The Practice Advice Program is a service available to registrants, stakeholders and the public where ASTTBC provides advice and interpretation of professional and ethical standards of practice expected of ASTTBC registrants as set out under the Professional Governance Act (PGA), ASTTBC Bylaws, and any professional practice guidance provided by ASTTBC.

To assist the public, stakeholders and our registrants a suite of resources are available including:

  • Practice guidance and support from ASTTBC’s Professional Practice Department in relation to existing codes, standards of competence and conduct, guides, etc.;
  • Downloadable practice resources such as standards, professional practice guides, bulletins and other advisories; and
  • Practice-related webinars or other on-demand professional development material for registrants.

Practice Guidance

To assist registrants and stakeholders, ASTTBC provides practice guidance on a range of issues relating to ASTTBC registrant practice. A team of staff is available to answer questions related to professional practice, ethics, practice guidelines and other risk management resources such as professional liability insurance.

To contact a practice team member, please email:

Please note: 

ASTTBC does not answer questions relating to legal and contractual issues, employment contract terms or issues. In addition, the specific technical review of engineering or applied science technology work will not be provided.

If you provide any personal information when utilizing the Practice Advice Program, that personal information may be collected in our records, pursuant to section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for the purposes of training, ensuring consistency of our advice, identifying trends in inquiries, and determining the need for development of formal practice guidance.

Issues which may arise during communications with staff that are of a concern to public safety, health, and welfare of the public or environment, may be referred to ASTTBC’s Investigations and Complaints department.

Practice Resources

The following resources are available to registrants and stakeholders. If there are any questions, we encourage you to contact the ASTTBC practice team.

Professional Practice Guidelines and Standards of Practice

Professional Practice Bulletins / Advisories

ASTTBC Standards of Competence and Code of Ethics

To access resources directed at registrants, ASTTBC registered professionals are required to login to their Registrant Portal.

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