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Table Of Contents

Charles Joyner, AScT, Appointed Registrar
ASTTBC AGM 2012: Leading Change
CPD is a Requirement
Dues Invoicing Changes for 2012
Building Regulatory System - White Papers: Seeking ASTTBC Member Feedback
Member Meetings and ITP Forums
Skills Shortage a Barrier to Competitiveness
Wendy Grant-John Honoured
Promoting Engineering and Geoscience
Supporting New National Accreditation Model
Call for ASTTBC Award Nominations
Code of Ethics and Practice: Reporting Conditions that Affect the Public Interest
ASTTBC Sponsors Green Building Award
Northern BC Business and Technology Awards
Science World Visits Port Alberni
Funding for BCIT Building Science Program
Safe Digging Month: Contractor Breakfast
ASTTBC a Sponsor of BC Economic Summit
ASTTBC Outreach Update
Message From: Colin Dix, AScT, Eng.L.
Thank You from FEAT
Scholarships Available for Technology Students
BCIT Open House
TechPRO: Brian Benson, AScT
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Charles Joyner, AScT, Appointed Registrar

ASTTBC is pleased to announce that Charles Joyner, B.Ed., MA, PhD, AScT, has been appointed Registrar of ASTTBC.

Charles completed a four-year machinist apprenticeship followed by a technical teacher diploma, a B.Ed and MA at McGill University. He taught at secondary school and then at Dawson College in Montreal where he became Dean of Engineering Technologies and then Dean of Continuing Education.

Serving on the International Programs Advisory Committee for the Association of Canadian Community Colleges led to international education assignments in Africa and Asia. In 1999, Charles became Director, International Programs, Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University. Most recently, he worked with the International Labour Organization as Chief Technical Advisor for a project in China.

Charles first registered as a technologist in 1982 when he joined l'Ordre des technologues professionnels du Quebec. Then in 1990, while working with Humber College, he transferred to the Ontario Association of Technicians and Technologists and, in 1998, became a member of ASTTBC.

The change comes as John Shortreid, AScT, CLS, retires after six years as ASTTBC Registrar. An ASTTBC member for more than 43 years, John also served as ASTTBC President from 1981-1983.

ASTTBC AGM and Professional Development Day 2012: Leading Change

Register online

Enjoy a full day of networking and professional development (CPD), plus the ASTTBC Top in Technology Awards Luncheon.

Friday, May 25, 2012
7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Hilton Hotel Metrotown,

6083 McKay Ave,

Guest Speaker, Cheryl Cran, is a leadership and generations expert. Her topic will be 'Generations in the Workforce'.

Cost: $125.00 (includes HST)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an Opportunity and a Requirement

ASTTBC registrants are encouraged to review ASTTB's policy on Continuing Professional Development and use the web site designed to help members record CPD activities.

In addition to the CPD sessions offered at our upcoming AGM and Professional Development Day, there are links to many worthwhile professional development opportunities, seminars and coming events on the ASTTBC website.

Dues Invoicing Changes for 2012

Technologists, Technicians, Graduate Technologists and Associates, please note immediate changes to your membership dues invoicing:

INTERAC has been added as a payment option online.

Second electronic reminders were sent on January 16 and paper copy statements on February 1, 2012.

We encourage you to pay your dues online.

Building Regulatory System - White Papers: Seeking ASTTBC Member Feedback

ASTTBC Concerns and Preliminary Comments

The BC Government has issued a white paper calling for the licensing of building officials, and suggesting a special status for engineers and architects, to the exclusion of ASTTBC members.

ASTTBC members are encouraged to review this information and provide your feedback in the survey, as it could affect your career and professional standing. Your attention to this is required before April 15.

"It is suggested that members not leave this to the last minute as some reading is required before taking the survey," says Executive Director John Leech. "Thank you for taking the time to engage on these important issues."

Regional Member Meetings and ITP Forums

Regional Membership Meetings and Internationally Trained Professional (ITP) Forums were held in Prince George, Surrey, Kamloops, Victoria, Kelowna and Nanaimo. ASTTBC members in Smithers will be special guests at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon on April 10, as Paul Wellington, AScT receives a "Professional Achievement" award. That same evening, Smithers City Council will welcome ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech, ASCT, CAE, for a special presentation. A Breakfast Meeting for members is scheduled in Nelson on April 12, followed by a Lunch Meeting for members in Castlegar on the same day. On May 2, members in the Salmon Arm and Vernon region and on May 3 members in Penticton will be guests at their regional meetings. Shawn Boven, AScT is scheduled to receive a "Top in Technology" award at the Vernon luncheon meeting May 2.

