BENEFIT OF MEMBERSHIP: Access to Professional Liability Insurance

ASTTBC, through the plan arranged with ENCON and Willis Towers Watson, has made professional liability insurance available to members and technical specialists, at group rates that are far below the cost you would normally have to pay to obtain coverage individually.

Issues arising from professional liability are of great concern today, both for you as a technologist, technician or technical specialist and for your clients where you act as a consultant. Don’t gamble your assets and reputation just because you feel you don’t need coverage. Understand the risks you are potentially exposed to as a professional and take the appropriate steps to manage that risk.

ASTTBC’s Professional Liability Insurance Program provides exclusive coverage designed specifically to meet the needs of both self-employed and employed technologists, technicians and technical specialists.   Professional Liability Insurance can REDUCE YOUR RISK!

For further information on the Professional Liability Insurance program for ASTTBC members contact:

Willis Towers Watson

National Program Team

Toll Free:  1-800-249-2948      Email:

Please also visit the Willis Towers Watson web site at

Note: May not be available to Associate members or some Special Certification programs, check with Willis Towers Watson for eligibility.