Registration Certificates

The registration certificate provided to members under the ASTT Act reflects the growing stature of applied science technology professionals in British Columbia. By prominently displaying your Certificate where you practice, you will be signifying to the others your membership in ASTTBC, the ‘Association for Technology Professionals in British Columbia’ and your role in the engineering and applied science technology team.

The Certificate presents well in a standard frame of 16″ x 19″. A black frame is suggested with a double matte, the outer matte being a off-white (matching certificate color), and an inner (sub) matte in the color of the ASTTBC seal. You may use either regular glass or non-reflective glass.

Each year upon receipt of your annual seal, please affix it to the glass covering the Certificate, directly over the original registration seal. Registrants with an out-dated version of the registration certificate may purchase new certificates for $35 each, plus GST.


Edna Schwartz
Coordinator, Registrations
Tel: (604) 585-2788, local (233)
Fax: (604) 585-2790