"Regional Member Meetings are incredibly valuable," said ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech, AScT, CAE. "Our members receive the latest information on province-wide activity and major developments, such as national accreditation standards being developed by TechPro Canada, and ASTTBC receives excellent member feedback and updates from every region."

Skills Shortage a Barrier to Competitiveness

Excerpts from Globe and Mail column by Gwyn Morgan, published February 26

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce issued a report, "The Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness," which highlighted a "desperate labour shortage" as the No. 1 obstacle to growth of Canadian companies.

As the CCC report makes clear, rather than an overall shortage of workers, the real problem is a skills crisis. The retraining of laid-off workers from shrinking industries, such as manufacturing, to work in fast-growing sectors is crucial to resolving this skills crisis.

"A more highly skilled work force will produce value-added goods and services and new technologies that can maximize productivity and improve the quality of life for all Canadians," the report stresses in its key theme.

With that in mind, improving immigrant integration services should be a high priority. Many immigrants gain entry to Canada on the basis of needed skills yet languish in low-skill jobs due in part to the lack of national standards for assessing qualifications.

Another way to ease the skills shortage is to dismantle barriers that prevent people from working to their highest level. Examples of recent progress include allowing nurse practitioners to take on some the work of doctors; enabling pharmacists to write prescriptions; and letting certified technologists handle some aspects of engineering work.

Perhaps the biggest challenge, and the biggest opportunity, lies in what the report calls "connecting education and employment." As CCC president Perrin Beatty said: "We want to encourage people to look more at science, engineering, the skilled trades. All of those areas are high-growth for us."

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada cites national labour shortages in almost all areas of health care, the oil and gas sector, and information technology; manufacturing and low-skilled service occupations are among those in long-term surplus supply. And the Ottawa-based Information and Communications Technology Council has warned of an "alarming" shortfall in meeting the expected demand for 106,000 new technology workers in the next five years.

Wendy Grant-John Honoured

ASTTBC is pleased to learn that one of this year's Influential Women in Business honourees is Wendy Grant-John, a Public Representative on ASTTBC Council. ASTTBC President Bill MacPherson, AScT and Bill Baglot, chair of the First Nations Careers Council (FNCC), attended the March 6 awards event. This Business in Vancouver awards program showcases women who are successful in their professional careers, leaders in their industry, and who contribute to our business community. For her inspiring story: Wendy Grant-John

Promoting Engineering and Geoscience

March was National Engineering and Geoscience Month, and ASTTBC was involved as part of the Association's effort to promote engineering and geoscience technology education and careers. Of note was a special four-page feature in the PG Free Press where ASTTBC profiled several members, talked about ASTTBC's role as a professional regulatory body and provided information on key issues facing our profession. College of New Caledonia (CNC) President, John Bowman, talked about new technology programs planned at CNC.

"This is a great opportunity to profile ASTTBC and our technology professionals," said Executive Director, John Leech. "ASTTBC plans to ramp up this local effort in other areas of the province in 2013." Visit our NEGM webpage for full details.

ASTTBC Supports New National Accreditation Model

The member associations of Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) have come together to launch a new initiative geared to introduce a new model for accrediting technology programs in BC and throughout Canada. TPC engaged the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to conduct a full study of the current system, which has been in place for decades. CSA concluded that while the current system has many positive attributes that should be retained, CSA also recommended fundamental changes. "ASTTBC Council has agreed to support changes for the accreditation of BC programs and supports the changes proposed by CSA," said Executive Director, John Leech, AScT, CAE. "The changes proposed are designed to create a more open, accountable and effective national accreditation scheme." The current accreditation body, the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB), has been fully engaged and will be involved as we work together to develop the future accreditation model for Canada.

Call for ASTTBC Award Nominations

Do you know or work with an outstanding Technology Professional who should be recognized for their contributions to technology, the profession of technology or through volunteering? ASTTBC has a number of Awards that recognize exceptional leadership and achievement.

As well, ASTTBC provides TechGREEN awards to encourage excellence in designing and building projects or systems that display environmental benefit and sustainability. Nominations are invited in three classes: Individual, Organization, and Business.

Please visit our website to find out more information on all our Awards. Nominations are accepted from Members and Non-members of the Association.

