Use this application ONLY if you are a full-time student enrolled in an Engineering Technology diploma or certificate program in a post-secondary institute in British Columbia.

  • Registration for Student classification is free for eligible individuals who are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents of BC, or otherwise authorized to study in Canada, and
  • Currently enrolled and attending an approved full-time technician or technologist program at a post-secondary institute in BC

For a list of approved programs, click here. Student registration is valid for the duration of your program, typically 1 or 2 years depending on your program. Once you graduate, you are required to apply for Applied Science Technologist Trainee or Certified Technician Trainee via another application system, which will be ready soon.

To process your application, please fill out the following fields entirely, email us the information listed below, and press the ‘Submit Application’ button. You will be notified once your application is accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email:

    *Last Name:

    *First Name:

    *Preferred Name

    *Date of Birth:



    *Home Address



    *Postal Code

    *Phone no.





    Program Option

    *Time of Expected graduation:


    * Email a copy of your enrollment confirmation to, with your full name on the subject line of the email.


    Read carefully and answer below questions.

    1. *Have you ever been found guilty or been convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code, any provincial statute, or under a statute elsewhere?
    2. *Are you currently the subject of criminal proceedings or proceedings for any other offence under any statute in Canada or elsewhere?
    3. *Has judgment ever been entered against you in any civil action involving allegations of fraud, theft, misrepresentation, or professional negligence?
    4. *Is there a civil action or a civil judgment currently outstanding against you for fraud, theft, misrepresentation, or professional negligence?
    5. *Have you ever failed to obey a court order?
    6. *If you answered yes to question 5, have you ever been imprisoned for failing to obey a court order?
    7. *Have you ever been refused registration as an engineer, technologist, technician, technical specialist in British Columbia or any other jurisdiction?
    8. *Have you ever been refused admission in any professional/regulatory/governing body on the basis of your character?
    9. *Are you now or have you ever been suspended, disqualified, censured, the subject of a conduct, capacity or competence proceeding or otherwise the subject of discipline in any jurisdiction(s) where you are or were licensed professional?
    10. *Are you aware of any complaint pending against you in your professional capacity, which has not yet come to the attention of your professional/regulatory/governing body?
    11. *Have you ever been suspended, expelled or penalized by a professional training institution or post-secondary institution for misconduct?
    12. *Are you now or have you ever been the subject of an insurance claim under a policy for professional liability insurance?
    13. *Have you ever been disciplined by an employer, or been a respondent in proceedings alleging a violation of the Human Rights Code or similar legislation in any jurisdiction (e.g., sexual harassment, racial discrimination)?
    14. *Are there any events, circumstances or conditions, other than those mentioned above, that are potentially relevant to your ability to practise as a technologist, technician, or technical specialist?

    If you answer “yes” to any of above questions, give full particulars on a text box in the bottom of this page, including the applicable dates, places, nature of acts of offences, and penalties. If there are changes to your responses at any time during application process or after registration, you must immediately notify ASTTBC at