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ASTTBC eNews, June 2016

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The eNews has the latest information about the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC, one of the largest professional associations in the province. ASTTBC serves the public interest by registering and regulating technologists, technicians and technical specialists in BC.

Current News & Events >

ASTTBC and FNCC Honour National Aboriginal Day
ASTTBC SME Business Survey
Minister Rustad Talks With ASTTBC
Province Invests $50 Million for Aboriginal Housing
Upcoming Events
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ASTTBC Foundation Bursary For High School Student Who is a Child/Grandchild of an ASTTBC Member
Member Services Program Summer Savings
Member Services Partner Spotlight: Manulife
ASTTBC Benefits of Membership
Finance Department Update
Update Your Contact Info

Professional Development & Tech Careers >

Highlights of ASTTBC 57th Annual AGM & Conference
Visit ASTTBC TechJOBS Website for Career Opportunities
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a Requirement
TechPROfile: Erik Teteruck, CTech (Provisional)
ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 3
Technology Innovation

ASTTBC In The Community >

ASTTBC Receives IEC-BC Leadership Award
UnTapped Awards Gala 2016
ASTTBC Participates on APEGBC Vancouver Branch Panel Discussion
ACEC-BC Holds Annual Meeting
Canada BC Jobs Grant

Current News & Events

ASTTBC and FNCC Honour National Aboriginal Day

What’s New

June 21, 2016 marked the 20th Anniversary of National Aboriginal Day, an official day of celebration to recognize the valuable contributions to society by Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

In honour of this significant day, ASTTBC and the First Nations Careers Council (FNCC) took time to reflect and celebrate the efforts made this past year to help advance technology education, careers and their application in aboriginal communities. Activities include:

  • BC Science Outreach Workshop, Vancouver, BC

FNCC Chair, Bill Baglot, as well as three other elders from the aboriginal community participated in the STEM in the Aboriginal context breakout session to explore and exchange knowledge about how organizations can more effectively share science, technology, engineering and math with BC aboriginal communities. Together, working towards serving the aboriginal community through:

    • Better Aboriginal engagement in STEM;
    • Better partnerships with the Aboriginal community;
    • Better STEM promotion;
    • Better access to STEM through culturally competent service providers;
    • Better collaboration between agencies; and,
    • Better career opportunities for Aboriginal people.
  • First Nation Construction Industry Education (FNCIE) Project,  Williams Lake, BC FNCC Vice-Chair, Dawn McGrath, AScT, ROWP, and ASTTBC Manager, Professional Practice and Development, Jason Jung, AScT, showed support to the Yunesit’in Nation and David Nairn & Associates’ FNCIE Project by providing exposure and information on technician / technologist type occupations and career pathways at their Career Fair. The FNCIE Project engages First Nation members to expand knowledge of career opportunities in the design and construction industry by providing:
    • Training and economic opportunities aimed at engaging First Nation members in the region to expand knowledge of career opportunities in the design and construction industry.
    • Economic opportunities aimed to maximize First Nations employment in the design and construction of the Yunesit’in school gym.
    • Support to First Nation members in pursuance of training, education and work experience in the design and construction industry.

In addition:

  • Providing bursaries to first nations youth
  • Supporting first nations youth enrolled in technology programs
  • Website featuring new events and links to aboriginal organizations
  • Participation in career fairs and school workshops throughout the province
  • Developing relationships with related organizations
  • Supporting aboriginal educational incentives
  • Working with industry to develop opportunities for aboriginal technologists and technicians
  • Lobbying provincial and federal governments to provide funding for educational initiatives
  • Exploring mentoring opportunities



ASTTBC SME Business Survey

What’s New

(SME – Small and Medium-size Enterprises are businesses with personnel numbers falling below certain limits.)

In 2014, an estimated 382,600 small businesses operating in BC accounted for 98 per cent of all businesses in the province. Within the province, 61% of small businesses are located in the Lower Mainland — Southwest Region. Small businesses in BC exceed the national average and contribute approximately 33 per cent of the province’s gross domestic product.

