PGA and New Bylaws Now in Effect

On February 5, 2021 ASTTBC officially transitioned to the Professional Governance Act (PGA).

ASTTBC along with the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (EGBC), the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP), the College of Applied Biology (CAB) and the B.C. Institute of Agrologists (BCIA) are now regulatory bodies identified by the PGA.

The PGA establishes a new, modernized framework for professional regulators in the natural and built environment. Included in this legislation are standards relating the governance of regulatory bodies, role of ASTTBC, setting out ethical principles and responsibilities of its registrants, which is applied consistently among PGA regulators. Registrants of ASTTBC will continue to be held to maintain high standards of conduct and competency, and will have a duty to report among other requirements.

New ASTTBC Bylaws

ASTTBC’s new bylaws are now in effect and therefore information on our website may no longer be current/applicable. We are in the process of updating this information.

Applicants and registrants are required to meet the current requirements, please refer to ASTTBC Bylaws for details.

Thank you for your patience.


Eligibility for Reclassification

You may apply for reclassification if:

  • You were registered as a Certified Technician; and
  • You meet other registration requirements as described in the ASTTBC Bylaws.

How to Apply

Registrants applying for reclassification and/or change of discipline are required to go through the same process as new application. Please check here for more information.

If you completed online application previously, use the same application account to create your application for reclassification. You can choose to copy information from your previous application and paste to your application for reclassification. You have to check to make sure all information entered is current before submitting your application.

If you were offered upgrade program (on the 2nd page of your acceptance letter) at the time of your current certification was granted, you are required to provide evidence to satisfy the upgrade requirements. If the upgrade requirement is only one document, such as a letter from your employer or a referee, a verification of education/training, or a Technical Report, you may contact the office for a shortcut to complete your application.

An example of work or a Technical Report accepted by the Board of Examiners may be required for application for change of discipline.

Fees for Reclassification

The application fee for reclassification only, change of discipline only, or reclassification and change of discipline is $188.32 ($179.35+GST). You may pay the fees when submitting your application or contact the office to arrange the payment.


If further assistance is required, please contact:

Josie Brown
Coordinator, Registrations


Tel: (604) 585-2788 ext. 233
Fax: (604) 585-2790