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ASTT e-News, March 2011

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ASTT e-News is broadcast to ASTTBC members and registrants, Honourary Members and our many partners and colleagues. ASTT e-NEWS contains the latest information about ASTTBC’s role as a self-governing professional association of technology professionals and the many services provided by the association. Each issue is posted to the ASTTBC web site.

Table Of Contents

Council Busy Working for You
Top in TECHnology Award Nominations
TechPRO: Scott Tilley, AScT “Navigating the Chaotic World of Technology”
ASTTBC Practice Review Board Investigates Complaint: Misuse of a Stamp
“Leading Edge” Registration Process On-Line by Year End
ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 6
The Christchurch Experience in 2 Parts
Minister Chong Congratulates ASTTBC & APEGBC
Fire Chiefs’ Association Supports ASTTBC Certification
First Nations Careers Council Engages in Tech Capacity Planning

First Nations Community Science Celebration
70 ASTTBC Members Meet in Nanaimo
ASTTBC Award Presentations
ASTTBC Advertises in Vancouver SUN
ASTTBC Feature in Prince George Free Press
BCIT Leads “Building Better Math”
BC Hydro Issues Call for Speakers
Student Co-op Opportunities for Employers
Do You Need a House Inspection?
Spaghetti Bridge Contest: Congratulations Lumby!
BIG Little Science Center Receives Provincial Funding
Congratulations to:
Thanks from:
Professional Development

Council Busy Working for You

Council’s vision is to see that ASTTBC is the model Association for technology professionals.
See the Council Meeting Minutes, Executive Director’s Report and the Registrar’s Report on the website.

ASTTBC AGM and PD Day- Save the Date:

ASTTBC invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting and Professional Development Day on Friday, May 27th, 2011 at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel, Surrey. The keynote speaker Dr. Mark DeVolder, 'The Change Specialist', will provide insights to help you learn how to adapt, survive and thrive in a climate of constant change.

eMPOWER YOURSELF! promises to be a very exciting day with an update on the affairs of your Association, great breakout sessions, an extraordinary keynote and the TOP in TECHNOLOGY award presentations. To view keynote speaker video and for program details please visit our website.

On line AGM Registration will be available at the end of the month.

Volunteer Photographer Needed for the AGM

If you are ready, willing and able to provide high quality photography services for the ASTTBC AGM on May 27, please contact Cindy Aitken, Manager Governance & Events at Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Add this important event to your Outlook/iCal calendar.

Top in Technology Award Nominations

Deadline for this AGM’s Awards Presentations is April 1, 2011! Top in Technology Awards are presented throughout the year at various locations around the province.

Recipients will be members of ASTTBC who have demonstrated qualifications consistent with the high expectations of a BC professional committed to serving the public and acting as a role model to other British Columbians. Attributes typical of a nominee could include: mentor/role model; promotes and uses new technologies; demonstrates leadership; excels in his/her field; entrepreneur; promotes technology careers; volunteers in the community or profession; elected to public office; or a new graduate who shows exceptional promise as a technology professional. See the website for more information and to apply on line.

TechPRO: Scott Tilley, AScT,”Navigating the Chaotic World of Technology”

What little boy wouldn’t be filled with wonder when his father made a light bulb glow by talking into a microphone? Scott Tilley’s father was a technology professional and a radio amateur who with that trick didn’t just switch on a light bulb - he sparked his son’s imagination and quest for scientific knowledge.

In high school, Scott was involved in an electronics immersion program, winning numerous awards and a scholarship. Even though he was passionate about “all things electrical”, Scott went on to study law and history earning a diploma in Law and Security Administrations from Conestoga College in Ontario in 1993 and continuing on with studies in history at the university of Western Ontario until 1997. During this time he also earned his amateur radio license. Scott served in the Canadian Armed Forces and then made good use of his technology skills as a private investigator for legal, corporate and insurance clients while employed with a leading Canadian investigation firm, King-Reed & Associates Ltd. After he “fell in love” with British Columbia, he left private investigation to work in the film and television industry as an electrical technician for Paramount Pictures.

By this time it had become clear to Scott that his calling was in technology so he enrolled in the electrical and computer engineering technology program (computer control) at BCIT. After graduating in 2004, he joined Creo Inc. (Kodak), where he ultimately worked in a position of his own creation, that of Electrical and Laser Safety Officer for Kodak’s operations in Vancouver. When the company changed hands, Scott took that as an opportunity to become a special inspection representative with CSA International using his diverse background to provide inspections services to a world-wide client base.

