As a regulatory body under the Professional Governance Act (PGA), ASTTBC addresses incompetent practice, professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a registrant, and breaches of the PGA or ASTTBC bylaws in accordance with Part 6 of the PGA and Part VIII of the ASTTBC Bylaws.

Discipline outcomes are determined either by the Investigations Committee, if the discipline is entered into with the consent of the registrant (such as by a consent order), or is imposed upon the registrant by the Discipline Committee following the issuing of a citation and subsequent hearing. 

If the Discipline Committee determines that the registrant (or former registrant) committed one or more of the following:

  • Professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct;
  • Conduct unbecoming; or
  • Incompetence in the performance of duties undertaken while engaged in the respondent’s regulated practice, 

The Discipline Committee may hold a hearing or invite written submissions on proposed disciplinary action and then may do one or more of the following:

  • Reprimand the respondent;
  • Impose limits, terms or conditions on the respondent’s practice;
  • Suspend the respondent’s registrations;
  • Impose conditions on the lifting of a suspension or the eligibility to apply for reinstatement of registration;
  • Direct that the lifting of a suspension or the eligibility to apply for reinstatement of registration will occur on:
    • A date specified in the order, or
    • The date the discipline committee determines that the respondent has complied with the conditions imposed under section 75.2(f) of the ASTTBC Bylaws.
  • Impose conditions on the respondent’s practice that will apply after the lifting of a suspension or reinstatement of registration;
  • Cancel the registrant’s registration;
  • Fine the registrant in an amount not exceeding the maximum fine established under the Act. 

The Discipline Committee’s decision and order must be in writing, include reasons and be delivered to both the registrant and complainant within 30 days of the decision/order being made. A summary of the Discipline Committee’s findings, order, registrant’s name will generally be published unless it is determined that it is in the public interest that portions be redacted. 

The Discipline Committee may also require the registrant pay costs of the investigation and hearing to ASTTBC. 

Additional information about investigation procedures and publication of results of investigations and disciplinary hearings can be found in the ASTTBC Bylaws, Part VIII – Complaints, Investigations and Discipline.

Citations for Disciplinary Hearing

Registrant nameIssue dateHearing date
Donald Glenn PadyApril 25, 2023Not currently scheduled

Disciplinary Outcomes

Effective dateRegistrant name
Reprimand or Remedial Action by ConsentJanuary 4, 2023John Rinaldi
Reprimand or Remedial Action by ConsentJanuary 18, 2023Lord Al-Shayea
Reprimand or Remedial Action by ConsentMarch 22, 2023Hsin-Chang Lin

Past Hearings & Case Histories