Certified Technicians (CTech) are graduates of a one-year accredited certificate program or an equivalent, who have completed two or more years of progressive experience in an area of work directly related to the program. The type of work experience considered at the CTech level includes:

  • Assisting in manufacturing, inspecting, testing, constructing, installing, operating and maintaining of engineered products processes, systems and services.
  • Performing defined technical tasks and solving problems based on the principles of applied science and technology.
  • Interpreting and being guided by text and graphical instructions applicable to a defined range of services, products or processes.
  • Performing technical procedures to provide a service, produce products and operate equipment or processes. 
  • Assessing conditions and taking corrective action within predetermined limits.

CTechs are professionals capable of performing responsible and varied technical tasks – usually in a specialized portion of the field of applied science technology by virtue of academic qualifications, training and experience.

CTechs generally use a practical approach based on a detailed understanding of standard methods and techniques in solving technical problems. They work under general supervision in a variety of fields, such as engineering, architecture, surveying, forestry, biosciences, allied health, and resource or systems management. Typical activities include testing, troubleshooting, inspection, calibration, design drafting, quality control, maintenance, modeling, data compilation, estimating, sales, surveying, and field supervision.

CTechs examine assignments, objectives and instructions to select procedures and actions to resolve the assigned problem. While some CTech duties may be similar to those of skilled crafts or trades workers, the duties would apply to sophisticated equipment or processes and be of a non-routine nature. Many of the CTech duties are similar to those of technologists and other professionals, but normally will be in a select area of specialization. Through field experience, CTechs maybecome recognized as technical experts.

CTech Qualifications & Experience

Title & Practice Restrictions Licensing
Restricted title. Registration required for some practice.

Education & Training Required After High School
Approximate Duration Including Work Experience: 3 years.
Typical Classroom Contact Hours & Credential: 1,000 hours, Certificate of Technology.
Typical Education Content/Focus: academic; technical; business.

Required Work Experience
2 years, with 1 year of supervised Canadian Technician-level experience.

CTech registration requirements can be found in the ASTTBC Bylaws.


Registered Technology Manager

Registered Technology Managers (RTMgr) are AScTs or CTechs who meet the required standards for registration and manage within a technology environment. In many cases, an RTMgr will have achieved the required level of competency through experience. The type of work experience considered at the RTMgr level includes:

  • Proven track record of success as a manager and leader in a technology environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply the principles of technology management, having been evaluated against a set of competencies that cover all key aspects of the manager role.

RTMgr registration requirements can be found in the ASTTBC Bylaws.