Following the birth of his first child, finding a better family/career balance became important to Scott and so began Period 3 Solutions, a British Columbia based technology consulting firm owned and operated by Scott Tilley, AScT. The stated mission of Period 3 Solutions is “to navigate its clients through the chaotic world of technology” by offering services in regulatory compliance, quality management, electrical/electronic design, technical writing and training, inspection, technical investigations and representation. Scott credits Li and Yorke who wrote Period Three Implies Chaos for the American Mathematical Monthly in 1975.

Scott Tilley, AScT is also a member of the Electrical Inspectors Association of BC. He serves ASTTBC as a member of the Practice Review Board. In 2010, Scott received an ASTTBC Top in Technology award. Most recently Scott has joined ASTTBC as a project representative for the Year of Science Job Shadowing and Work Experience Project.

ASTTBC encourages you to join Scott in posting your career story at In addition to providing valuable career information to others, TechPRO listings allow you to ‘catch up’ with former colleagues and find out who is working in your community. Posting your profile provides another way for self-employed practitioners to get their names in front of 10,000 ASTTBC members and to the many visitors to the ASTTBC website.

ASTTBC Practice Review Board Investigates Complaint: Misuse of a Stamp

Statement of Complaint: That an Onsite Wastewater Trainee (OWT) arranged for and used a fraudulent stamp made in the likeness of that issued to Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners (ROWPs) and submitted Filing documents with this stamp to a Health Authority. If true, this would be in violation of principle #3 of the ASTTBC Code of Ethics.

Background: ASTTBC staff were contacted by an Environmental Health Officer, when a suspicious Filing was submitted by the OWT. The Filing documents contained both a stamp from a Professional as well as one bearing the likeness of those issued by ASTTBC to ROWPs except the reference to “Practitioner” was replaced with “Trainee”.

Having not seen such a stamp before, the EHO enquired with ASTTBC staff and was advised that Trainees are not issued stamps as they are not Authorized Persons. Only once they meet the registration requirements to become a ROWP are they issued stamps acknowledging their categories of registration.

Investigation: ASTTBC staff attended the residence of the OWT to discuss this matter. The OWT claimed to have not registered the Filing, but dropped it off on behalf of the Professional that had been hired to mentor the OWT for this site and several others. Through this process the OWT was concerned about not being able to demonstrate proof of the planning work done and, therefore, was at risk of not being able to demonstrate experience to the Onsite Wastewater Registration Board.

The OWT asked a stamp shop to make up a stamp in the likeness of that issued by ASTTBC for ROWPs with the wording altered to state Trainee rather than Practitioner. The stamp was used by the OWT only a few times before it caught the attention of the Environmental Health Officer and it was only used as a “co-sign” on documents where the Professional was involved. The OWT carefully did not claim to be a ROWP at any time but wanted to show an affiliation with ASTTBC for the purpose of obtaining recognition and becoming a ROWP.

The OWT immediately surrendered the stamp to the ASTTBC Investigator and apologized profusely.

Discussion: The OWT’s creation and use of the stamp is in violation of the Onsite Wastewater Registration Board (OWRB) Policy governing the issuance and use of the stamp, but only a ROWP is made aware of this at the time they become registered. As Trainees are not issued a stamp, they also are not provided with information on the policy surrounding its use. The OWT’s stated intent was only to ensure that proof of experience existed toward becoming a ROWP.

The OWT has arranged with the Professional to correct all documents submitted to the Health Authority to show only the Professional responsible for the system, and the costs to do this were covered by the OWT.

Outcome: The Practice Review Board issued a letter to the Onsite Wastewater Trainee warning against creating, possessing or using any stamp other than one issued by ASTTBC for ROWPs and only under the Onsite Wastewater Registration Board Policies governing the issuance, possession and use of such a stamp.

‘Leading Edge’ Registration Process On-Line by Year End

Technology Registrations Canada (TRC ) is a secure website that allows individuals from anywhere in the world to evaluate their education and experience against Canada's National Technology Benchmarks and then apply to the provincial association of their choice for certification, reclassification or change of discipline. Phase I of the site has been undergoing operational testing for the last 12 months and ASTTBC plans to have its entire registration process on-line by the end of the year.

