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ASTT e-News, February 2012


ASTT e-News is broadcast to ASTTBC members and registrants, Honourary Members and our many partners and colleagues. ASTT e-NEWS contains the latest information about ASTTBC’s role as a self-governing professional association of technology professionals and the many services provided by the association. Each issue is posted to the ASTTBC web site.

Table Of Contents

ASTTBC Member Satisfaction Survey Results Coming Soon
Dan Mooney, AScT, Honoured at City of Coquitlam Council
ASTTBC Technology Professionals: Qualified, Registered, Accountable
March is National Engineering and Geoscience Month
Watch the ASTTBC "Technology" Video for Kids
2012 ASTTBC AGM's Theme: Leading Change
Celebrating a FEAT Milestone
FEAT Bursaries Available
BC Hydro Aboriginal Scholarships for Technology Students
Dues Invoicing Changes for 2012
TechPRO: Clarissa Brennan, AScT RTMgr, ASTTBC Council Member
Post Your Career Story
Having Trouble Posting to TechPRO?
ASTTBC Practice Review Board Investigates Complaint:
ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 4
Registered Technology Manager (RTMgr) Ranks Grow
John Leech Promotes Tech Careers on Radio NL - Kamloops
Watch for Prince George Free Press Supplement Featuring ASTTBC
Barry Casey, CHI, Wins BCIPI Door Prize
Consulting Engineers of BC Gala Awards 2012 - ASTTBC Platinum Sponsor
ASTTBC Meets with Skills Canada - BC
ASTTBC Sponsors Annual SPEATBC Gala
Camosun College Trades and Technology Career Fair
ASTTBC Members Front and Centre in the Public Works Association of BC
Contact Information for ASTTBC
BIG Little Science Centre
Pay-as-you-save BC Intentions Paper - ASTTBC Members Invited to Comment
Asphalt Plant Regulation Consultation - ASTTBC Members Invited to Comment
ASTTBC Members in the News
Message From: On the Importance of ASTTBC Qualifications
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Is a Requirement
Professional Development Opportunities

ASTTBC Member Satisfaction Survey Results Coming Soon

The staff and Council of ASTTBC would like to personally thank all of those members who participated in the recent Member Satisfaction Survey. The final results are being tabulated and formatted for presentation to the membership shortly. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

Dan Mooney, AScT, Honoured at City of Coquitlam Council

When Dan Mooney, AScT received the Peter Allan AScT Leadership Award at the ASTTBC Awards Gala in November, little did he know that he would be honoured “on the job” by having the award presented to him a second time. Dan is the Manager of Roads and Traffic Operations with the City of Coquitlam. Prior to that, Dan provided his valued services to several other municipalities in Metro Vancouver in more than 12 positions, growing with each move. Dan received the prestigious Peter Allan award not only for demonstrating professional growth but for commitment to his profession and to ASTTBC. Dan is a Past President of ASTTBC (1991-1993) and continues his involvement by serving on the charitable foundation, FEAT, the awards committee and the nominating committee.

In presenting the Peter Allan AScT Leadership Award to Dan at the Coquitlam Council meeting, John Leech, ASTTBC’s Executive Director, spoke of Dan’s professionalism and contributions to his employers. John also took the time to talk to the Council about the role that ASTTBC registered technology professionals play in ensuring public health and safety as well as the need to interest more of our young people in careers in science and technology.

ASTTBC Technology Professionals: Qualified, Registered, Accountable

That is the ASTTBC Brand Promise! ASTTBC marketing and communications activities are designed to inform, engage and build connections with a very long list of audiences: the public; members and potential members; employers, employer associations and unions; professional associations; regulatory bodies; technical, trade and business associations; Science and Technology Councils, science and technology educators; organizations promoting technology education and careers; and professional news and current affairs media.

