With the Professional Governance Act (PGA) coming into full force, 2021 has been a year of change for all ASTTBC registrants. As a practising registrant, you may have seen messages over the past many months about the requirement to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities for this year, and communications to manage your CPD expectations in upcoming years.

To support registrants in this change, ASTTBC has:

  • Prorated its annual requirement to twelve (12) hours for the year 2021
  • Created ‘2021 CPD Requirements & Reporting’ guide to assist registrants in reporting their CPD, including a complete list of FAQs
  • Provided an Indigenous Awareness Training course regarding Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples free of charge to all registrants, and have made staff available for support
  • Offered a number of webinars free of charge that count toward CPD hours/points listed on our Events & CPD page.

Each year by November 1, registrants will be provided with a notice reminding of their CPD obligations as required by section 55.1 of the ASTTBC Bylaws. It will outline their CPD hours for the current calendar year, as well as any shortfall in their CPD hours to support them in meeting the November 30 deadline to complete and report CPD in the Registrant Portal. Please note CPD records may be subject to random audits. We therefore encourage you to double-check that you have reported your activities and hours correctly.

Running out of time to meet the annual CPD requirements?

There are many ways registrants can meet their CPD requirements, a detailed list of which is provided on the last page of the ‘2021 CPD Requirements & Reporting’ guide. We invite you to contact cpd@asttbc.org should you have any questions or require additional support in meeting your CPD requirements.

Require an extension to complete and report CPD hours/points?

For extenuating medical or other circumstances preventing from meeting the CPD requirements on time, registrants may submit a written request for an extension of time to the Registrar at pstanaway@asttbc.org. The registrar may grant an extension if satisfied that extenuating circumstances warrant additional time for completing the requirements. Any extension will be reported to the Audit and Practice Review Committee under section 55.4 of the ASTTBC Bylaws.

Unable to meet the deadline to complete and report CPD hours/points?

Registrants who do not complete and report their CPD by November 30 will receive a written notice of non-compliance. Those who do not complete the required CPD hours/points by December 31 after receiving a notice of non-compliance may be fined up to $500.00 under section 55.6 of the ASTTBC Bylaws. Please note that for those who require extra time due to extenuating circumstances, this situation can be avoided by requesting an extension where applicable.

How to report CPD hours/points?

The ‘2021 CPD Requirements & Reporting’ guide includes step-by-step instruction on how to log into the Registrant Portal and report CPD hours. It includes screenshots to assist registrants in accessing the CPD log.

Need further assistance?

If you require additional assistance, we invite you to reach out to our team at cpd@asttbc.org.