ASTTBC has been awarded a contract by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to complete Phase II of the Technology Registrations Canada (TRC) web site. Phase II features include a management interface to allow registration departments to receive, track and manage applications; on-line professional reference and file review processing; an online Professional Practice and Ethics manual and examination; application status tracking for applicants; and the site in both English and French.

The project got underway in mid-January and is scheduled to be complete by mid-September 2011. The site can be found at:

ASTTBC Registrar, John Shortreid, AScT has this to say about TRC, "ASTTBC is using leading edge technology to implement the National Technology Benchmark (NTB) Standards, which is an outcome competency assessment not exclusively tied to formal credentials. Applicants will also be able to provide evidence of experiential learning to meet some of the required outcomes. The development work of the TRC site is being done to the benefit of all provincial technology associations, for the certification and registration of new applicants, whether domestic or international. The NTB Standard is also leading edge and puts ASTTBC and our other provincial technology colleagues well ahead of most other professional certification and accreditation agencies."

ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 6

Keep informed to maintain proficiency and competence, to advance the body of knowledge within their discipline and further opportunities for the professional development of their associates.


  1. Members must ensure that both their proficiency and competence are maintained throughout their careers by remaining abreast of developments and knowledge in their area of expertise. This requires a personal commitment to ongoing professional development and continuing education.
    • CPD is mandatory for all ASTTBC registrants. The ASTT Act and Code of Ethics imposes on registrants a duty to consistently pursue such self-directed CPD as may be required to ensure their continuing competence. While ‘on-the-job’ learning can often be a useful way of enhancing existing skills, new areas of practice will generally require additional and quite specific knowledge, that which will allow the individual to make sound technical decisions, ones upon which full professional reliance can be placed by other members of the engineering team.
    • In the protection of the public interest ongoing CPD is a requirement of all Registrants.
  2. In addition to maintaining both their own proficiency and competence, members shall endeavor to contribute to the advancement of the body of knowledge within their areas of expertise.
  3. Members have a special obligation to demonstrate understanding, professionalism and technical expertise to members under their supervision.
  4. Within the framework of the practice of their profession, members are expected to participate in providing opportunities to further the professional development of their subordinates and colleagues.


Should there be a technologically driven or individually motivated shift in the area of technical activity, it is a member’s duty to attain and maintain competence in all areas of involvement.

Members are free to tackle new challenges and learn new skills through their work as long as successful completion of the assignment is not jeopardized, and honesty is maintained with the client or employer.

Where members render services based on computer programs, they shall do so only after taking steps to thoroughly understand the program, its underlying assumptions and its limitations.

Members should actively participate in technical and professional development seminars, continuing education programs and the presentation of papers at professional meetings. They should contribute to the dialogue fostered by their professional journals and support instructional activities in their area of involvement.

Duties assigned to non-certified members should make use of their training and experience and give them maximum exposure to the knowledge of experienced members, which would include informal discussions with senior members on ethical dilemmas, individual employment interests and professional growth to maintain an up-to-date and competitive capability to serve employers, clients and the public.

Non-certified members should be assisted in their advancement through teaching and thoughtful supervision, and encouraged to become registered when they demonstrate adequate qualifications.

The Christchurch Experience in 2 Parts

Part 1 - Earthquake

The ASTTBC Executive Director, John Leech was on holiday in Christchurch, walking the streets of the Central Business District just ahead of the massive earthquake that hit the city a little before 1 p.m. on February 22nd (local time). "Jennifer and I flew from Christchurch to Sydney, Australia. On arrival just 3 hours later, we heard of the earthquake. Only the day before we’d visited buildings that are now either fully destroyed or in very bad shape," commented John in an email from Sydney.

As a result of this experience, Leech will review the earthquake preparedness of ASTTBC's Surrey office near the Port Mann Bridge, to ensure the association is well-prepared for a similar occurrence in Metro Vancouver. "This was a stern reminder of appropriate building standards, and of our 9,500+members’ roles in designing and constructing to standards that reflect that we live in one of the world’s most vulnerable earthquake zones.
John was interviewed the following Saturday and Sunday by CKNW AM980. During those interviews, John talked about his experiences in New Zealand and offered comments about what we have to learn from this quake. The first CKNW interview was on The Weekend Morning News with Jill Bennett on Saturday February 26, 2011. The second CKNW interview was on The Roy Green Show with Simi Sara sitting in for Roy Green, Sunday, February 27, 2011:

Be prepared for an earthquake that can happen here in BC.