The list of activities and initiatives is even longer and each is focused on the brand - ASTTBC Technology Professionals: Qualified, Registered, Accountable. Check out the latest website complete with YouTube video clips, read the twice yearly ASTT News, the monthly eNews, attend the AGM and Professional Development Day as well as the Technology Awards & Recognition Celebration. Join one of the initiatives: TechGREEN, First Nations Careers Council (FNCC), or BC Women in Technology (BCWiT). Participate in the November National Technology Week and National Engineering & Geoscience month in March. Watch for regional technology roundtables and attend regional member meetings where local members are recognized as Top in Technology. Look for the ASTTBC logo in corporate advertisements, on display booths and banners at events, conferences and career fairs and pick up any of several ASTTBC brochures. Take advantage of any of a number of member services listed in the ASTTBC TechClub.

Behind all this is the recruitment and retention of qualified and accountable members, awarding of appropriate credentials, and the continued efforts by ASTTBC to gain practice rights.

March is National Engineering and Geoscience Month

National Engineering and Geoscience Month (NEGM) is an annual celebration of engineering and geoscience across Canada. This month-long event promotes awareness of the engineering and geosciences professions, highlights career choices in these fields and reminds the public of the many ways in which engineering and geoscience touch everyday life.

ASTTBC is proud to support our colleagues at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC) during NEGM. Activities are being held all over the province. We hope you will take some time to look into them and maybe even participate!

Much like National Technology Week (NTW) held during November of each year to promote technology careers, NEGM features information on careers in engineering and geoscience to encourage young Canadians to consider these fields as a career of choice.

Visit our NEGM webpage at for all the latest information.

Watch the ASTTBC “Technology” Video for Kids

Don’t miss the ASTTBC produced “Technology” music video for children designed to attract children and their parents to technology education and careers. Performed by the Kerplunks, three-time Juno nominee and Gold Medal winner of the Parent’s Choice Awards, “Technology” is a fun look at the importance of technology in our everyday lives. Check it out and pass it on, particularly to families with young children and your local elementary school.

ASTTBC is hoping this is just the first of several successful music videos designed to heighten awareness of careers in technology. We need everyone’s help to spread the word.

2012 ASTTBC AGM’s Theme: Leading Change

Save the date:

Friday, May 25, 2012
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Hilton Hotel Metrotown
6083 McKay Ave., Burnaby

Guest Speaker, Cheryl Cran, is a leadership and generations expert. Her topic will be ‘Generations in the Workforce’.

Cost: $125.00 (includes HST)

Celebrating a FEAT Milestone

Thanks to the generous support of donors and committed volunteers, our 500x50 Ignite the Spark! Campaign achieved its goal of building the ASTTBC-FEAT Technology Legacy Fund to $500,000.

We have updated our website to announce this milestone and to thank our donors. Please visit the pages.

The Technology Legacy Fund 2011 Honour Roll (along with the 2010 and 2009 Honour Rolls) is posted.

ASTTBC members, partners and friends demonstrated their support for this three-year campaign and made it a success. Together, we did it!

FEAT Bursaries Available

FEAT offers bursaries to qualifying first or second year students in accredited technology programs in British Columbia.

Bursary selection will be based on a written statement about career goals, community involvement and financial need. The application deadline is July 31, 2012. Visit the website for criteria and details.

BC Hydro Aboriginal Scholarships for Technology Students

BC Hydro offers scholarships to qualifying Aboriginal students in B.C. to attract students pursuing education in technology or engineering. The application deadline is April 15.

First Nations Careers Council (FNCC) Chair Bill Baglot is leading a group of ASTTBC members who are reaching out to employers and others to encourage their support as ASTTBC / FNCC works to enhance technology careers with First Nations.

"ASTTBC supports BC Hydro's commitment to attract Aboriginal students to careers in technology," says Executive Director John Leech, AScT CAE. FNCC was launched by ASTTBC in 2008 to help promote technology education and careers with Aboriginal people and enhance the application of technology in Aboriginal communities.

Dues Invoicing Changes for 2012

ASTTBC is making a number of significant changes to dues invoicing for 2012. We encourage all Technologists, Technicians, Graduate Technologists and Associates to take note of the immediate changes.

