Professional Technologist


The ASTTBC PTech designation is currently on hold as ASTTBC seeks to better align with Alberta. The launch of PTech in January 2016 set the stage for the roll-out of the Professional Technologist designation in BC.

While the criteria for certification was well crafted and would have served the needs in BC, expressions of concern were received from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET).

The issues covered two areas: (a) the certification criteria, while similar, were not identical and could lead, they suggested, to transfers from BC not being accepted; and, (b) the practice rights in BC are not the same as in Alberta.

ASTTBC Council acknowledged the issues and pledged to work toward changes in the BC model to better align with Alberta. ASTTBC determined from the start that the BC model would be similar to Alberta to the extent possible under the current ASTT Act and Regulations.

The ASTTBC Council and staff have been adapting the model and communicating possible changes to  ASET. We are again checking on formal portability requirements as defined by the Agreement on Internal Trade. The discussions continue with the intention that applications for PTech will get back on track. ASTTBC regrets any inconvenience this delay has caused but remains confident PTech will be re-ignited in the near term.

ASTTBC will post updates as appropriate to the circumstances.


PTech and Limited License Task Force Reports:

The following are links to reports which came out of ASTTBC-APEGBC Joint Task Forces in 2011. These Task Forces produced reports which were approved by each respective Council.

PTech Task Force Report – March 2011

Limited License Renewal Task Force Final Report March 2011


PTech Certification Board Policy:

PTech Certification Board Policy approved by ASTTBC Council in May 2017.