Part 2 - Meeting with New Zealand Counterparts

The ASTTBC Executive Director, John Leech was in New Zealand at the invitation of the country’s Engineering Associates Registration Board (EARB), to discuss ASTTBC's activities as a professional regulatory body, and advise EARB in their quest for an enhanced presence in NZ. “In our 52 years in BC we’ve demonstrated that technologists and technicians add great value working collaboratively with architects, designers, engineers, contractors - all the more so when outdated turf silos come down. That’s a valuable lesson we were able to leave,” Leech noted.

During his visit to Wellington, John and EARB leaders met with the minister responsible for building standards and the EARB Act that regulates NZ technologists and technicians. They discussed improvements to building systems, including the Ministry of State for Building Code Renewal review of BC’s system governing the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. High interest was expressed in the fullest possible utilization of all members of the architectural and engineering teams, including in BC, members of ASTTBC.

John concludes that BC and NZ technologists and technicians have created ongoing connections for mutual learning.

John recorded a short video clip about this from New Zealand which you can view on YouTube.

Minister Chong Congratulates ASTTBC and APEGBC

Ida Chong, then Minister of Universities and Science, sent a letter to the leaders of ASTTBC and APEGBC congratulating the Councils of the two associations for their decision to create two joint task forces to consider the Professional Technologist and Limited License. "I appreciate Minister Chong's initiative to write both associations and her interest in, and support for, a mutually agreeable resolution to practice rights," said ASTTBC President Doug Carter. "ASTTBC Council is hopeful and fully anticipates that the two associations will, with this latest joint initiative, start the process for a long and respectful relationship especially as it pertains to sorting through practice rights for all members of the engineering, geoscience and technology teams".
ASTTBC Executive Director, John Leech, indicated that the two task forces are hard at work and that both are expected to report out to the two Councils by the end of March 2011. Minister Chong’s letter is posted on the ASTTBC website.

Fire Chiefs’ Association Supports ASTTBC Certification

The Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC (FCABC) supports the use of ASTTBC-certified Fire Protection Technicians when carrying out inspection and testing of fire protection equipment and is encouraging municipalities to introduce a Bylaw calling for ASTTBC certification. Fire Technicians registered with ASTTBC have achieved a minimum standard of competency and are required to abide by a Code of Ethics. You will recognize these practitioners by the title ‘Registered Fire Protection Technician’ and the designation “RFPT’. There are currently 13 municipalities with a Bylaw requiring technicians to be ASTTBC certified to inspect and test fire suppression equipment such as fire alarms and extinguishers. There are presently 739 Fire Protection Technicians registered with ASTTBC.

The FCABC advised in a recent letter that the Office of the Fire Commissioner is supportive of the objective and will be consulting with others in Government. The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) has also indicated support and that it will consider ways to communicate with their local government membership. FCABC suggested that ASTTBC prepare an information package and distribute this to the municipalities. ASTTBC’s Manager, Fire Protection Registration, Brian Stegavig, said, “This is a significant step forward and will be very helpful as we advance the program throughout BC.” ASTTBC’s Executive Director, John Leech, AScT, CAE, a champion of this program since inception 15 years ago, spoke to the importance of ASTTBC certification to ensure public safety. “ASTTBC appreciates the support of the FCABC, the Office of the Fire Commissioner and UBCM. Professional certification of fire protection technicians is critical to ensuring public health and safety. The public should have confidence that the workers carrying out inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems are fully qualified and accountable. ASTTBC certification provides this assurance.”

The public will know that fire safety equipment such as extinguishers and alarms have been carried out by an RFPT by the distinct ASTTBC stamp on the tag attached to the equipment. ASTTBC cautions that some firms, in areas where there is no requirement for ASTTBC certification, use an ASTTBC-designed tag and have a non-certified technician initial the area where a RFPT stamp is supposed to be applied. If the tag does not have an RFPT stamp then the work was not carried out by an ASTTBC-certified technician. There is information on the ASTTBC Fire Protection program on the website ASTTBC is continuing its work with the FCABC, OFC and UBCM to extend professional certification throughout BC.

First Nations Careers Council Engages in Tech Capacity Planning

ASTTBC's Tim Duerden, AScT, inaugural Chair of ASTTBC's First Nations Careers Council (FNCC) joined the First Nations Technology Council (FNTC) at a special technology planning session. On January 27, the FNTC held a Technology Capacity Plan community engagement, for the northern Vancouver Island region. It was hosted by the Wei Wai Kum First Nation, in Campbell River, and attended by representatives of many local First Nations bands from central and northern Vancouver Island.

