Professional Technologist


The long-awaited PTech designation that was launched in January 2016 received considerable attention from ASTTBC members. The PTech Certification Board, comprising AScTs who are also PTechs and some of whom are also PEngs (1), EngL(4) registered with APEGBC and P.Tech.(Eng) (1) registered with the Alberta Technologists rolled up their sleeves and set about receiving and processing applications. This effort in the early part of 2016 was put on hold in early summer after expressions of concern from the technologist and engineering regulatory associations in Alberta and BC. Two key concerns were differences in the certification criteria to become a PTech and comparable rights to independent practice in the two provinces.

Underpinning the concerns are differences in the legal framework with Alberta having one act and two associations working collaboratively with a joint board of technologists and engineers certifying P.Tech.(Eng) and P.Tech.(Geo) that have individually prescribed, limited rights to independent practice in engineering or in geoscience. The framework in BC is two acts, two associations and no similar legislative framework acknowledging independent rights for a PTech to practice in the field of engineering. 

Mindful of a legal requirement to assure mobility of professional certification between provinces, the ASTTBC Council agreed with the PTech Certification board and in June 2016 put a hold on applications for ASTTBC PTech certification pending the outcome of a review of the criteria for PTech certification and the concerns raised by the other associations.  A preliminary review was completed and a staff report was submitted to Council in September.  The complex issues such as the legal framework, independent rights to practice and defining the scope of practice require further consideration and discussion with parties external to ASTTBC. The suggested changes to harmonize certification criteria with Alberta were realistic and attainable however the Council thought it best to consult further with APEGBC and the Alberta technologists and engineers prior to making a final decision, anticipated for November 2016. Receiving and processing applications for PTech certification have been suspended until further notice.


PTech and Limited License Task Force Reports:

The following are links to reports which came out of ASTTBC-APEGBC Joint Task Forces in 2011. These Task Forces produced reports which were approved by each respective Council.

PTech Task Force Report – March 2011

Limited License Renewal Task Force Final Report March 2011


PTech Certification Board Policy:

PTech Certification Board Policy approved by ASTTBC Council in September 2015.