BENEFIT OF MEMBERSHIP: Job Posting & Referral

Job Posting…TechJOBS is a web-based job posting service that allows employers to advertise technology-related job openings on the ASTTBC website at a reasonable cost.   Providing ASTTBC members from BC and across the provinces with exclusive employment and career opportunities, the ASTTBC TechJOBS website is the “go to” for both employers looking for qualified technology professionals and for members looking for employment in their field.

Employers from various industry sectors including engineering and manufacturing, municipalities, regional districts, educational institutes, and private companies of all sizes advertise on TechJOBS.  The success of this program has seen the number of job postings grow exponentially since its inception in March 2013:

To learn more about advertising your next job opening or to view a current list of job opportunities, visit TechJOBS.

Job referral… the CANADIAN TECHNICAL EMPLOYMENT NETWORK (CTEN) is a coast-to-coast, web-based job referral system that brings technologists, technicians and technical specialists together with prospective employers across Canada. As a service of the provincial technology associations, there is no charge for members. Cost is nominal for employers. Go direct to CTEN.