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ASTT e-News, June 2012


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Table Of Contents

ASTTBC Expands ITP Program
Congratulations to AGM Webinar Winners
ASTTBC Dues Invoicing Changes for 2012
Update on Natural Resource Compliance Act
Minister Pat Bell's 'Top 10' Features ASTTBC
Minister Yap Meets with John Leech
Joe Trasolini, AScT Elected to BC Legislature
Kevin Ramsay, AScT, RTMgr, Appointed Port Moody City Manager
Limitation Act is Proclaimed
ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 7
Women in Technology and Engineering
The Human Resources Cycle
Camosun Engineering Technology Co-op Students
Consultants' Invitational Fishing Derby
ASTTBC's Foundation Offers Awards
2013 Skills Canada National Competition
TechPRO: Cheibany Elemine, AScT (P)
Post Your Career Story
Message from: WorkSafeBC
CPD is a Requirement
Professional Development Opportunities
Update Contact Info

ASTTBC Expands Internationally Trained Professionals (ITP) Program

While slowly whittling away on the immigration of Internationally Trained Professionals to BC, including the assessment of their credentials and generally their experiences when they land in our province, ASTTBC has been 'playing at the fringes' until now.

With the support of funding from Human Resources and Services Development Canada (HRSDC) and the BC Government, ASTTBC will greatly expand its programming in support of ITP's:

Moving forward on the TRC and Canadian national standards, ASTTBC will, with a new grant from HRSDC, further develop and expand the base of programming relating in part to the ITP:

ASTTBC and all other technology association senior staff met in Toronto in late June to begin formal discussions on key business elements of these initiatives.

Congratulations to AGM Webinar Winners

This was our second year to hold a Webinar at the ASTTBC Annual General Meeting, held May 25, 2012, and once again we encouraged participation by offering prizes.

We would like to thank the following Webinar participants and pass on our congratulations:

Three Top Prizes (2013 AGM Registration plus $300 towards travel costs):

Dennis Gall, CTech, CPI - Golden
Miroslav Bobovsky, AScT, CHI – North Vancouver
Mike Bishop, ROWP - Nanaimo

Three Additional Prizes (2013 AGM Registration):

Eric Boettger, AScT, RBD, CPI – Yellowknife, NT
Carl Wilkinson, AScT - Victoria
Gerry Morden, CHI – Surrey

Last year Ken Parkes, AScT, of Terrace won our AGM Webinar Prize and was very pleased to attend this year's AGM in person.

ASTTBC Dues Invoicing Changes for 2012

Technologists, Technicians, Graduate Technologists and Associates, please note immediate changes to your membership dues invoicing.

INTERAC has been added as a payment option online or in person at the ASTTBC office. The phone campaign to contact all the unpaid members is underway. We encourage you to pay your dues online.

Technical Specialist Groups Annual Renewal Fee For 2012

All Building Design, Construction Safety, Electrical Work Practitioner, Fire Protection, Onsite Wastewater, House & Property Inspection, Public Works Inspection, Registered Technology Manager, Site Improvement Surveying and Steel Detailing registrants were invoiced in the third week of April and the renewal date was June 1, 2012.

Update on Natural Resource Compliance Act

The Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations sent ASTTBC an update on its progress in implementing the Natural Resource Compliance Act, which came into force on March 8, 2012. The Natural Resource Compliance Act provides that the Minister of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations can designate persons as Natural Resource Officers and specify their powers. The letter from the Ministry explains the details.

Minister Pat Bell's 'Top 10' Features ASTTBC

Member of the BC Legislature, Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, writes a weekly message to constituents in the Prince George Mackenzie riding. Recently, Minister Bell invited ASTTBC to write a 'Guest Top 10' feature in his newsletter.