Recognizing the valuable contributions and significant presence small businesses have in BC, ASTTBC undertook an SME Members Survey in late 2015. Below is a summary of the results from the 165 members that responded.

Provincial Demographics

  • 34% are located in the Mainland/Southeast
  • 26% are from Vancouver Island/Coast
  • 17% are located in the Thompson /Okanagan
  • 7% are located in the Kootenays

Industry Demographics

  • 33% are in construction
  • 17% are in professional, scientific and technical services
  • 11% are in other services
  • 6%   are in transportation and infrastructure
  • 5%   are in manufacturing or wholesale trade
  • 5%  are in oil and gas extraction

Which of the following organizations and service providers (if any) have you used to help you start or operate your business?

  • 48.4%: Banks/ Credit Unions/ other Financial Institutions
  • 29.5%: Consultants
  • 24.6%: Have not used any other organizations or companies to help with my business
  • 22.1%: BC Bid
  • 16.4%: Business associations
  • 6.4%: Chamber of Commerce / Board of Trade
  • 13.9%: Onestop Business Registry
  • 10.7%: Service BC
  • 8.2%: WorkBC.ca
  • 7.4%: Business Development Bank of Canada
  • 7.4%: University or college
  • 6.6%: Employers’ Advisers Office
  • 5.7%: Small Business BC
  • 4.1%: Economic Development Organization
  • 3.3%: British Columbia.ca
  • 2.5%: Community Futures British Columbia
  • 2.5%: Local library
  • 2.5%: MentorshipBC
  • 0.8%: Accelerators/ Incubators
  • 0.8%: BizPaL
  • 0.8%: Futurpreneur (formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation – CYBF)
  • 0.0%: Startup Canada
  • 0.0%: Women’s Enterprise Centre

Thinking about the organizations and service providers you have used to help you with starting or managing your business, which of the following types of products/ services have you used?

  • 59.2%: Website
  • 51.7%: Expert Consulting Services (Branding, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, etc.)
  • 50.0%: Courses
  • 37.5%: Events (e.g. Networking, Informational, Trade Shows)
  • 36.7%: In-person Seminars
  • 35.0%: Webinars
  • 26.7%: Loans/financing
  • 19.2%: Mentorship
  • 19.2%: Online Registrations
  • 16.7%: Bookstore/ Resource Library
  • 15.0%: Gov. support programs or resources
  • 12.5%: Used no products and services
  • 6.7%: General Advisory Services

Which of the following products/services are you likely to use in the future?

  • 68.3%: Website
  • 57.5%: Courses
  • 53.3%: Expert Consulting Services (Branding, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, etc.)
  • 48.3%: In-person Seminars
  • 46.7%: Webinars
  • 42.5%: Events (e.g. Networking, Informational, Trade Shows)
  • 22.5%: Government support programs or Resources
  • 17.5%: Loans/financing
  • 16.7%: Bookstore/ Resource Library
  • 15.8%: Mentorship
  • 13.3%: General Advisory Services
  • 10.0%: Will not use any of these products or services

Of the listed barriers below, which do you experience or have experienced in the past as a business owner?

  • 25%: Maintaining work/life balance
  • 16%: Having enough time to run my business
  • 16%: Regulatory burden
  • 21%: Hiring/training/managing employees
  • 18%: Gas prices
  • 12%: Building clientele/finding new customers
  • 13%: Finding business partners with the right fit for your business
  • 11%: Administrative burden
  • 11%: Meeting government requirements
  • 19%: Exchange rates
  • 8%: Handling professional services (i.e., accounting, legal)
  • 6%: Understanding social media
  • 8%: Pricing my product/service appropriately
  • 10%: Ongoing financial management
  • 16%: Finding start-up money
  • 12%: Finding advisors for my business
  • 4%: Preparing a business plan
  • 10%: Finding access to right training and education
  • 4%: Understanding my competition
  • 2%: Having enough supply to meet demand
  • 3%: Finding appropriate suppliers

ASTTBC thanks those small and medium size business owners and managers who took the time to respond to this survey. Surveys allow ASTTBC to understand how we can better serve and support the activities of our members.


