their practice. Registrants are required to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public, including the protection of the environment and the promotion of health and safety in the workplace.

In accordance with the ASTTBC Bylaws, all practising registrants must complete annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirements relating to their practice.


This applies to all practising and temporary registrants only. Please see a top level overview of our categories of registration and the capabilities that apply to each category.

Key Components

This is only a partial listing of CPD requirements. For the full listing, refer to the requirements listed in ASTTBC Bylaws for more clarity.

  1. ASTTBC registrants are required to achieve 20 CPD hours/points per year.
  2. An overview of the activities eligible for CPD hours/points is presented below.
  3. The Registrar or designate shall annually issue to all ASTTBC registrants a notice of their CPD status for the current calendar year by November 1 of the current year.
  4. The Registrar or designate shall audit the CPD activities and the CPD hours claimed by registrants.
  5. On or before April 1 of each year, the Registrar or designate must submit a report summarizing registrant compliance with CPD requirements to the audit and practice review committee which identifies the number of registrants who are compliant and the names of registrants who are not compliant.
  6. A registrant may submit a written request to the registrar for an extension to complete annual CPD requirements if there are extenuating medical or other circumstances.
  7. The CPD reporting requirements for registrants with more than one ASTTBC designation shall be 20 CPD hours regardless of the number of ASTTBC designations held, unless otherwise required.

CPD hours/points overview (detailed info in ASTTBC Bylaws):

  • Formal or structured learning: 1 CPD hour/point per 1 hour of activity*
  • Informal or self-directed learning: 1 CPD hour/point for every 2 hours of activity*
  • Community or volunteer engagement: 1 CPD hour/point for every 3 hours of activity*
  • Employment or Practice: 1 CPD hour/point for every 1 month*

*to a maximum of 8 CPD hours per year

For further information please contact practiceinfo@asttbc.org