Minister John Yap Meets with ASTTBC's John Leech

Minister of State for Multiculturalism John Yap (MLA for Richmond-Steveston) and ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech met recently in the Minister's office to exchange information on the work of the Ministry and to review ASTTBC's recent initiatives in support of Internationally Trained Professionals (ITP). ASTTBC initiatives include recent meetings with ITPs at many centres in BC; development of a mentoring scheme; creation of a new web site for ITPs; consideration of an 'alternate-to-formal-education' concept; and participation in the Premier's mission to SE Asia (John Leech participated in meetings in Philippines). Minister Yap spoke about a recent report prepared by the Ministry.

Joe Trasolini, AScT, Elected to BC Legislature

ASTTBC member Joe Trasolini has been elected to the BC Legislature representing the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam. Joe was recently Mayor with the City of Port Moody and now serves in the NDP Caucus.

ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech, AScT, CAE met recently with Joe, and outcomes of this Victoria meeting will be posted next month.

Kevin Ramsey, AScT, RTMgr, Appointed Port Moody City Manager

The City of Port Moody announced Kevin Ramsay, AScT, RTMgr, as its new City Manager as of June. Kevin brings 30 years of municipal government experience to the role, most recently as Chief Administrative Officer at the District of Squamish. Prior to this he worked for the City of Vancouver where, as a member of the Corporate Management Team, he held the position of General Manager of Human Resources. Kevin's previous responsibilities in senior leadership at the City of Vancouver included Manager of Waterworks, Manager of Streets, Manager of Sanitation and Director of Emergency Management. ASTTBC congratulates Kevin!

Limitation Act is Proclaimed

The BC Government has now proclaimed the Limitation Act. This legislation is key for a number of reasons, notably that the 'ultimate limitation period' has been reduced from 30 years to 15 years. "We applaud Minister Bond for taking the initiative and MLA Ralph Sultan PEng for his role in advocating for this statute," said ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech, AScT, CAE. View the Act.

ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 7

Members of ASTTBC shall conduct themselves with fairness, courtesy and good faith toward clients, colleagues and others, give credit where it is due and accept, as well as give, honest and fair professional comment.


  1. Members will not maliciously injure the character or the prospects of business of another member or individual, being as careful with a colleague's reputation as with their own.
  2. Members will exercise restraint when commenting upon the work of another member.
  3. Members will not, except in cases where review is usual and anticipated, evaluate the work of a fellow member without the knowledge of, and after communication with, that member where practicable.
  4. Members shall not attempt to supplant another member in a particular employment after becoming aware that definite steps have been taken toward the other's engagement.
  5. Members will not use the advantages of a salaried position to compete unfairly with another member.
  6. Members will not compete improperly by reducing charges to underbid a fellow member after having been informed of that member•s charge.
  7. Members, when using designs supplied by a client or by a consultant, shall recognize and protect the ownership of the designs by the client or consultant and refrain from duplicating them for others without express permission.
  8. Members, before undertaking work for others which involves improvements, plans, designs, inventions or other records which may be copyrighted or patented, shall attempt to enter into an agreement regarding the ownership of such copyrights or patents.
  9. Members hall provide, when requested, a frank but private appraisal of employees or of members being considered for employments.
  10. Members will not use an affiliation with a non-member, a corporation or a partnership as a 'cloak' for unethical acts or to avoid acceptance of personal responsibility.
  11. Members will refrain from distorting or altering facts in an attempt to justify decisions or avoid responsibilities.
  12. Members will advise the client or employer when it appears that a project will not be in the best interests of the client, employer or the public.
  13. Whenever possible, members shall acknowledge contributions of others for work with which the member is associated and name those who were individually responsible for designs, inventions, writings or other accomplishments.
  14. Members shall be open and receptive to new approaches or criticisms offered in a positive vein, and not overly defensive regarding preconceived positions.
  15. Members may promote and advertise their work or abilities provided that:
    • the advertising preserves the public interest by reporting accurate and factual information which neither exaggerates nor misleads,
    • the advertising does not impair the dignity of the members,
    • the statements do not convey criticism of other members directly or indirectly.
  16. Members will not offer to pay or agree to pay either directly or indirectly, any commission, political contribution, gift, or other considerations in order to secure work.
  17. Members will not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one interested party for the same service, or for services pertaining to the same work, unless there is full disclosure to, and consent of, all interested parties.
  18. Members will not accept financial or other considerations, including free services, from material or equipment suppliers as a reward for specifying their product.
  19. Members will not accept commissions or allowances, directly or indirectly, from contractors or other parties dealing with their clients or employer in connection with work for which they are responsible.
  20. Members will endeavor to provide prospective employees with complete information on working conditions and proposed status of employment and after employment, keep them informed of any changes in such conditions or status.

