Professional Technologist

ASTTBC is again accepting applications for certification as a Professional Technologist (PTech).

To qualify for PTech certification you must be an AScT with a minimum of four years senior technical work experience relevant to your discipline. The indicators of the type of work that is considered at the PTech level includes:

  • Collecting, organizing, evaluating and designing products, services or procedures in complex technological areas.
  • Being a consultant or being regarded as a technical expert in the discipline.
  • Consistently demonstrating current, state of the art technical competencies and commitment to technological best practices including application of the latest codes and standards.
  • Independently defining complex technology problems to be solved and conceptualizing a satisfactory solution.
  • Frequently being involved in the analysis of services, products or processes for the purpose of improving effectiveness or efficiency of work being done.

Applicants must provide the names and contact information of a minimum of four referees that have a professional designation with legislated practice rights in the field of practice of the applicant and have overseen or taken responsibility for the applicant’s work for a minimum of two-years.

The PTech applicant is required to successfully complete the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE). ASTTBC is currently negotiating with engineering and geoscience regulatory associations in Canada to determine the most efficient way of registering applicants to prepare for and take the NPPE. In the interim, we encourage interested applicants to begin the online application process by clicking Apply Now button on ASTTBC home page to complete and submit their application for PTech certification.


PTech and Limited License Task Force Reports:

The following are links to reports which came out of ASTTBC-APEGBC Joint Task Forces in 2011. These Task Forces produced reports which were approved by each respective Council.

PTech Task Force Report – March 2011

Limited License Renewal Task Force Final Report March 2011


PTech Certification Board Policy:

PTech Certification Board Policy approved by ASTTBC Council in May 2017.