The BC Women in Technology (BCWiT) Team is a core group of women ASTTBC registrants representing various disciplines in the technology field. BCWiT recognizes that it is critical to capture the interest of girls at a younger age with hands on events focused on career counselling.

More female role models and media engagements are vital to raise awareness of the many opportunities available to women in choosing a career in technology. Women who are preparing to enter the workforce in a technology career are looking for co-op programs and internships to facilitate their interest in a particular field. Students are also asking for more tools to assist with the job search process. Women who are developing their careers are seeking mentoring and networking opportunities, whether it is to discuss professional development, challenges in their particular field of expertise, or advancement into senior management.

In partnership with industry and other stakeholders, ASTTBC embarked on the large task of promoting awareness of the technology fields to address the labour shortage of skilled technology workers.

The BCWiT Team continues to support its goal of promoting careers in technology to women and girls in BC while also creating a sense of community for committee members to connect and network.