Commentary (a,b,c):

Unless convinced that responsibility to the community demands it, members will not express professional opinions which reflect on the ability or integrity of another person or organization.

Contacting a member whose work is to be reviewed not only is a professional courtesy but also provides the opportunity for the exchange of pertinent information which would assist in the review. If the results of such a review demonstrate safety or environmental concerns, it is mandatory that the member responsible for the work be contacted again to review these concerns in order to provide him or her with an opportunity to comment prior to further action. (See also Principle 9).

If a client requests a review of the work of a member and further stipulates that this member not be contacted, the client should be advised that these instructions are contrary to the spirit and intent of the Code of Ethics.

Members are entitled to review and evaluate the work of other members when so required by their employment duties and when the experience and knowledge is appropriate. For an adequate review it may be important to be aware of the nature and conditions attached to the assignment handled by the first member. Open communications should exist between the two members so that underlying assumptions are understood by the reviewing member, and so that the first member has an opportunity to respond to any comments or criticisms.

If a document is simply being read for information it is not being evaluated. The essence of evaluating is that the document be read in a critical manner and that the statements are confirmed or rejected by the reader. This process of criticism is not limited to the obvious formal full techniques of analysis and calculation; it can be quite informal and based simply upon experience.

Commentary (d):

Members, when accepting assignments, should ensure this subject is introduced in pre-contract discussions. They should not continue to seek employment on a specific engagement after being advised that another member has been selected.

Commentary (e):

Members should not engage in outside technological work to an extent prejudicial to their salaried position.

Members should not use the influence of a salaried position to direct clients to an office in which they have a financial interest.

Members should not use equipment, supplies, laboratory or office facilities of their employer to carry on outside practice without the employer's consent.

Complete Code of Ethics

Women in Technology and Engineering

By Meagan Herrington for BCWiT

Last February, the BCWiT team was invited by the BCIT Women in Engineering group to attend their first seminar: 'The Role of Women in Technology and Engineering' by Dr. Elizabeth Croft, professor in Mechanical Engineering at UBC.

Dr. Croft spoke about the importance of women in the Technology and Engineering sectors, stating that "we have talent, we are innovative and we provide significant return on investment." She said while 25 per cent of undergraduate students in mathematics, computer and information sciences are female, and 17 per cent of undergraduate engineering students are female, women account for only nine per cent of the country's total population of registered professional engineers. This percentage is directly in line with ASTTBC's female membership from the BCWiT survey done in 2009.

Dr. Croft ended her presentation with her '10 Strategies for Success': follow your values; stay positive; be mentored; value others; keep commitments; build your network; practice Leadership; be prepared and step up; believe in yourself; look after yourself (eat, sleep and be social!)

It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Croft and learn of her struggles and success stories. While being in this industry takes hard work and determination, the rewards will be worth it.

The Human Resources Cycle

By Doug Alley, CMA (Hon), Principal with The Alley Group, a management consulting firm specializing in human resources.

While everyone is watching their bottom line these days, organizations cannot forget about their people. People are your most important asset. Finding and keeping good people is getting harder. That is one reason why human resources is important to your business.

Over the next several months, we will be writing a series of brief articles that will discuss the 'human resources cycle' including how to source, attract, hire, retain and manage your most important asset.