Minister Rustad Talks With ASTTBC

What’s New

John Rustad, MLA for Nechako Lakes and the Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, met recently with the Vice Chair of the First Nations Careers Council (FNCC), Dawn McGrath, AScT, ROWP.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of the FNCC, an ASTTBC enterprise, and to update the Minister on ASTTBC issues regarding professional recognition and independent practice. The ASTTBC representatives spoke about a new Public Works Technician Certification Program going ahead with three First Nations Bands around Mackenzie. Dawn updated the Minister on FNCC career fairs, bursaries and mentoring initiatives.

Click HERE for information on MLA John Rustad
Learn more about FNCC HERE


Province Invests $50 Million for Aboriginal Housing

See press release from BC Housing HERE

Aboriginal individuals and families with low to moderate incomes will benefit from new affordable rental housing with the BC government announcing a $50 million investment to improve access to Aboriginal housing.

A call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) has gone out to Aboriginal housing providers and municipalities interested in creating safe, affordable homes for Aboriginal people in need throughout the province, including youth, women, elders and families.

The selection of submissions will be based on criteria that includes the impact the project will have in reducing the community’s affordable rental housing need. Aboriginal non-profit housing societies may partner with other organizations to strengthen their proposed project.

The funding is part of a $355 million dollar investment announced by the Province last February to create more than 2,000 units of affordable housing. It is the largest single affordable housing investment in B.C.’s history.

Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas Development and Responsible for Housing, said “we recognize the importance of improving access to affordable rental housing for Aboriginal people in need across the province. This investment will go a long way to ensure more Aboriginal individuals and families have a safe, affordable place to call home.”

John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, said that “this funding will benefit lower-income Aboriginal people in British Columbia by providing new and affordable rental housing that helps to meet their needs for secure, family-friendly homes.”

Kent Patenaude, president, Lu’ma Native Housing Society, said she is “pleased to see this initiative come forward – opportunities for partnerships with Aboriginal housing providers and municipalities are key to providing more affordable housing options in the province. Leadership from Aboriginal housing providers on these projects will ensure culturally-appropriate housing for Aboriginal peoples, which will be of benefit to our communities for years to come.”

Quick Facts:

  • Since 2001, the BC government has invested $4.4 billion to provide affordable housing for low-income individuals, seniors and families.
  • This year, more than 102,500 BC households will benefit from provincial social housing programs and services.

Information sessions:

  • Prince George – Coast Inn of the North – June 17, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Chilliwack – Coast Chilliwack Hotel – June 20, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Nanaimo – Coast Bastion Hotel – June 24, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Fort St. John – Northern Grand Hotel – June 28, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Kamloops – Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre – June 30, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

RSVP to piah@bchousing.org

Participants who are unable to attend in person can participate in an informational webinar on July 11, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. More information will be posted HERE.

The EOI package is available at MERX Canadian Public Tenders and links to MERX are also available at BC Housing and BC Bid.

Click HERE to learn more about Aboriginal housing in BC.


Upcoming Events

July 4: Northern BC Golf Tournament, PG Golf & Curling Club (Prince George)
July 7: APEGBC Presents: Smart Work Strategies: Time Management Practices That Make Sense And Actually Work (Vancouver)
July 7: APEGBC Presents:Smart Work Strategies: Productivity Hacks That Maximize Workflow Efficiency (Vancouver)
July 8: ACCESS Urban Aboriginal Charity Golf Tournament, Country Meadows Golf (Vancouver)
July 24: Champion of the Crescent Stand Up Paddle Races! (Surrey)

CLICK HERE for the full list of upcoming events.


ASTTBC Social Media

As always, we feature important news, on the pulse, across all our social networks.

And tag us in a post if you think we should mention it in eNews!


