Accredited Programs

Accreditation in British Columbia

ASTTBC assists Technology Accreditations Canada (TAC) in providing accreditation of the technology programs offered by institutes and colleges of British Columbia. Accreditation is based upon standards used by the provincial professional associations, for both accreditation of applied science technology programs, and for certification as a technologist or technician.

Granting of an accreditation denotes that a program meets defined quality criteria concerning the content, delivery and learning outcomes. It informs students, employers, government and society that the program meets or exceeds the national standard for the education and training of technologists and technicians.

Graduation from a TAC accredited program attests that an individual’s education qualifications meet the requirements for registration with ASTTBC and other professional associations of technologists and technicians in Canada.

Here are the TAC National Accredited Programs.

Providing national accreditation in British Columbia is one demonstration of ASTTBC’s commitment to ensuring that the needs of technology students, college and institute faculty, provincial government policies and employers are met in a rigorous, but realistic, model.

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