This POLICY applies to individuals wishing to reinstate registration.

Previous members applying to reinstate their membership must:

  • Apply on-line here.
  • If your membership has lapsed for more than two years, you have to apply as a new applicant. The requirements are stated here.
  • If your membership lapsed within last two years, you may go through a short process that bypass the self-assessment.
    • Supply a resume which includes details of continuing education and additional work history acquired since original membership granted.
    • Provide two (2) technical referees instead of four (4).
    • Because archived files are eventually purged, an applicant may be required to supply additional information to ensure the application is complete and current before being considered for reinstatement.
  • Successfully complete a Professionalism Practice and Ethics Exam if you have not previously done so
  • Submit with the Application the current ‘Reinstatement Fee’: $256.25 + 5% GST ($269.06)
  • Pro-rated dues for the current year will be due and payable upon acceptance for reinstatement. There is no requirement to pay past dues owing.
  • All Applications for Reinstatement will be considered by the Board of Examiners.

If further assistance is required, please contact:

Edna Schwartz
Coordinator, Registrations

Tel: (604) 585-2788, local (233)
Fax: (604) 585-2790