Member Services Updates

ASTTBC Foundation Bursary For High School Student Who is a Child/Grandchild of an ASTTBC Member

One $1,000 bursary is offered directly from the ASTTBC Foundation each year to a Grade 12 student who is a child or a grandchild of an ASTTBC member.

APPLICATION CRITERIA and how to apply.

Email your complete application to Heather Stevens <hstevens@asttbc.org> by August 1st to the ASTTBC Foundation, c/o Heather Stevens.

To be eligible to receive an ASTTBC Foundation bursary or award, you must be a full-time student and a member of ASTTBC. The ASTTBC Student Membership is free. To apply, CLICK HERE.


Member Services Program Summer Savings

Save with hundreds of discounts available 24/7 on your smartphone!

Just in time for summer, ESM has included the Local Hospitality Travel Discounts for hotels and car rentals from around the world and deep discounts available on last minute Whistler Condo bookings with the Whistler 48-Hour Club. For details, tap “Categories” when you launch the ESM app to view the “Hotels & Resorts” category in the “Travel & Play” section.

Dulux Paints — the standard ESM Customer discount has now increased to 25% for all locations.

To get the ESM App:

  1. Go to the ESM website on your smart phone at http://www.esmobileapp.com/
  2. When you first download the app, you will be asked for the ASTTBC “organization code”. Enter: asttbc

For additional valuable ASTTBC member insider discounts, go to TechCLUB!


Member Services Partner Spotlight: Manulife

Since 1948, Manulife and Engineers Canada have built a reliable and long lasting relationship, providing highly competitive benefits and low group rates not available to the general public. Over 90,000 engineers, geoscientists, technicians, technologists and their families have made Engineers Canada-sponsored insurance and financial plans their protection of choice.

Today, The Manufacturer’s Life Insurance Company (Manulife) is a leading Canadian-based financial services group, serving millions of customers in 22 countries and territories worldwide. Click HERE to learn more about Manulife Insurance Plans at preferred ASTTBC Member Rates.

Manulife is introducing a new, professional retiree health and dental plan. If you’re retiring or starting your own business, you can continue to enjoy medical benefits with three NEW plans designed for retirees’ increasing healthcare costs.
A new Professional Retiree Health & Dental insurance plan, sponsored by Engineers Canada and underwritten by Manulife, is available to ASTTBC members. A limited-time open enrollment offer expires on July 28, 2016 for Bridge Plan applicants.

The Professional Retiree Health & Dental Insurance offers three (3) new coverage options for the retiree market in mind:

  • Base ($)
    • Acceptance is guaranteed regardless of health status – no medical questionnaire is required upon application.
  • Bridge ($$)
    • LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL OFFER — Acceptance is guaranteed regardless of health status, provided if applying before July 28, 2016. After offer expiry, medical questionnaire is required if applying after 60 days of group plan end date.
  • Comprehensive ($$$)
    • The highest coverage maximums of the three plans in many benefit categories.

For more information, contact:
Helen P. Lam
(416) 687-4284


ASTTBC Benefits of Membership

Did you know?

  • The technology sector directly employs more than 86,000 people, and wages for those jobs are 60% higher than B.C.’s industrial average.
  • BC’s technology sector is growing faster than the overall economy. In 2013, it grew at a rate of 4.7%, a higher rate than the 3.2% growth observed in the provincial economy.
  • New technology companies are emerging at increasing rates throughout the province. In 2013, there was an addition of more than 700 new technology companies in BC, an increase of 8% over the prior year.

Today’s fast-changing and competitive environment demands the very best people and at a time of increasing professional reliance, employers are attracted to ASTTBC Technology Professionals because they can be assured our members are Qualified, Registered and Accountable.
Qualified. ASTTBC is considered a critical element in the career of technologists, technicians and technical specialists and businesses, industries and government recognize our credentials as key indicators of competence and quality.
Registered. ASTTBC has a mandate under provincial legislation to maintain, improve and increase the knowledge, ability and competence of our members. By setting and maintaining standards of excellence, members, employers and their clients all benefit from a culture of professionalism.
Accountable. ASTTBC regulate standards of training and practice of, and for, its members and to protect the interest of the public. Certified members are required to follow a Code of Ethics and are subject to practice review and discipline therefore assuring professionalism in the execution of their duties.


