Professional Technologist


The PTech Certification Board has decided to temporarily postpone decisions on approval of PTech applications.  PTech applications submitted prior to June 21, 2016 will remain on file and the applicants advised of this unforeseen delay. Further information on the status of PTech application processing will be available following the ASTTBC Council meeting scheduled for September 29, 2016.  We regret any inconvenience caused by this delay and appreciate your patience.


PTech applicants that meet the certification criteria will be registered as a Professional Technologist (PTech). The PTech designation will be used in conjunction with the Applied Science Technologist (AScT) designation as specified in the ASTT Act.

To qualify for PTech, you should be an AScT senior technology practitioner with a minimum of four years relevant work experience typically in the design of products, procedures, or the provision of services in complex technological areas. Further information on the criteria and documentation you will need when you apply on line is available here.

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