Code of Ethics and Practice: Reporting Conditions that Affect the Public Interest

By John Shortreid, AScT, CLS, Retiring ASTTBC Registrar

Members have a duty to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public, the protection of the environment and to promote health and safety within the work place – Principle 1 of the Code of Ethics. The challenge for members, who become aware of a situation that may affect this duty, is when and to who do they report to fulfill the duty expected of them. Quite often the reporting of such a situation could put the member in conflict with their employer and with Principle 4 of the Code related to maintaining employer confidentialities. The reality is that many members will find themselves in this predicament at some point in their career.

As to the question of when to report, it is highly recommended that this should be immediate depending on risk factors, as there are liabilities that can be assigned to a professional who is aware of potential issues that may unduly and negatively impact work and services. This includes health and safety issues, in addition to any technical issues, especially if it results in some sort of serious incident.

There is an implied hierarchy in reporting and whether an increased level of reporting is required depends on the actions taken by the parties involved. The first step should be to report the concern to the appropriate level with the employer. Should the employer fail to rectify the situation and the member is aware of this, the member should inform their employer that their professional Code requires the reporting of the matter directly to the client or authority having jurisdiction, depending on the situation. Hopefully this will get the desired result, but if not the next step is clear. The challenge is that the next step may result in irreparable harm between the member and their employer. This is an understandable morale dilemma for members, but the price of professionalism.

What to do if the issue is with the practice of another member? The Code of Ethics (Principle 7) requires that members will not, except in cases where review is usual and anticipated, evaluate the work of a fellow member without the knowledge of, and after communication with, that member where practicable. This means that members should connect with the other member to express any concerns prior to consideration of reporting. Should a difference of professional opinion occur, that is not resolvable, then there is a role for the Association. The matter should be reported to ASTTBC's Practice Review Board for resolution. In addition, if the risk is considered immediate to public health and safety, then the employer and authority having jurisdiction should also be informed.

Complete Code of Ethics

Green Building Award Sponsored by ASTTBC

Celebrating design in wood is the purpose of the Wood WORKS! BC Wood Design Awards, and ASTTBC is proud to sponsor the Green Building Award. "ASTTBC sponsorship of this award is one way of reaching out to the communities and sectors where ASTTBC members work," said Executive Director John Leech. ASTTBC members are involved with the nominated projects, providing design, estimating, construction and other services within the various teams." Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, Pat Bell, was on hand to congratulate all nominees and promote the use of wood as a building material. Event photo

Northern BC Business and Technology Awards

Executive Director John Leech, AScT, CAE presented the ASTTBC-sponsored Technology Provider of the Year Award to Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative (COAC) at the Business and Technology Awards event in Prince George. The COAC carbon protocol methodology is used for calculating, reporting and selling carbon offsets that are produced through the reduction of diesel consumption in heavy equipment. The COAC provides a Fuel Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Initiative for owners of heavy equipment and long or short haul trucks to reduce diesel consumption, and by doing so, create, aggregate and sell carbon offsets.

Science World Visits Port Alberni

In partnership with the Mid-Island Science, Technology and Innovation Council (MISTIC) and North Island College, Science World held its fifth Community Science Celebration of the 2011/2012 school year in Port Alberni. It was their second celebration in the Alberni Valley. ASTTBC's booth was a hub of activity with children lined up for a chance to try the robotic arm. "The event was so great and kids of all ages really enjoyed the fun, interactive displays," said Jason Jung, AScT, Manager, Member and Program Development.

Funding for BCIT Building Science Program

On February 22, BCIT announced its Building Science Centre of Excellence, the only one of its kind in Western Canada, received $530,000 in Western Economic Diversification funding. The funds will go toward creating new and expanded labs, as well as applied research to improve building performance and building envelope design. Focus will also be placed on the commercialization of new products and technologies in the construction sector.

Safe Digging Month: Contractor Breakfast

BC Common Ground Alliance is once again promoting National Safe Digging Month in April to spread the message: Call Before You Dig. Follow the safe digging process to help prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient outages.

An all-company Contractor Breakfast will be held on April 18 in Surrey. This is a free event sponsored by owners and operators of buried facilities in the Lower Mainland, the BC Common GroundAllianceand the Regulators. This safety meeting will bring together people from all ground disturbance professions -- from labourers to locators, CEOs to contractors. No matter what level, if you're involved with ground disturbance in any way, you're invited to this event. It's a large venue, so bring your entire team for the Breakfast. You can invite 20 to 30 others to join you for a free breakfast and essential safety information. Everyone attending must register.