“These changes will ensure a smoother and timelier handling of Annual dues invoicing, achieve greater effectiveness and further advance ASTTBC’s TechGREEN agenda,” said ASTTBC’s Executive Director, John Leech. “We hope members appreciate the efforts being made to make better use of the funds entrusted to the Association.”

Call for ASTTBC Award Nominations

Each year ASTTBC showcases the best in BC through our Awards Program. It only takes a few minutes to submit an Award Nomination. Please visit our website to find out more information on ALL our Awards and to nominate a well deserving person including YOU.

Do you know or work with an outstanding Technology Professional who should be recognized for their contributions to technology, the profession of technology or through volunteering? ASTTBC has a number of Awards that recognize exceptional leadership and achievement:

We ask that you take this opportunity to bring to our attention those people who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their professional, business and community lives.


If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding your Award Nomination please contact Cindy Aitken, Manager, Governance & Events by Nominations will be accepted from Members (including YOURSELF) as well as Non-members of the Association.

TechGREEN Nominations Sought

As ASTTBC enters its third year of TechGREEN awards to encourage excellence in designing and building projects or systems that display environmental benefit and sustainability, nominations are invited until March 15, in three classes:  Individual, Organization, and Business.

“We offer TechGREEN Awards to persons, companies and organizations that have a significant positive impact on green living, sustainable best practices, energy conservation and environmental benefit,” explains ASTTBC Executive Director John Leech, AScT, CAE.  “These awards recognize BC’s most exciting advances in built environment design and systems.  They were created to shine the spotlight on the engineering and affiliated teams in which ASTTBC members work.  We hope they will engage youth in GREEN activities, and promote technology education and careers.”

Please visit the ASTTBC website for more information and to find out how to submit your award nomination

TechPRO: Clarissa Brennan, AScT, RTMgr, ASTTBC Council Member

Clarissa Brennan, AScT, RTMgr, remembers playing with the nuts and bolts in her grandfather’s oil change pan and helping her father by holding the flashlight and passing him tools when he was repairing the car or the plumbing. These early experiences sparked her interest in technology.

Following high school, Clarissa studied first year engineering at UBC, and then dabbled in a variety of arts, language and fine arts courses. She knew that she had found her niche when she embarked on the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at BCIT.

In her career, Clarissa has worked on all aspects of a project from proposal writing, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, construction administration, project management, client relations to invoicing and billing. Her career began at an engineering consulting firm and she is currently enjoying the challenges of a rewarding career as a Senior Utilities Technologist with the City of Chilliwack where she is gaining broader technical experience by working on a variety of different design projects while focused on project management.

Clarissa recently teamed with a small group of ASTTBC technologists at the City of Chilliwack who, like her, hold positions requiring management skills. Supporting one another and collaborating, they successfully applied for Registered Technology Manager (RTMgr) certification. (See article about this further on in this newsletter.)

Clarissa is an active member of the ASTTBC Women in Technology (BCWiT) group and she participates on Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWest) Council. She is also an alumna of Alpha Omega Epsilon Professional Engineering and Technical Science Sorority. She brings her enthusiasm for technology and the role for women in technology to her position on the Council of ASTTBC.

Post Your Career Story

ASTTBC encourages you to join Clarissa in posting your career story. In addition to providing career information to others, TechPRO listings allow you to ‘catch up’ with former colleagues and find out who is working in your community. Posting your profile provides another way for self-employed practitioners to get their names in front of 9,500 ASTTBC members and to the many visitors to the ASTTBC website.

Post your profile and if your name is mentioned in the eNews, it will be linked to your TechPROfile page.

Having Trouble Posting to TechPRO?

Have you tried posting your TechPROfile but had trouble with the system? See the guide for posting your information at the TechPRO website.

ASTTBC Practice Review Board Investigates Complaint: Titles Enforcement

Statement of complaint:
It was alleged that a member registered as an Associate member with ASTTBC, was using ‘AScT, Assoc.’ on business cards.