Finance Department Update: Dues Notice

Technologists, Technicians, Graduate Technologists and Associates that were not paid and had not contacted us regarding their 2016 annual dues have been cancelled in the second week of June.

If you wish to reinstate your membership please contact our office at the earliest possible, by emailing Lumi Guias at lguias@asttbc.org or by calling (604) 585-2788 ext. 237

A $75 plus GST fee will be charged after membership is cancelled for non-payment of annual dues to UNCANCEL and reinstate membership.

All Building Design, Construction Safety, Electrical Work Practitioner, Fire Protection, House & Property Inspection, Onsite Wastewater, Public Works Inspection, Registered Reserve Fund Analyst, Registered Technology Manager, Site Improvement Surveying, Steel Detailing registrants, PTech and Underground Utility Locators have been sent two hard copies and two electronic invoices were sent since the first week of April.

Annual renewal fee was due and payable by June 1, 2016.

CANCELLATION for non-payment will occur in the second week of July.
A $75 plus GST fee will be charged after membership is cancelled for non-payment of annual renewal fee to UNCANCEL and reinstate membership.

Contact Lumi Guias at lguias@asttbc.org if you’re facing financial hardship or health problems.

What does professional certification in ASTTBC say about you?

  • You are qualified, registered and accountable.
  • You belong to one of BC’s largest professional associations, 10,000+ strong
  • You are highly qualified and in demand
  • We thank you in advance for your prompt attention and your continued support


Update Your Contact Info

To update your ASTTBC contact information, please LOGIN and use our online form.


Professional Development & Tech Careers

Highlights of ASTTBC 57th Annual AGM & Conference

The importance of technology professionals to the BC economy, employment trends, and accessibility were the main topics of discussion at this year’s AGM in Surrey. ASTTBC Council and staff were pleased to welcome more than 200 members and stakeholders to the Sheraton Guildford Hotel and even more participants via webinar for this informative day.

The event theme, Technology Professionals in Demand, showcased the vital impact Technology Professionals have on building a vibrant BC economy and stressed the growing demand for qualified techs as a result of demographic and economic trends.

The day began with Linda Reimer, MLA for Port Moody-Coquitlam, representing the provincial government and introducing video greetings from government leaders. Linda was elected MLA for Port Moody-Coquitlam in 2013, and currently serves as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for Communities.

Video greetings from Premier Christy Clark and Hon. Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Advanced Education and Minister responsible for the ASTT Act, acknowledged the important contributions ASTTBC members provide to BC’s economy.

  • Click HERE to see Premier Christy Clark
  • Click HERE to see Hon. Andrew Wilkinson

Marvin Hunt, MLA for Surrey–Panorama, also spoke before the Business Session. Marvin was elected to the Legislature in 2013 and first elected to Surrey City Council in 1988.

Delegates also enjoyed remarks by George Heyman, who was elected as the MLA for Vancouver-Fairview in 2013. George serves as Opposition Spokesperson for Environment, Green Economy and Technology.

The Business Session shared highlights of ASTTBC’s initiatives for 2015 and the coming year, and announced the ASTTBC Council for 2016-2017. Click HERE to view the press release.

After the Business Session, ASTTBC members with 25, 40 and 50-year certificates were recognized and honoured for their continuous years of membership in ASTTBC.

The morning Panel Discussion, Technology Professionals – BC’s Advantage, offered insights on labour market conditions in BC, in particular, sectors related to technology professionals. The panel of experts explored human resource strategies to recruit and develop the workforce.

MLA Kathy Corrigan brought greetings during the luncheon. Kathy was elected MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake in 2009 and serves as Official Opposition Spokesperson for Advanced Education.