Norm Leech, the President of the FNTC, hosted the event, and Sue Hanley, FNTC's Coordinator, was also present. FNTC's mandate is to see that all First Nations bands in BC have the tools and skills to be connected through the internet, networked for band administration work, and have the potential for distant support and learning.

Jess Gordon, of the Namgis First Nation, spoke for some time on his band's experience in reaching the high level their computer network is today. He stressed the importance of developing a technology plan, then working hard to implement it.

Break-out groups were later formed to discuss topics and come up with new ideas that could be implemented into a technology plan, so it could be more successful.

Duerden reported, “Overall, this was an extremely informative and worthwhile gathering. It was a pleasure to meet members of the First Nations Technology Council and all those who attended. It was also good to see first-hand the admirable work the FNTC is doing to help advance the technical capacity of First Nations communities in BC.” A photo with more information is posted on the website.

First Nations Community Science Celebration

In celebration of the Year of Science, the Mid-Island Science, Technology & Innovation Council (MISTIC), in partnership with Snuneymuxw First Nation, Stz’uminus First Nation, Nanoose First Nation, School District 68 and Science World BC, is pleased to announce that the 4th annual First Nations Community Science Celebration will take place on Saturday, April 16, 2011 in Nanaimo at Georgia Avenue Community School.

This free family oriented community event includes demonstrations, displays and activities that focus on the positive impact that science, technology and innovation has on First Nation communities and the regional economy. ASTTBC and the First Nations Career Council (FNCC) will participate in this event to help encourage students to learn more about the value of science studies and consider science and technology career options.

70 ASTTBC Members Meet in Nanaimo

Breakfast and presentations on key ASTTBC initiatives attracted 70 members and guests to a Nanaimo meeting. The members heard from Robert Stitt, AScT, Manager, Special Projects about ASTTBC’s work on the Year of Science, notably the special grant ASTTBC received to help link grade 11 and 12 students across BC with employers. Robert also talked about the web-based Technology Registrations Canada (TRC), a program that will allow internationally trained professionals to assess their credentials and assist them integrate successfully into the Canadian work environment. Martin MacGregor, AScT, Deputy Registrar talked about the joint APEGBC - ASTTBC Limited License Task Force, the RTMgr programand ASTTBC’s work with the BC Safety Authority. Executive Director, John Leech, AScT, CAE updated members on other key activities at ASTTBC. Also presenting (it was a full morning) was Paris Gaudet, Executive Director of the Mid-Island Science, Technology and Innovation Council. THANKS to Carmi Simpson, AScT who helped with registrations and Past President, Bob Colclough, AScT who captured photo images. Members posed for a photo which posted on the website.

ASTTBC Award Presentations:

The following ASTTBC Award Presentations were made at the Nanaimo Member Meeting on March 2nd:

Martin Dunsmuir, a former member of ASTTBC Council, Chapter Chair (at a time when ASTTBC had chapters) and former ASTTBC Director for the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists received a Service Award from ASTTBC John Leech. The 70 ASTTBC members in attendance at the ASTTBC meeting in Nanaimo helped celebrate Martin’s contribution to the association over a period spanning 3 decades. Photo is posted.

For his considerable achievements as a technology professional and his commitment to ASTTBC for over 50 years, Joe Cave, CTech and member #33 received Life Membership. ASTTBC’s Executive Director, John Leech, AScT, CAE, presented the award on behalf of ASTTBC Council. “Joe is a most deserving recipient and with a double digit member number a rare breed indeed,” Leech said. John added that it had been difficult to connect with Joe and that ASTTBC finally had to schedule a member meeting around Joe’s availability. The two connected along with 70 ASTTBC members in Nanaimo. At 70ish Joe continues to travel the globe in his role as a senior technical specialist with SNC-Lavalin. Over his 50 plus years career Joe has offered his expertise in industrial, commercial and municipal engineering technology. “Joe is truly an inspiration for all in our profession,” concluded Leech. Photo is posted.

Gina Purchase Receives ASTTBC Top in Tech Award in Prince George

Gina Purchase, AScT, Project Manager with Allnorth Consultants Limited, is the latest recipient of a TOP in Technology award at a member meeting in Prince George in January.

