Promoting You – The Technology Professional

Enhancing recognition of technology professionals, the knowledge and expertise that these individuals bring to the diverse technical teams on which they serve, is an integral part of ASTTBC’s mission. Technologists and technicians, who attain certification, possess credentials which meet stringent national standards, are identified by a professional designation consistent with their class of certification. Certification requires those registered to abide by a Code of Ethics, assuring professionalism in the execution of their duties and ultimately, protection of the public interest.

Liaison with professional associations, business, industry, educators and government agencies is a key way for ASTTBC to enhance recognition. Employers of the technologists, technicians and technical specialists in 24 disciplines which comprise ASTTBC certification are key stakeholders… all rely heavily on the skills and expertise that ASTTBC-certified professionals bring to their technical teams.

In addition to the efforts of ASTTBC, certified technologists, technicians and technical specialists can also assist in promoting the profession and the professional… you. The primary means available include… your professional designation, stamp and seal (where available), and registration with ASTTBC. All are credible means to enhance both awareness and recognition of technology professionals in a world increasingly dependent on technology.

The professional designation indicates you meet the standards for certification based on your education and practical experience. You’ve earned the title and the right to use the accompanying designation… use it with pride, knowing you ‘have what it takes’ and are recognized for your knowledge and abilities. Include your professional designation after your name on stationery, references to yourself in technical documents, papers and articles, or with your signature. Ask ASTTBC for a package of information on terms of use.

As tools of the profession, the stamp and seal are available to certified individuals in good standing with ASTTBC, and can be used on any preliminary, draft or final documents which have been prepared by you or under your immediate supervision. Both are quality assurance symbols, indicative that the work has been completed by a responsible and accountable professional. You should affix your stamp or seal to documents, subject to any legal or other limitations; guidelines on use are available through the Association.

Individuals ‘registered with’ or ‘certified by’ the Association are encouraged to promote their affiliation with ASTTBC. Including the ASTTBC logo on stationery, in promotional and biographical materials, advertising and so forth, is another way of showing your pride in certification as a technology professional. You can also promote your membership in ASTTBC’s institutes – special interest groups formed to further focus your career – by using the institute’s logo in your communications and marketing.

Note… Employers wishing to promote the technology professionals employed by their company are encouraged to do so. Such reference by employers should be descriptive in nature, as use of the ASTTBC logo and derivatives is restricted to registrants in good standing with the Association.