Limited Licence in Engineering and Geoscience

In 1993 the Provincial Government approved changes to the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists’ Act to provide for a ‘Limited License’ which allows an Applied Science Technologist (AScT) to acquire a limited license to offer services in the field of professional engineering. This government initiative came after many years of discussions between the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC).

“The licensing arrangement is a win-win solution for both associations and individual members of the engineering team” according to ASTTBC President (1993 – 95) Dan Mooney, AScT. “The Act change recognizes that some AScT’s work in areas that are accepted as professional engineering. The new approach will enhance the AScT’s contribution, utilization, career opportunities and recognition.”

The two associations have also agreed that, in the general fields of engineering, there are certain works and services outside the practice of professional engineering which can be capably handled by Applied Science Technologists (AScT) and Certified Technicians (CTech). APEGBC and ASTTBC are now working together through the APEGBC/ASTTBC Joint Board to provide guidance on the works and services that are not restricted to a Professional Engineer or holder of a Limited License. The APEGBC/ASTTBC Joint Board will advise the Councils of ASTTBC and APEGBC as to those areas of practice that are open to AScT’s and CTech’s registered under the ASTT Act.

The Limited Licence is granted by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. Fees are collected by APEGBC for the Limited Licence.

In 1999, ASTTBC’s Council approved a schedule of membership dues and fees that extends ASTTBC’s ‘Dual Designation’ policy to our members who have a Limited Licence in Engineering. This means that AScT’s who concurrently hold the Limited Licence are eligible for reduced membership dues in ASTTBC. They will pay the same dues as an ASTTBC member who goes on to acquire her/his PEng.


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