At just 34 years of age, Gina has contributed to important public and private building projects, and earned acclaim from her professional peers and colleagues,” commented John Leech, Executive Director, in presenting the award. “Gina is a rising star in the universe of applied technology.
Gina loves her career in a non-traditional calling for women: Civil Engineering. “As Civil Project Manager, I am responsible for successfully managing a project’s life cycle. I’m in touch daily with a variety of professionals - clients, contractors, municipal and regional staff and coworkers in Allnorth’s multiple offices. This career is even better than I imagined - there’s no end to the possibilities!”

On hand to celebrate Gina’s award was Glen Wonders, RPF, MBA, Division Manager Prince George for ALLNORTH Consultants Ltd who sent this message to John Leech, “I am pleased to recognize that one of Allnorth’s own is the award winner amongst the 10,000 registered members of ASTTBC. Congratulations to Gina Purchase, Project Manager in the Prince George Division as the recipient of this prestigious award for 2010. Gina is an outstanding example of the ASTT BC members, and we are very proud of her award and recognition. I encourage all of our technologists and technologists to learn more about ASTT BC and its mission, and why it will benefit you and Allnorth to join!

ASTTBC Advertises in Vancouver SUN for National Engineering & Geoscience Month

ASTTBC joined with the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC) during March to celebrate, and elevate general awareness of, careers in engineering and geoscience. APEGBC initiated a special full page spread in the March 1, 2011 edition of Vancouver SUN with ASTTBC contributing to the effort. The full page feature was placed again on March 9 and 14 and can be viewed on our website.

ASTTBC Feature in Prince George Free Press for National Engineering & Geoscience Month

ASTTBC also placed a 4 page feature in the Prince George Free Press on March 4. President Doug Carter, CTech and Gina Purchase, AScT and Top In Technology award winner were part of the feature.

BCIT's Math Department Leads "Building Better Math"

BCIT’s “Building Better Math” project aims to address current and future skills shortages in our economy by increasing high school students' interest in math and related careers. BCIT wants to show students how math is used in industry and, through a powerful interactive online database, help them become better mathematical problem solvers.

Believing that “Building Better Math” will be a sophisticated recruitment tool for industry, the department is hoping to find additional funding support from industry so that this program can reach high school classrooms in BC in 2012. The math department is also looking for more examples of how math is applied in different industries.
More information is available on line.

BC Hydro Issues Call for Speakers

BC Hydro’s annual Power Smart Forum is back October 17-19 along with the 2011 Power Smart Excellence Awards on the evening of October 17 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

BC Hydro is currently issuing a call for speakers for the 2011 Forum, as interested individuals who have successfully implemented energy efficiency and conservation strategies are invited to share their experience and expertise with Forum delegates in October. Proposed speaking topics and guidelines

The submission deadline is April 15, 2011 at 4:00pm. Find more information on the 2011 Power Smart Forum and Excellence Awards.

Remember to support Earth Hour on Saturday, March 26th from 8:30pm-9:30pm. Turn off unnecessary lights and equipment during Earth Hour and everyday to help combat climate change. Sign up!

Student Co-Op Opportunities for Employers

Invest in the future and consider where a co-op student can contribute to your business.

Camosun College has enthusiastic and energetic Mechanical Engineering Technology and Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy students ready to work for you beginning April 4 and Civil Engineering Technology students ready by June 27. See the website or contact Nan Judd, Employment Facilitator for the Co-op Engineering Technology Programs.

Thompson Rivers University has co-op students available in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology. Placements begin the first week of May and run until august 31 each year. Contact Amy Tucker, Co-op Coordinator

Do You Need a House Inspection?

ASTTBC registers house and property inspectors - all highly qualified and available throughout BC to offer you their services. When you want an inspector, look for Certified House Inspector (CHI) or Certified Property Inspector (CPI). For information and to find an inspector go to

Spaghetti Bridge Contest: Congratulations Lumby

A local Lumby High School team won the "OVERALL" Heavy Weight Division in the 28th Annual Okanagan College International Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition on Friday, March 4. This is the first year in many that the prize has not been taken by a university team from Hungary.

Bruce Stevens, AScT ASTTBC Manager, Construction Safety Registrations & Regional Manager, Okanagan reports that “15 ASTTBC members volunteered to attend the booth over the day - truly amazing!!!! -great ASTTBC spirit.”