These articles will discuss developing a human resources plan, building your talent bank, the use of selection tools, orienting new employees, ensuring your performance management system is working for everyone, discipline and discharge, recognition and rewards, human rights, professional development and training and health and safety.

HR is a cycle, a continuum and when done right, saves time, energy and resources allowing you and your team to concentrate on what you do best.

Camosun Engineering Technology Co-op Students

Eager Camosun Civil Engineering Technology Program co-op students are ready to contribute their knowledge and skills - drafting and CAD, surveying, materials testing, designing, field services, and environmental support - to your company. Please consider where one of these students can work for you.

ASTTBC Sponsors Consultants' Fishing Derby

ASTTBC is once again pleased to sponsor the 7th annual Consultants' Invitational Fishing Derby being held in Sooke on Saturday July 28th, 2012.

It's an invitational event hosted by the civil engineering community of Victoria to raise funds for the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society. Over the last 4 years, the Consultants' Invitational Fishing Derby has donated $50,000 to southern Vancouver Island salmon enhancement programs

Come out for some great fishing and networking opportunities.

ASTTBC's Foundation Offers Awards

ASTTBC's charitable foundation offers awards to qualifying first or second year students in accredited technology programs in British Columbia. Selection is based on a written statement about career goals, community involvement and financial need. The application deadline is August 17, 2012. Visit the website for criteria and details.

2013 Skills Canada National Competition

Skills BC, in partnership with the ITA, is excited to announce that Vancouver, BC will be the host city to the 2013 Skills Canada National Competition. From June 5 - 8, 2013, BC Place will vibrate with excitement as over 500 competitors compete in 40 contest areas, each vying for a chance at a coveted gold medal. In attendance will be educators, industry, labour and government representatives who will provide more than 10,000 spectators with hands–on opportunities to Try-a-Trade/Technology and to provide resources to help guide young people into rewarding careers in the Skilled Trades and/or Technologies. If you or your organization is interested in participating in or volunteering for this event please contact Amber Papou at

TechPRO: Cheibany Elemine, AScT (P)

Cheibany Elemine is an Environment Geochemist and GIS Specialist, and an ASTTBC Top in Technology Award recipient. Last year he crossed the Pacific from Japan, where he earned academic credentials beginning with a Bachelor of Science (major in mining) in Mauritania, and then a Master•s and PhD in Hydro-Geochemistry from Niigata University. He held an appointment there as visiting researcher from 2004 to 2007, and then worked in the private sector with KITAC Corporation as a Geoscientist and GIS Specialist until coming to our shores in 2010.

Cheibany speaks English, French and Japanese. He has been granted AScT provisional standing as an Internationally Trained Professional by ASTTBC, while he works as a Geochemist and GIS Specialist with Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. in Vancouver.

His experience and interests include the application of GIS and remote sensing in Geosciences and Environment including data acquisition, database design, spatial analysis, terrain and hydrologic modeling, risk analysis, water quality analysis and change detection. He has skills especially relevant to BC, in the interactions of hydrology with mining.

Cheibany has received numerous awards, most recently a Special Achievement in GIS Award for his volunteer work as member of the emergency mapping team during the 2007 Chuetsu Earthquake.

Post Your Career Story

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WorkSafeBC: OHS Regulation Mobile App Version 2.0

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a Requirement

ASTTBC registrants are encouraged to review ASTTB's policy on Continuing Professional Development and use the web site designed to help members record CPD activities.

Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to the CPD sessions offered at our upcoming AGM and Professional Development Day, there are links to many worthwhile professional development opportunities, seminars and coming events on the ASTTBC website.

Following is just a sample if you follow the links above:

Canim Lake Band Mining, Trades and Technology Job Fair: Forest Grove, BC, July 5 and 6, 2012

APEX Vancouver (Asia Pacific Expo): Burnaby, September 22, 2012

BCBEC 2012 Conference and AGM – Dealing with the Elements: Vancouver, September 26, 2012

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