A practising registrant is a person registered with ASTTBC and who is permitted to engage in applied science and engineering technology practice but does not include trainees, students, honorary registrants, retired registrants, non-practising registrants, inspectors in training, associate registrants, graduate technicians, and graduate technologists.

An applicant seeking admission in the practising category of registration must:

  • Have attained the minimum educational requirements from an approved education program for their proposed class, sub-class, discipline and/or endorsement as specified in the ASTTBC Bylaws Schedule A
  • Have completed the required experiential requirements for their proposed class, subclass, discipline and/or endorsement as specified in Schedule A
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language to the satisfaction of the credentials committee
  • Provide evidence satisfactory to the credentials committee that the applicant is a person of good character and is fit to practice consistent with the responsibilities and standards expected of a registrant
  • Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or otherwise authorized to work in Canada

Practising registrant requirements can be found in the ASTTBC Bylaws, Schedule A.