As an Associate member with ASTTBC, the member is not entitled to use ‘AScT’ or any other certified title designation on their business cards or other advertising.

A cease and desist letter was sent to the member, who submitted a letter to the Registrar apologizing for their misunderstanding regarding use of titles. The member confirmed that they would cease using the ‘AScT’ title effective immediately.

In addition to the responsibility for enforcement of the Code of Ethics and practice standards, the Practice Review Board (PRB) is responsible for the protection of ASTTBC’s secured titles and corresponding designations. Some of these titles and designations are protected under the ASTT Act & Regulations, while others are protected through federal trade mark. Many new Registrants do not always understand the importance of using the correct title or designation to demonstrate their membership and certified competence with ASTTBC. This case reflects this situation and the PRB role and activity in this regard.

Since the member confirmed they would immediately cease using the ‘AScT’ title, no further action was required and the PRB closed the case file.

ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 4

Members of ASTTBC shall act with integrity towards clients or employers, maintain confidentiality and avoid a conflict of interest but, where such conflict arises, fully disclose the circumstances without delay to the employer or client.

  1. Members shall act judiciously when administering a contract on behalf of their client or employer and be realistic and honest in all estimates, reports and statements.
  2. Information gained in confidence during the course of assignments shall not be used for personal gain, or divulged to either another client or new employer without the express permission of the pervious client or employer.
  3. Any conflict of interest concerning, for example, personal friends, close associates or relatives shall be revealed immediately to the client or employer. If, in spite of a conflict, members are instructed to continue, the interest of the clients or employers shall be held paramount over the member’s interests.
  4. Any outside activity shall be avoided if it will have an adverse affect upon their employer’s business.

The interpretation of agreements and contract documents must be undertaken with fairness and impartiality, and if members become aware of errors or omissions in their services they should report immediately to their superiors and work to rectify these problems.

Any information received of a confidential nature during the performing of their professional service shall be deemed the exclusive property of its owners and shall not be disclosed to others or used by the member except with the owner’s specific approval.

When members use designs supplied by clients, the designs remain the property of the clients and should not be duplicated by members for others without express permission from the first client.

Technical knowledge of a non-confidential nature gained by the member through exposure to the work environment is part of a member’s experience and may be used in subsequent projects without further consent.

Members must ensure in their professional activities and business dealings that both potential and perceived conflicts of interest are avoided.

Precise rules in conflict of interest are not possible and members must use their common sense, conscience and sense of honour for guidance.

In any inquiry to adjudicate an alleged conflict of interest the total circumstances surrounding the conflict must be investigated.

Complete Code of Ethics

Registered Technology Manager (RTMgr) Ranks Grow

Article contributed by Clarissa Brennan, AScT, RTMgr

Many ASTTBC members hold managerial positions in the workforce and the City of Chilliwack is no exception.

Having determined that a number of colleagues qualified for Registered Technology Manager (RTMgr) certification and that in this case, more heads were better than one, a select group banded together and committed to apply.

The commitment to each other was motivation enough to put each of us into action to meet our self-imposed deadline of applying before the next board meeting. Together, we were able to recall and summarize seminars, courses, and even in-house presentations that we attended together. The documentation of these helped us to demonstrate learning and an on-going commitment to some of the competencies that an RTMgr must possess.

Applying together not only helped to motivate us into action and collaborate on summaries, but also helped to condense the efforts of references that we had in common.

Applied Science Technologists, Clarissa Brennan, Brendan Kurtz, Glen MacPherson, and William Wedel have all been awarded RTMgr certification. A number of additional colleagues are already working on their applications and planning to apply for RTMgr in the coming months.

John Leech Promotes Tech Careers on Radio NL - Kamloops

The ASTTBC Executive Director was on the Jim Harrison show in Kamloops promoting technology education and careers and calling for the BC Government to develop a technology education plan for the province. “The provincial government is to be congratulated on developing the BC JOBS PLAN. The PLAN helps provide focus and a clear direction for the province,” said the Executive Director. Leech was part of a small group who met with Premier Clark and Minister of Jobs, Tourism & Innovation, Pat Bell prior to the release of the plan. Both Premier Clark and Pat Bell were open to suggestions from the approximately 25 associations at the meeting. “I took the opportunity to talk about technology education and careers and to ask that education decision-making and programs align with labour market demands. At the moment there is no strategic, province-wide oversight of technology education,” said Leech.

