Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology Project Banner

Led by ASTTBC, Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology (AWET) is a former Sector Labour Market Partnership project funded through the Canada-BC Workforce Development Agreement.

The goal of the project was to identify best practices for inclusion and diversity that will prompt an increase in the participation of women in the engineering, geoscience, technology, and technician professions. Even though officially concluded, the project will be sustained by ASTTBC as the Board has deemed its work important to continue.

Please visit the AWET website for more information, including important resources.

Below is the project’s snapshot captured in an infographic. Feel free to view and download below infographic as PDF file.

Infographic: AWET Project Snapshot

ASTTBC thanks the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training for its ongoing support of this project.

This Sector Labour Market Partnership Initiative was funded by:

Canada BC Labour Market Development Agreement