ASTTBC applicants write exams as part of our registration requirements and to achieve their respective designations. Registration as a Certified Technician (CTech), Applied Science Technologist (AScT) or Registered Technical Specialist (RTS) with ASTTBC requires successful completion of a professional practice and ethics (PPE) study module and examination. Access to the online study module and the exam is available only after submitting your application. The ASTTBC PPE is a test of every applicant’s knowledge of the Professional Governance Act and related regulations and bylaws applicable to ASTTBC. Below is a complete list of exams as itemized in Schedule B of the ASTTBC Bylaws.

SCHEDULE B – Examinations

No.Examination titleAdministered
1.Professional practice and ethics (written by all practising and temporary registrants)ASTTBC
2.Technologist fundamentalsYardstick
3.Civil engineering technologistYardstick
4.Mechanical engineering technologistYardstick
5.Electrical engineering technologistYardstick
6.Petroleum engineering technologistYardstick
7.Engineering Drafting and Design TechnologyYardstick
8.Instrumentation Engineering TechnologyYardstick
9.Fire Protection RFPT Fire ExtinguishersASTTBC
10.Fire Protection RFPT Electronics basicsASTTBC
11.Fire Protection RFPT Fire PumpsASTTBC
12.Fire Protection RFPT Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaningASTTBC
13.Fire Protection RFPT Emergency generatorsASTTBC
14.Fire Protection RFPT Unit Emergency LightingASTTBC
15.Fire Protection RFPT Water-based suppression systemsASTTBC
16.Fire Protection RFPT Fire pumpsASTTBC
17.Fire Protection RFPT Fire Alarm system testingASTTBC
18.Fire Protection RFPT Special suppression systemASTTBC
19.Fire Protection RFPT Smoke control systemsASTTBC
20.Onsite Wastewater ROWP Jurisprudence (written by all ROWP registrants)ASTTBC
21.Onsite Wastewater Planner (ROWP)ASTTBC
22.Onsite Wastewater Installer (ROWP)ASTTBC
23.Onsite Wastewater Maintenance Provider (ROWP)ASTTBC
24.Construction Safety Officer CSOASTTBC
25.Canadian Language Benchmark Test of EnglishExternal