Current Policy for Retired Members

A ‘Retired’ Member or Registrant is permitted to volunteer, without remuneration, as a mentor or trainer in the field of engineering and applied science technology or carrying out no more than 100 hours of work per year for compensation. In all activities the ‘Retired’ Member must abide by the ASTT Act & Regulations and ASTTBC Council policies (including Code of Ethics and Continuing Professional Development requirements) regarding practice guidelines, standards and processes.

A ‘Retired’ Member or Registrant is defined as a current Member or Registrant in good standing with ASTTBC, who has reached the age of 55 or older, and has decided to become non-practicing or provide limited works and services per Council approved policy for ‘Retired’ status.

While a ‘Retired’ Member or Registrant will be shown on the ASTTBC Registry as having ‘Retired’ status, the member or Registrant is not required to show ‘(Retired)’ after their certified designation. ‘Retired’ members and Registrants are required to inform potential clients or employers of their practice limitations.

This policy will be administered by the ASTTBC Registrar, upon the request for ‘Retired’ status by the Member or Registrant, and the Registrar will report to the appropriate Certification Board the change to the Member’s or Registrant’s registration status. Prior to ‘Retired’ status being granted the Member or Registrant must sign an affidavit that affirms they understand the limits of practice for ‘Retired’ registration.

Policy for Retired Members

Please find the link for the Retired Policy 06_2017 for retired members for viewing.  You may contact the ASTTBC registrar with any questions by e-mail . In order to download the application fillable form click here.