Site Improvements Surveys

Special Certification recognizes individuals who have reached a certain level of expertise within a defined area. Special Certification does not, at this time, grant membership in ASTTBC and is not part of the regular certification program for technologists and technicians. Special Certification has been developed in conjunction with appropriate industry, government, education, and other interested groups.

Special Certification represents an important vehicle whereby ASTTBC can recognize specialty areas, either as a form of ‘endorsement’ to ASTTBC certification as an AScT, CTech, Associate or as a separate, distinct ‘Technical Specialist’.

The Practice of Site Improvements Surveys is the determination of the relative location of structures to cadastral survey monuments and Land Titles Office records and plans.  These surveys are typically required by lending institutions as a condition of mortgage approval and by municipal authorities, as part of the building permit process, for the location and related ancillary works prior to construction.

ASTTBC membership is required before one may be Registered in Site Improvements Surveys (RSIS).  One must be able to demonstrate adequate experience in cadastral (legal) surveys under the direction of a BCLS or RSIS prior to being able to achieve the RSIS registration.

For more information about this program please contact Erin Macedo – – 604 585 2788 Ext 247