The Hon. Stephanie Cadieux, Minister of Children and Family Development and MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale, spoke during the afternoon session. Stephanie was elected MLA for Surrey-Panorama in 2009 and MLA for Surrey-Cloverdale in 2013. She serves as vice-chair of the Cabinet Committee on Secure Tomorrow, and also sits on the Treasury Board, and the Cabinet Working Group on Core Review.

Stephanie spoke about Accessibility 2024, a government-wide 10-year action plan that identifies what citizens can do to reduce barriers and create more accessible, inclusive communities. Since its launch in June 2014, government, business and the disability community have worked together on the range of activities identified in Accessibility 2024.

Stephanie also provided a special introduction for Guest Speaker Randy Lewis.

Randy Lewis is an American businessman, a disability employment advocate, and an author.  As the Senior Vice President of Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in America, Randy pioneered a program in its distribution centers that resulted in 10 per cent of its workforce consisting of people with disabilities. The result was higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and safety, and lower absenteeism and turnover in the company.

View the ASTTBC 2016 AGM & Conference photo album HERE.


Visit ASTTBC TechJOBS Website for Career Opportunities

Looking for a new challenge or job opportunity? Visit ASTTBC TechJOBS website to view our current postings.

Featured Job:
Village of Pemberton has a challenging position for an Engineering Technician


    1. Post closes Friday June 30th

Click on the position above to learn more.

Situated in a lush valley surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, just 35 km from Whistler, Pemberton is one of the most desirable communities in BC. Enjoy mild winters and warm summers, and a young, vibrant community with a unique pioneer heritage. Opportunities abound to enjoy arts, culture, recreation, family amenities and comfortable lodging. The Village of Pemberton prides itself on its creative and collaborative approach with the business community, local volunteer groups, and neighbouring communities.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a Requirement

A reminder that ASTTBC registrants are encouraged to review ASTTBC’s policy on CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and use the website designed to help members record CPD activities.

Professional technologists, technicians and technical specialists are accountable to the public and their profession. As a professional regulatory body ASTTBC is required to assure the public that members continue to meet the high standards set for registration and the CPD Program provides a guide for members as they consider their continuing education needs.
Click here to read out policy.

There are links to many worthwhile professional development opportunities, SEMINARS AND COMING EVENTS on the ASTTBC website. Stay current and grow your capacity as technology professionals.


TechPROfile: Erik Teteruck, CTech (Provisional)

Provisional Certified Technician Member under the Mechanical Discipline and seeking fulltime employment.

Career Experience
Erik Teteruck is a hands-on, highly technical mechanical engineering professional with 10+ years experience in the design and testing of new products and prototypes. He is Proficient in SAP and Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), thrives in a fast-paced environment that demands incisive leadership talent, and is committed to multicultural sensitivity. Erik Teteruck has a personal passion for and has been previously acknowledged for being highly skilled at commissioning. His most recent experience includes working for Ballard Power Systems where he collaborated as part of a highly technical multi-discipline team, on various fuel cell prototypes and was primarily responsible for the assembling and start-up of a fuel cells prototype for a future project in China.

Career Highlights

  • Mechanical Instructor for Saudi Arabia Air Defense
  • Commissioning Engineer for Steel Plants in Europe and Asia
  • Service Engineer for 2-stroke container ship engines in Europe
  • Owner and operator of a successful automotive repair shop (FORD) in Germany
  • Service engineer for can seamer machines

Professional & Community Activities

  • Professional Development: Communication in the Workplace, AutoCAD, SAP, and Symantec Step 7
  • President of the Table Tennis Club Poppenhausen Germany
  • President of Table Tennis Association for Hessen Germany
  • Member of the Langley Rod and Gun Club
  • Successfully renovated a 1974 42 foot Ketsch ROC Marine Sailboat

Why I Became A Technology Professional
“When I was a young boy in Germany I had always been fascinated with numbers, computers and mechanical devices. This enthusiasm led me to a formal education and eventually an exciting career in mechanical engineering. When I moved to Canada, the technology profession was a natural fit for me!”

TECHPROFILE is an online showcase of technology professionals registered with ASTTBC. Click HERE to submit your TechPROfile with us today for a chance to be featured in future eNews.