ASTTBC is a longtime sponsor of the Spaghetti Bridge contest, involving students in the Okanagan region from elementary school to college level and annually driving home the message that “science and technology is great fun!

BIG Little Science Center Receives Provincial Funding

Terry Lake, Kamloops-North Thompson MLA and new Minister of Environment recently visited the BIG Little Science Centre in Kamloops to announce $24,807 in funding to assist with four programs: Access and Outreach, Robotics, Salmon Release, and Secondary Science Camps. “BIG Little Science Centre brings science alive for kids in Kamloops. This funding is going to help the centre continue to spark kids’ interest and encourage a good number of them to choose science as a career,” said Lake.

To learn more about BIG Little Science Centre, visit their website

Hours for 2011 are Thursday and Friday from 3 to 5 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Every Saturday at 1:30 pm, there is an exciting Science Show and Activity. BIG Little Science Centre is available for birthday parties and for special bookings as well; please call to

Saturday April 2, 1:30 pm: Slithering Snakes - See them, hear them, touch them. Yes, you may touch one if you dare!
Saturday April 9, 1:30 pm: Astronomy Part 2: Constellations and their stories. Build your own constellation viewer and learn more about these distant beauties.
Saturday April 16, 1:30 pm: The Amazing Static Electricity Show. Interactive and shocking good fun.
Saturday April 23, 1:30 pm: Easter Saturday: The BIG Little Science Centre will be CLOSED.
Saturday April 30, 1:30 pm: Air Pressure Craziness

Congratulations to:

Rick Boates, AScT, GSC, LEED AP and President of UNITECH Construction Ltd. on the development of a new image for your website and the ‘tag line’: “Projects with Purpose”

Thanks from:

Grant Lachmuth AScT RTMgr

Grant Lachmuth, AScT, RTMgr attended the CEBC sponsored “Roads to Change” Conference in Vancouver on January 26th and sent this message to ASTTBC:

This was a one day conference focusing on the transportation sector and the environment, reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to climate change.
We were very fortunate to have keynote speakers during the afternoon featuring the Honourable John Yap, Minister of State for Climate Action, BC Ministry of Environment, Dave Byng, Chief Operating

Officer, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Scott MacDonald, CEO, Pacific Carbon Trust giving the attendees an update on their respective organizations. Later in the afternoon, various speakers gave very informative presentations. After some social networking over a fabulous meal, the highlight of the evening was a welcome and special address by the Honourable Shirley Bond, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure and following dinner, the "Deputy Minister Awards" were presented.

As a long term employee of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, it was a pleasure to attend the event and help celebrate the success of a number of CEBC's member companies on our
transportation projects.

Another special highlight for me however, was to see that ASTTBC was a sponsor for this prestigious event and to have it prominently displayed throughout the conference facilities. As an ASTTBC member for quite a number of years, I was very proud to see our Association's close working relationship with the Province's Consulting Engineer's. It was a great opportunity to celebrate together and share in the successes that we collectively achieve in the engineering environment that we live and work in.

Thank-you ASTTBC.

Geoff Sale, AScT

After reading the article about the Scientists in the Schools program in the January eNews, Geoff sent this message:

I was delighted to see the short article about SIS - I’d suggested to Rebecca at SIS that she contact you, and it worked!
I’ve been doing SIS school visits for more than 15 years, and it’s been a very rewarding experience for me. I talk to kids (Gr 1-6 typically) about astronomy and space technology, and never fail to be impressed by the knowledge they already have, even at such a young age, and by their overflowing enthusiasm for new information!

Thank you, Geoff, for all the time and mentoring that you have given to promote science and technology to young people.


From the Building and Safety Standards Branch:

The province generally adopts the next editions of the BC Building Code, the BC Plumbing Code, and the BC Fire Code (the “BC Codes”) in the year following the release of the new edition of the National Building Code.

However, the new National Building Code was released with over 850 changes. Some of the more substantial changes require further analysis. As a result, the province will be publishing the next editions of the BC Codes in the spring of 2012 with an effective date in the fall of 2012.

Self Audit Protocol for Hazardous Waste

Released by the British Columbia Environment Industry Association (BCEIA), this tool will allow generators, transporters and processors of Hazardous Wastes to audit their own compliance performance relative to Ministry of Environment regulations.

Professional Development Opportunities

Please note that links to the following events, seminars and many other worthwhile professional development opportunities can be found on our website.