Special Permit in Forestry

Special Permits to practice limited aspects of Professional Forestry are intended to formally recognize AScT’s and others who, while not trained to independently practise all aspects of professional forestry, may nonetheless be sufficiently experienced and competent to independently practice professional forestry within his or her area of acquired expertise. A Special Permit authorizes a non-R.P.F. to engage in the practice of professional forestry within defined limits, and without contravening the Act. Special Permit holders are recognized as one of the classes of ABCPF members and are governed by the Act, ABCPF Bylaws (including the Code of Ethics), resolutions of Council, and various ABCPF policies and procedures in force from time to time.

Special Permit application packages are available from ABCPF. A copy of the application can also be downloaded from the ABCPF web site. If you are interested in applying and would like to find out more about qualifications or the application process, please contact:

Association of BC Forest Professionals

Suite 330 – 321 Water Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1B8
Tel:(604) 687-8027
Fax: (604)687-3264