ASTTBC is deeply saddened by the recent BC wildfires and the people, communities, and First Nations that have been impacted across the province. As a regulator, ASTTBC is doing all that it can to support its registrants who are experiencing hardship because of these fires.

If you are an ASTTBC registrant who has experienced loss of wages or your ability to pay fees has been impacted due to the fires, we encourage you to request a reduction or waiver for your annual fees. Details: Fee Reduction and Waiver Policy.

If you anticipate/are unable to complete your 2023 CPD because of the recent BC wildfires, please review the CPD Extension & Accommodation Policy to request an extension to the requirements.

Mental health
For those impacted by the BC wildfires, you may have experienced/are experiencing physical symptoms, including trouble sleeping, increased heart rate and upset stomach, among other things. Mental health professionals suggest the following:
Self-care: time with loved ones, walking, meditating or playing sports.
Establish a routine: eating proper meals, having a sleep routine and exercising. 
Limit information consumption: have one reliable source – whether it’s a friend or one specific news channel that will give you the information you need to know.

During disasters, please prioritize the safety of yourselves, your family and your community.  Please follow the latest guidance from EmergencyInfoBC regarding evacuation orders and alerts.

If you have questions or would like to contact ASTTBC directly, please email