ASTTBC Code of Ethics: Principle 3

Provide an opinion on a professional subject only when it is founded upon adequate knowledge and honest conviction.


  • (a) Members shall clearly distinguish between facts, assumptions, and opinions in reference to applied science, information and engineering technology in the preparation of reports, in conversation with clients and colleagues, in statements to the media, in the publication of papers and articles, and in discussion in a public forum.
  • (b) Members shall not make statements, criticisms, or arguments generated or paid for by private interests on matters relating to public policy, unless they indicate on whose behalf the statements are being made.
  • (c) Members shall ensure, to the best of their ability, that statements attributed to them properly reflect their professional opinion.
  • (d) Members shall not misrepresent their qualifications to their clients or their employers.
  • (e) Members shall engage or provide advice on engaging, experts or specialists when, in their judgment, such services are in the best interests of their client or employer.

It is the responsibility of the members to clearly and accurately express the results of their work, and avoid bias due to political, economic or other non-technical factors. When called upon, members shall do their best to ensure that their professional opinions are accurately represented. When presenting complex issues to a non-technical audience, in order to avoid misinterpretation, members must simplify their discussions without losing the critical elements. Members shall separate their personal views from their professional activities and be impartial and factual when expressing professional opinions.


Technology Innovation

Are you or your colleagues creating some innovative technology applications? Want to tell the technology community about it? Let us know. We’ll gladly publish a story on your accomplishments.

Send 200 words or less to ASTTBC e-News Editor John Morton at jmorton@ASTTBC.org


ASTTBC In The Community

ASTTBC Receives IEC-BC Leadership Award

What’s New

ASTTBC was honoured by the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) for the second year in a row, for leadership in their MentorConnect program.

Volunteer mentors are always needed for ASTTBC’s Mentor Program, which is run in cooperation with IEC-BC: they match mentors
which ASTTBC provides (as volunteers) with Internationally Trained Technology Professionals (ITTPs) from the immigrant community who
have requested assistance to get their careers re-started.  They are referred to IEC-BC through any of a number of Immigrant Service Agencies
(e.g., SUCCESS, MOSAIC, PICS, Douglas College, North Shore, MCHS, Back In Motion), and the ratio of requests to available mentors from our
membership pool is 10:1.

Volunteer Mentors may use the time mentoring to claim CPD points, as well as potentially making enormous contributions to the productivity of BC industry
through the eventual employment of ITTPs.


UnTapped Awards Gala 2016

What’s New

BC Workplace Inclusion Awards

More than 150 of British Columbia’s most inclusive and diverse business leaders celebrated at the UnTapped Awards Gala on June 2nd in Vancouver.

Nominees arrived from across the province to discover the winners of the 2016 BC Workplace Inclusion Awards, presented by Open Door Group. This year, there were almost 50 diverse nominees ranging from small cafes to multinational organizations, from Vancouver to Merritt, from Quadra Island to Kamloops.

Vancity President and CEO Tamara Vrooman anchored the evening with a live interview by former CBC host and social media coach Jaeny Baik. Cultural hoop dancer James Jones, who has performed at the Olympics, Coachella, also wowed the crowd with his unique style.

ASTTBC congratulates and applauds all of the nominees, finalists and winners of 2016 BC Workplace Inclusion Awards for their commitment to creating diverse and inclusive places of work.

Large Business (>50 Employees)

  • Arc’teryx
  • Be Fresh Local
  • Canadian Tire
  • Capcom Game Studio (Finalist)
  • Craftsman Collision
  • Edgewater Casino (Finalist)
  • Emterra
  • Everest
  • Fly Over Canada
  • Left
  • London Drugs
  • Tim Hortons
  • University of the Fraser Valley
  • Vancity (Winner)
  • Whole Foods

Small Business (<50 Employees)

  • Buy Social Canada
  • Coco Café (Finalist)
  • Eco Service Canada
  • Fabriclean Laundry
  • Greens Natural and Organic Market
  • Jules Café (Winner)
  • Merritt Movie Experts (Finalist)
  • Solly’s Bagelry
  • Urban Digs Farm
  • Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd.

Non Profit Organization

  • Burns Bog Conservation Society
  • Canucks Autism Network
  • City of Vancouver 311 Program
  • Cleaning Solution (Winner)
  • Garth Homer Society (Finalist)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • IEC-BC
  • Launch Academy
  • Mission Possible
  • Quest Food Exchange (Finalist)

Individual Champion

  • Arley Cruthers (Winner)
  • Chef Matt (Finalist)
  • Garry Marks (Finalist)
  • Jenny Magenta
  • Henry Mwandamer

Manager Champion

  • Ronnie Bouvier (Finalist)
  • Wendy & Sergio Cocchia (Finalist)
  • Deepak Gandhi
  • Naseer Khwaja
  • Jasmine Marchant (Winner)
  • Val Meaney
  • Andrew Piper
  • Julia Tanaka

“Diverse workforces are the future,” says Open Door Group’s Executive Director of Corporate Development, Alona Puehse. “At UnTapped, we saw how inclusive hiring isn’t just about doing what’s right, it’s about doing what is essential to be successful in this economy.”


ASTTBC Participates on APEGBC Vancouver Branch Panel Discussion

What’s New

On May 24th APEGBC’s Vancouver Chapter hosted an Internationally Trained Engineers & Geoscientists event at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Presented in a panel discussion format, ASTTBC’s Jason Jung, AScT, Manager of Professional Practice & Development, APEGBC Chief Operating Officer Janet Sinclair, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies BC CEO Keith Sashaw, and Jonathan Kassian, Project Manager at the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table, discussed findings of the recent Engineers, Geoscientists, Technologists and Technicians (EGTT) Labour Market Information Study.

Engineers, internationally trained professionals, various employment service providers, and others from postsecondary asked many questions relating to employment opportunities and regional hiring trends in the coming decade.

Click HERE more information on the EGTT study.


ACEC-BC Holds Annual Meeting

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies BC held its annual general meeting on June 8th in Vancouver. ASTTBC would like to acknowledge Ken Wiecke, PEng, for his excellent leadership as ACEC-BC President over the past year, and congratulate the new President, Tim Stanley, PEng, on his appointment. ASTTBC wishes Tim all the best in the year to come and looks forward to continuing the great relationship our two organizations share.


Canada-BC Jobs Grant

The Canada-BC Job Grant opened on April 22, 2016 for applications for training that starts on or before September 30, 2016.

Who can apply?
The CJG has four streams of funding to which eligible employers or organizations acting on behalf of employers can apply:

Priority Sectors (up to $5 million)

  • The CJG is open to applications from employers or organizations working in eligible priority sectors, including most BC Jobs Plan priority sectors, identified as critical to B.C.’s labour market and economic development. For details on eligible priority sectors, please visit the Priority Sectors page.

Unemployed Stream (up to $2 million)

  • The Unemployed Stream is open to applications from employers and organizations who are hiring unemployed British Columbians, covering up to 100% of the costs of training where there is permanent employment at the end of training. For details, please visit the Unemployed Stream Page.

Underrepresented Groups in the Workforce (up to $1 million)

  • The CJG is open to applications from employers or organizations wishing to provide skills training and jobs to individuals in one of the eligible underrepresented groups. For details on eligible underrepresented groups, please visit the Underrepresented Groups in the Workforce page.

Refugee Fund (up to $1 million)

  • The CJG is open to applications from industry/sector associations, employer associations, and union and non-profit organizations working with refugees, who are working with employers to help refugees gain skills and employment in BC. Employers must contribute one-third of the cost of job-specific skills training and have a job at the end of the training for the participant. For details, visit the Refugee Fund Page.

Delivery Partner Program

  • The Ministry will engage delivery partners to support employers to assess their training needs, identify training options, and apply to the Canada-BC Job Grant.

Click HERE for more information on the Delivery Partner Program.