MEMBER BENEFIT: Reasons for Keeping your Certification When You Don’t Work with it Anymore…

  1. Valuable professional recognition for career.
  • Just because you no longer use your professional certification in day-to-day life does not mean it’s not valuable. Even if you don’t think it’s directly applicable, ASTTBC certification gives you an edge and shows you have a broader knowledge set than someone else applying for the same position.
  • Letting your certification expire means you may be less marketable as you try to advance your career.
  • Retaining your certification sends a signal to employers that you consider yourself a professional and value the meaning of a professional designation.


  1. Good resource to fall back on.
  • The certification you worked so hard for gives you a competitive edge and can mean the difference between landing an interview and having to explain why you’re competitive even though you’ve been out of the field for so long—especially if it’s a technical specialist certification.


  1. Invested time and money to obtain certification.
  • The amount of time and money you invested to get certified is an important reason as to why you should stay certified. Retraining and certification exams can add up to thousands of dollars and can take months or years to complete.


  1. Perks and benefits.
  • ASTTBC certification provides you with access to valuable group benefits and insider discounts on products and services; searching capability for job opportunities in BC and across Canada; professional networking opportunities; and, additional training courses and insider events that are only open to ASTTBC technology professionals.
  • ASTTBC has registries of members and employers will often check these registries for local candidates with credentials they need!