On Radio NL John Leech expressed concern that Thompson Rivers University cut the Telecommunications Technician and Computer Automated Systems Technician programs in 2011 at a time when the Cariboo and for that matter all of BC needs technicians and technologists. “ASTTBC learned of the decision when the lab equipment was flying out the door and staff had been cut. There was little we could do at that point to assist TRU in dealing with the low enrollments they were experiencing,” lamented John Leech. “Kwantlen Polytechnic Institute cut a couple of technology programs in the early to mid 2000, another decision taken without reference to the broader needs for technologists and technicians in BC and limited consultation with ASTTBC.”

Leech went on to say, “I have since talked with leaders at TRU and have a commitment that TRU will work with ASTTBC and others to define the need for technology education in this region with the intent of rolling out an action plan tied to the BC Jobs Plan.”

John Leech called on the BC Government to lead an initiative to build a plan focused on our common interests around technology education and careers. “We must come together as a community in BC to map out the future for technology education and then provide the direct funding needed to ensure sustainable technology education programs,” said Leech. “I know Premier Clark and Ministers Pat Bell Naomi Yamamoto (Minister of Advanced Education) see the need for technologists, technicians and technical specialists and want to see viable technology programming throughout BC.” ASTTBC will continue to serve as a champion for technology education and careers.

Watch for Prince George Free Press Supplement Featuring ASTTBC

ASTTBC will be visiting homes throughout Prince George and the Cariboo area on March 2 via a four-page Prince George Free Press supplement highlighting the many ways our members assist architects and engineers, and contribute to designing, building and maintaining systems and infrastructure.

This publicity initiative features articles by Media Relations Manager Garry Gaudet on the explosion in technology careers flowing from multi-billion dollar projects throughout the central and northern sections of BC. Stories will explore existing and proposed technology and engineering programs offered by the three northern community colleges and UNBC, the leadership of women technologists representing ASTTBC in the region, and an innovative First Nations access program to assist aboriginal British Columbians to qualify for applied science college and university programs.

Barry Casey, CHI, Wins BCIPI Door Prize

Barry Casey, CHI of Aequitas Consulting and Inspection Services in Williams Lake participated in a BCIPI webinar this past January. He also won the webinar prize giving him free admission to the ASTTBC AGM and the full day BCIPI seminar, May 25 and 26. Congratulations, Barry.
Barry reported that the webinar was “excellent” and that he would “definitely attend the AGM”.

Consulting Engineers of BC Gala Awards 2012 - ASTTBC Platinum Sponsor

When the Consulting Engineers of BC (CEBC) hold their 23rd Annual Awards for Engineering Excellence on March 31 at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, ASTTBC will be there as a Platinum Sponsor.

The event will also be the occasion for the launch of their new name: Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - British Columbia.

ASTTBC Meets with Skills Canada - BC

Jason Jung, AScT, Manager, Member & Program Development recently met with Skills Canada BC Development Director, Amber Papau to discuss the associations’ long-standing relationship and desire to promote careers in technology. Members are encouraged to participate in upcoming regional skills competitions as well the Provincial Skills Competition being held this year on April 18th in Abbotsford, BC. For more information please visit

ASTTBC Sponsors Annual SPEATBC Gala

ASTTBC was a Gold Sponsor at the recent annual Society of Punjabi Engineers & Technologists of BC (SPEATBC). Jason Jung, AScT, Manager, Member & Program Development attended the evening gala with other staff from ASTTBC. “We are proud to have been a sponsor of the annual SPEATBC gala. Congratulations to all the award recipients. It’s a great showcase of the talented individuals who make exceptional contributions every day to the applied science and engineering technology fields in BC,” says Jason. For more information on SPEATBC, visit their website.

