Retired registrants must not practise, supervise or delegate in any class of applied science and engineering technology practice or use a stamp or seal. A retired registrant may only use their pre-retirement title if they include the word retired in brackets after the title.

There are many important functions that our retired registrants fulfil. While in good standing they may:

  • Be elected to Council
  • Vote in an election of council members
  • Participate and vote at annual and special general meetings
  • Be appointed as committee members or as ASTTBC practice advisors

ASTTBC registrants seeking reclassification as Retired must meet specific criteria related to their age and status of ASTTBC registration. They must also submit to ASTTBC’s Registrar a completed application for reclassification and confirmation that they have ceased to practice. They must also provide payment of fees, outstanding fines and debts or levies owed to ASTTBC.

Details about Retired Registrant registration requirements can be found in the ASTTBC Bylaws.