Under ASTTBC Bylaws, all practising registrants of ASTTBC are required to complete their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements from December 1 to November 30 of each year.

Currently, registrants are required to complete each of the following requirements:

  • 2 hours of training or activity focusing on Indigenous awareness and reconciliation,
  • 10 additional CPD hours chosen from eligible activities, and
  • Record their CPD activities within ASTTBC’s online system by November 30.

Eligible CPD Activities (2024 CPD year)

Based on your feedback, we made it easier and straightforward for registrants to achieve their CPD goals. Eligible CPD activities are grouped into one of four categories:

Listed below are the eligible activities that we recognize under our CPD program.

Eligible ActivityDescriptionExamples of Eligible Activities
CoursesCompleting a structured course or online program.Post-secondary technology course.  

Code update training course.  

Indigenous cultural awareness and reconciliation education program.
TeachingTeaching a course or training program.Presenting at a conference about a topic affecting your discipline at a conference.
PresentingPresenting at a professional symposium (conference, workshop, or seminar).Presenting at a conference about topic affecting your discipline at a conference.
Content DevelopmentCreating informational or instructional content related to a Registrant’s practice.Creating instructional materials, exercises, case studies, surveys or exams for a course, training program, workshop, seminar or webinar.  

Writing technical papers, articles, chapters or reviews that may be published in journals, books or submitted for professional or commercial purposes.  

Contributing to the development of codes, standards, innovative processes, applications of technology and patents.
Conducting ResearchProcess of identifying a question, gathering information, analyzing and evaluating evidence, and drawing conclusions.Receiving training from an informal structure or an unapproved training provider.
Technical TrainingTeaching a code update course as a part-time lecturer.Attending seminars, workshops, webinars, technical field trips, or on-the-job training provided by your employer or a supplier of equipment or services
VolunteeringContributing to the development of the profession and the community of practice on an unremunerated basis.Participating on education boards, industry advisory committees or similar profession-related organization or association activities.  

Volunteering as a subject matter expert for ASTTBC (e.g., as an investigator, providing expertise or feedback on technical issues or practice-related inquiries).   Volunteering as a member of a statutory committee.

Please note: Restrictions and limits may apply to the number of hours a registrant may count toward their CPD in a given year. Please refer to ASTTBC Bylaws, Schedule E for more details.

Ineligible CPD Activities

While we have expanded the list of activities we now recognize, we have also provided clear guidance on what activities are ineligible for CPD credit. This includes:

  • Activities that are completed as a key part of a Registrant’s full-time employment or practice.
  • CPD activities that are repeated within the same CPD cycle.
  • Activities that are not related to a Registrant’s practice or do not contribute to the betterment of their ability to carry out their practice.
  • Activities that are undocumented or unverifiable when completed.
  • Courses that are partially complete.
  • Activities completed outside the December 1 to November 30 timeframe of the CPD year. 

CPD Learning Resources

We have taken the initiative to assist our registrants in locating learning resources for CPD. As a result, we have reviewed and chosen a select few online training providers. You can find this list on the CPD Learning Resources page. It is important to note that this list is not comprehensive and registrants are free to choose any relevant course or training provider at their convenience.

We have also compiled a list of recognized and recommended Indigenous awareness training providers and activities to help registrants fulfill their mandatory training or activity focused on Indigenous awareness and reconciliation.

Guidance & Frequently Asked Questions

To help registrants navigate their CPD requirements, we have collected and answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions based on inquiries from the past year. We encourage registrants to regularly review these FAQs as their primary resource for up-to-date information.

Moreover, for 2024, we have released a CPD guideline outlining the updated CPD requirements.

Recording CPD Activities

To record your CPD activities, start by logging into your ASTTBC account.

For guided instructions on recording your CPD activities, view our how-to videos on:

CPD Extension & Accommodation Policy

Under section 55.3 of the ASTTBC Bylaws, a registrant may submit a written request to the registrar for an extension to complete annual CPD requirements if there are extenuating medical or other circumstances.

If submitting a written request to the registrar for an extension, please follow the steps outlined below.

Submission Process:

  1. Review the CPD Extension & Accommodation Policy
  2. Download and complete the applicable form
  3. Email a copy of your form to the ASTTBC registrar at registrar@asttbc.org


If you have further questions or concerns regarding CPD, please contact cpd@asttbc.org.