ASTTBC a Sponsor of BC Economic Summit

ASTTBC is a Bronze Sponsor of the BC Economic Summit, Canada Starts Here: Taking BC Global to be held May 13 - 16 in Richmond, BC. The Economic Development Association of British Columbia (EDABC) hosts this event. Working with the Province of BC, the theme is ‘Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan'. EDABC is the leading provincial association of economic development practitioners with more than 250 members, including Economic Development Officers, City Planners, Development Consultants, First Nations Bands, and Municipal/Provincial/Federal Government Employees from communities throughout the province.

ASTTBC Outreach Update

As a Gold Sponsor of the BCIT Student Association, ASTTBC participates in a number of events to support the student technologist learning experience. Brian Harvey, BCITSA Chair of the School of Construction and the Environment, along with his fellow students, hosted the annual pool tournament at Professor Mugs on February 10. Jason Jung, AScT, Manager, Member and Program Development joined BCIT students and faculty at this popular event.

Tyler Nikolaisen, CHI, James Parr, CHI, Paul Harrison, CHI, and Casey Edge, Executive Director, CHBA participated in the Canadian Homebuilders Association, Victoria, Home & Garden Show. They helped to inform the public about the BC Institute of Property Inspectors (BCIPI) and ASTTBC Standards of Inspection and practices.

Bill Baglot, Chair of the First Nations Careers Council (FNCC), attended the Sto'lo First Nations Career Fair in Chilliwack and the ICT Summit (Information and Communication Technology Conference) in February. Bill also met with BC Hydro Site C to discuss collaboration on education opportunities for Aboriginal students, and with the First Nations Employment Society (FNES) to define opportunities where FNES and ASTTBC can work together to enhance career and community interests in engineering and applied science technology.

ASTTBC participated in the BC Onsite Sewage Association (BCOSSA) Annual Conference, AGM and Trade Show. This was an opportunity for dialogue on issues, research, and regulation that affect the industry and protect public health and the environment.

Message From:

Colin Dix, AScT, Eng.L.
in email to John Leech, AScT, CAE:

The CI Branch of APEGBC held its annual Ultimate Popsicle Bridge Contest February 25. ASTTBC joined us, along with students from the Environmental Engineering program at UNBC. With nearly 100 entrants, this event was the best so far and created a lot of interest in both Technology and Engineering as possible careers. The winner, based an ultimate strength to weight ratio, came in at approx. 480 lbs ultimate strength, while the second place had a strength of 560 lbs! The ASTTBC Booth was a great success. We had dozens of interested parents and other visitors. Many thanks to Brian Brown, AScT for manning the booth.

Thank You from ASTTBC's Foundation, FEAT

Thanks to the generous support of donors and committed volunteers, our 500x50 Ignite the Spark! Campaign achieved its goal of building the ASTTBC-FEAT Technology Legacy Fund to $500,000. The Technology Legacy Fund 2011 Honour Roll (along with the 2010 and 2009 Honour Rolls) is posted on our website to recognize and thank our donors. If you make a gift to FEAT in 2012, then your name (not the amount of your gift) will be recognized in the 2012 Honour Roll.

Scholarships Available for Technology Students

The Foundation for Education and Advancement in Technology (FEAT) offers awards to qualifying first or second year students in accredited technology programs in British Columbia. Selection is based on a written statement about career goals, community involvement and financial need. The application deadline is July 31, 2012. Visit the website for criteria and details.

BC Hydro offers scholarships to qualifying Aboriginal students in B.C. to attract students pursuing education in technology or engineering. The application deadline is April 15.

BCIT Open House

BCIT Open House is a two-day event on April 13 and 14. This is BCIT's biggest single event where you can connect with current BCIT students, instructors and alumni. It's a chance to experience BCIT programs, labs, and shops through hands-on activities and displays. It's a great way to connect with the BCIT community and discover what's happening across the institute. Volunteers are needed. Visit BCIT Open House

TechPRO: Brian Benson, AScT, Professional Achievement Award Recipient

Brian Benson, AScT, Vice President of Morrison Hershfield's Canadian Building Science Division, received a Professional Achievement Award from the ASTTBC in 2011.

Brian began his career with a large IT company, but says he never felt satisfied with that work. When a small home renovation sparked his interest in construction and engineering, he left his job and enrolled in the Building Technology program at BCIT.

Brian joined Morrison Hershfield as a CAD drafter. He soon became a field technologist, specializing in roofing and building envelope rehabilitation. His responsibilities expanded to department manager in the Vancouver office, then Director of Operations for Western Canada. Brian now has operational responsibilities for more than 100 staff from Victoria to St. John's.

Morrison Hershfield is a civil, structural and mechanical engineering services company with offices across North America and an impressive track record of award-winning projects.

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