Camosun College Trades and Technology Career Fair

ASTTBC recently attended the annual trades and technology career fair held at the Interurban Campus of Camosun College in Victoria. “We always enjoy going to the T&T Career Fair. It’s an excellent opportunity for ASTTBC to connect with technology students, faculty and the Co-Operative Education and Student Education department staff to talk about the value of registration and the strong partnerships we share.” says Jason Jung, ASTTBC’s Manager, Member & Program Development.

ASTTBC Members Front and Centre in the Public Works Association of BC

Several officers of the Public Works Association of BC, associated with the Canadian Public Works Association, “The Voice of Public Works in Canada” are ASTTBC members.

These table officers of PWABC, elected at their September, 2011 AGM, are as follows:

David Sparanese, AScT, CPWI 3: President
Murray Steer, CPWI 1: Past President
Bob Smith, AScT: Delegate and a former Past President
Shawn Boven, AScT: Executive Secretary
Greg Wightman, CPWI 1: Director
Bruce Kerr, CTech: Newsletter Editor.

Update your Contact Information for ASTTBC

Please remember to update your contact information if you have moved recently or you are planning to move soon. To update your contact information, please use our online form.

BIG Little Science Centre

ASTTBC Executive Director, John Leech presented a cheque for $2000 to the BIG Little Science Centre as part of ASTTBC’s continued support for the amazing work that Big Little does to make science exciting and real for those attending their programs. A total of $23,000 has been contributed to date by ASTTBC.

Thanks to the Hon. George Abbot, Minister of Education who recently visited the BIG Little Science Centre in Kamloops. If you’re in Kamloops, it is definitely the place to go. Great for young and old, there are lots of activities that teach scientific principles in fun and exciting ways.
Visit the BIG Little Science Centre at the George Hilliard School at 985 Holt Street (Brocklehurst), Kamloops, BC V2B 5H1 for hands on science exploration and fun.

Find out more at or phone 250-554-2572.

Pay-As-You-Save BC Intentions Paper - ASTTBC Members Invited to Comment

The Ministry of Environment asked ASTTBC (and other associations) to circulate the following information to members with an invitation to provide comment directly to the Ministry as noted below. ASTTBC members wishing to inform ASTTBC on issues should send comment to

The Ministry of Energy and Mines and Responsible for Housing (the ministry) is working together with key parties - including British Columbia residents and utilities - to develop a regulation that will set requirements for BC utility Pay-As-You Save (PAYS) programs. PAYS in BC (PAYS-BC) will unlock consumer energy savings through investments in energy efficiency - building on the experience of other jurisdictions while recognizing British Columbia’s specific utility and energy conservation opportunities.

Recent amendments to British Columbia’s Clean Energy Act (the Act) added provisions that require provincial energy utilities (such as BC Hydro and FortisBC) to provide financing for energy efficiency upgrades. The ministry is responsible for regulations under the Act, and is presently working towards an energy efficiency financing regulation that will set requirements for B.C. utilities to offer PAYS programs to eligible customers.

The PAYS-BC regulation will address eligibility, energy assessments, contractor qualifications, disclosure requirements and debt limits for utilities. By facilitating energy efficiency improvements in homes and buildings across the province, PAYS-BC will assist families to save on energy costs while supporting government objectives to conserve electricity and reduce provincial greenhouse gas emissions.

The ministry is seeking comments and suggestions from British Columbia residents regarding PAYS-BC prior to finalizing the regulation. The current consultation relates to PAYS-BC for single family homes. In subsequent years, the regulation will be expanded to allow PAYS-BC offers to cover residential strata and rental units, as well as commercial buildings. There will be separate consultations prior to launching PAYS-BC for these types of buildings.

