Making Your Business Our Business.

You’re in business to provide a product or service. ASTTBC’s role is to help technologists, technicians and technical specialists advance in their careers.

If your product or service is of value to our Technology Professionals, you may be able to provide information on it through inserts with regular mailings of ASTTBC Connect or ASTTBC’s Member Services Brochure.


  • ASTTBC will determine whether the insert is appropriate for our handling
  • Current charge per insert to the full ASTTBC mailing list is $930 plus applicable taxes and any extra postage costs due to the weight of the insert
  • ASTTBC does not guarantee a delivery date
  • Inserts to be supplied by requesting party. Quantity required to service full mail list for ASTTBC registrants is currently 11,000
  • Inserts to be supplied flat, not folded, unless prior approval is provided by ASTTBC
  • Inserts must include a statement (or card) indicating the insert has prior approval from ASTTBC
  • Contact ASTTBC for clarification or additional details


Anne Sharp
Manager, Marketing & Communications