Guidelines for Using the Professional Seal

Use of Seal

Use of the seal is protected under the Regulations of the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians Act. The rubber stamp or metallic seal can be used only by certified members in good standing. The right to use the seal is a privilege granted by ASTTBC under the Act. The privilege can be removed if not used in an ethical or professional manner.

Terms and Conditions

The charge for a member stamp or seal is a lease fee for an indefinite period, provided you remain in good standing with ASTTBC. This seal or stamp remains the property of ASTTBC and must be returned promptly at the request of the Registrar of ASTTBC. Your signature on the stamp application declaration will indicate that you agree to these conditions and any further modifications to its terms as may be determined from time to time by the Council of ASTTBC.

Application of Seal

The professional seal should be applied in a clear and legible manner. The seal should be used on any preliminary, draft or final documents which have been prepared by the member or prepared under the immediate supervision of the member. The normal signature of the member should be clearly shown in the space provided. The use of initials without surname is not recommended. The date of application, when required, should be noted.

Documents Requiring Seal

In general, seals are required on documents which:

  • Transfer technical information, or
  • Have a technical impact on a third party, or
  • Have been specifically requested by a client or an authority have jurisdiction.

As a guideline the following documents could require a seal:

  • Preliminary and final technical drawings.
  • Preliminary and final reports. (Preliminary reports and drawings should be clearly marked with a statement to note their preliminary nature.)
  • Lab analyses.
  • Maps
  • Specifications.
  • Design and field notes.
  • Official field notes.
  • Official estimates.
  • Plans.
  • Appraisals.
  • Permits.
  • Any miscellaneous legal documents.

Letters would not come under this category unless used as a report.

In some instances, the industry practice is to seal original drawings. In some instances, only copies are sealed. The member should be aware of the accepted practice in his or her area.

Professional Responsibility

The onus is always on the member to ensure that his/her application of the seal is done in a legal, ethical and professional manner. It is the responsibility of the member to be aware of any legal or employer limitations or requirements on the use of the seal. The Association will assist by providing general guidelines as necessary.