ASTTBC applicants and registrants are required to pay annual fees to maintain their registration. Fees vary according to designation and/or registration status. Below is the complete list of application, registration, renewal, and examination fees as itemized in Schedule C of ASTTBC Bylaws.

Fee Reduction & Waiver Policy

Under section 52.1 of ASTTBC Bylaws, the executive director or registrar may, in their discretion, reduce or waive a fee payable under Schedule C if satisfied that an applicant or registrant is facing undue hardship and there are extenuating circumstances that justify the reduction or waiver.

If submitting a written request to the registrar for a fee reduction or waiver request, please follow the steps as outlined below.

Submission Process:

  1. Review the Fee Reduction & Waiver Policy
  2. Download and complete the applicable form
  3. Email a copy of your form to ASTTBC registrar at


SCHEDULE C – Application, Registration, Renewal, and Examination Fees:

Application for registration (all categories but student)$ 264.00$ 13.20$ 277.20
Application for registration (student only)$ 103.00$5.15$108.15
Application for reinstatement$ 264.00$ 13.20$ 277.20
Application for reclassification$ 184.75$ 9.24$ 193.99
Application to add an endorsement$ 184.75$9.24$ 193.99
Review on the record application fee$ 103.00$ 5.15$ 108.15
Examination fee (ASTTBC)$ 257.50$ 12.88$ 270.38
Examination fee (Yardstick)$273.00$13.65$286.65
Supervised inspection fee (each inspection)$360.50$18.03$378.53
Registration fee is *pro-rated in the 1st year for all applicants registered with ASTTBC$ 391.50$ 19.58$ 411.08
Renewal of annual registration fee (practising & temporary registrants)$ 391.50$ 19.58$ 411.08
Registration fee (specific to ROWP, RFPT, CPI) *pro-rated in the 1st year for all applicants registered with ASTTBC$ 441.75$ 22.09$ 463.84
Renewal of annual registration fee (specific to ROWP, RFPT, CPI – practising & temporary registrants)$ 441.75$ 22.09$ 463.84
Annual registration fee (Trainees: <5 years)$ 185.50$ 9.28$ 194.78
Annual registration fee (Trainees: 5> years)$ 274.50$ 13.73$ 288.23
Annual registration fee (Retired registrants)$ 95.00$ 4.75$ 99.75
Annual registration fee (Multi-designation registrants)$ 82.50$ 4.13$ 86.63
Annual registration renewal fee (non-practising and student)$ 75.00$ 3.75$ 78.75
Annual registration renewal late fee (after November 30 but before December 31)$51.50$2.58$ 54.08
Annual registration renewal late fee (after December 31 but before March 1)$154.50$7.73$ 162.23

Upon acceptance of an application a registrant is invited to pay their fees. When a new registrant registers part way through the annual 12-month cycle, prorated fees apply. The annual amount is divided by 12 months and multiplied the number of months left in the cycle. The cycle runs from January 1 to December 31. The annual registration renewal period runs from September 30 to November 30. Fees are not prorated for registrants reinstated part way through the calendar year following cancellation due to non-payment of fees.