Adobe Connect – Best Practice

1. Adobe Connect diagnostic test

The Adobe Connect pre-meeting test checks your computer and network connections, and helps you troubleshoot connection problems before your meeting begins.

To use the pre-meeting test, you must have Adobe Connect application for desktop or Flash Player for your browser installed. If neither is installed, the pre-meeting test page displays the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test dialog box, which prompts to install Adobe Connect or Flash Player.

A. Runs the pre-meeting test. Click this after installing Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Connect application. B. Checks if the installation of Adobe Flash Player was successful. C. Installs or enables Adobe Flash Player in your browser. D. Installs the Adobe Connect application.

Here is the link to the Adobe Connect website: Click here >>> Adobe-Test


2. Quickstart Guide for Participants
This guide will help anyone participant in an Adobe Connect meeting. It covers joining a meeting, using audio, chat, and webcam. Troubleshooting tips are also available as a quick reference.

Quick start guide link: Click here >>> PDF