The ministry’s objectives and the proposed contents of the PAYS-BC regulation are provided in an intentions paper for consultation (intentions paper). The intentions paper provides background information relevant to PAYS-BC, a description of ministry proposals and how to provide input on the proposals, as well as a table with information on PAYS programs in other jurisdictions. Information about the consultation, including links to download copies of the intentions paper and the associated response form, is posted on the ministry’s energy efficiency and conservation strategy web page-follow the “electricity and alternative energy” link from the ministry’s home page.

Comments should be received before March 30, 2012. Following review and consideration of the comments, the ministry intends to finalize the PAYS-BC regulation for single-family homes in the coming months. In subsequent years, the energy efficiency financing offer from utilities will be expanded to encompass strata and rental, as well as commercial building components.

You are also encouraged to forward this information to your member companies, colleagues and contacts and others who may be interested.

Information received will be treated according to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please contact Erik Kaye at the Ministry of Energy and Mines if you have questions with respect to privacy issues.

If you have any questions regarding the information-gathering process, check the ministry’s energy efficiency and conservation strategy web page or contact Cindy Bertram.

Asphalt Plant Regulation Consultation - ASTTBC Members Invited to Comment

The Ministry of Environment asked ASTTBC (and other associations) to circulate the following information to members with an invitation to provide comment directly to the Ministry as noted below. ASTTBC members wishing to inform ASTTBC on issues should send comment to

The Ministry of Environment is continuing the process of reviewing and revising the Asphalt Plant Regulation (APR) of the Environmental Management Act (EMA). The APR review process follows the ministry policy of continuous improvement and commitment to review our regulations on a regular basis and to update them as appropriate.

The ministry’s objectives and the proposed content of the revisions are provided in a policy intentions paper for consultation (intentions paper). This intentions paper is available for review on our web site. The intentions paper also describes the aspects of particular concern for protection of human health and the environment and other relevant information. This intentions paper will provide a framework for legal drafting and possible further consultation. A response form to seek responses and comments from stakeholders and the public is also available on the website indicated above. Comments should be submitted by March 16, 2012.

Additional information and links to related legislation are posted on the Ministry of Environment’s website.

Information received will be treated with confidentiality by ministry staff and contractors. However, please note that information you provide and information that identifies you as a source of comments may be publicly available if a Freedom of Information request is made under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you have any questions regarding the information-gathering process, check the ministry website or contact Cindy Bertram.

ASTTBC Members in the News:

Ken Christian, AScT and Regional Director for Health Protection with Interior Health in Kamloops, has recently announced his retirement as of April 20. Ken started his health career as a Health Inspector in 1974 and held more progressively senior posts throughout his long and distinguished career. He was Head of Health Protection in Thompson Health Region from 1997 until 2001 when he assumed his currently held position.

Ken spent several years on the Kamloops School Board where he was a champion of the BIG Little Science Centre and this past fall topped all the polls to take on a new challenge on the Kamloops City Council. Ken is an ASTTBC Top in Technology Award Recipient.

Congratulations Ken and best wishes in your retirement.

Message From:

Ron Schiebel wrote in emails to John Leech:

On the Importance of ASTTBC Qualifications -

I am currently employed as a Generator Tech for the City of Chilliwack. Our department (Electrical/Mechanical) has over 30 Emergency Generator systems that are crucial to our Waste Water stations and Domestic Water Pumps. On January 27, 2012 at 9:12 am after a major transformer fire broke out at Atchelitz substation just east of Chilliwack every Emergency Genset was running for a great period of time and not missing a beat. This is where ASTTBC qualifications come in to play. Testing generators and keeping them current with municipal/provincial bylaws and fire codes keeps public and employees safe.

On a lighter note -

I was in (to the ASTTBC office) today and wrote a challenge exam (FP Emergency Power Systems). Your staff made it very comfortable and accommodating. Very professional.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Is a Requirement

ASTTBC registrants are encouraged to review ASTTBC’s policy on Continuing Professional Development and utilize the web site designed to help members record CPD activities.

Professional Development Opportunities

Please note that links to many worthwhile professional development opportunities, seminars and coming events can be found on the ASTTBC website.

Following is just a small sample. For links to these and many other activities, follow the links above: