BENEFIT OF MEMBERSHIP: National Labour Mobility

Under the terms of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) or the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA),  AScT and CTech credentials are portable throughout Canada.  This allows our certified members to enjoy the advantage of national labour mobility.

National labour mobility (national portability) provides many benefits that is advantageous for both our members and employers.  For our members, benefits include nation-wide professional credibility, increased marketability, and greater job opportunities for career advancement.  For employers, benefits include knowing their potential employee is qualified, has met the strict national guidelines for competency, and they must follow a recognized professional Code of Ethics—ensuring professionalism in the execution of their duties and bringing value to their business.

As well, when workers are required to undergo additional training or examinations to re-certify in another province, the worker, their families and employers who are trying to staff positions can suffer from the uncertainty, additional costs and time that it takes to re-certify.  With the ease of transferring certification across Canada, these concerns are diminished!