The ASTTBC – PI Logo and Car Sticker may be used by ASTTBC – PI members who are currently Certified Members as a way of showing pride in their ASTTBC – PI professional certification.

The Logo is available in print or electronic media and Certified Members may incorporate the Logo into their communications and marketing, subject to the following requirements:

  1. If your registration in the Association should cease for any reason, you must immediately discontinue using the Logo and stop distributing any preprinted material on which it appears.
  2. The Logo may not be revised or altered in any way.  It must be displayed in the same form as provided by ASTTBC – PI.
  3. Only the provided Logo may be used, and only in the manner prescribed.  These requirements apply to any modifications that ASTTBC – PI may make to the Logo over time.
  4. A Certified Member for this policy is defined as an individual entitled to use one or more of the following certification designations: CHI(P), CHI, CPI.  Members with a CHI(P) designation may use the Logo during the period of time they are working to upgrade to a fully CHI standing. Should the member be reclassified as an IIT (Inspector in Training) at any time, they are to immediately cease all use of the provided Logo.
  5. The Logo may be used on your business card, letterhead, promotional brochures, biographical material, advertising, vehicle signs, construction signs, website or any other literature or place that is promoting your work as a house or property inspector.
  6. Any use of the Logo must directly relate to your role as a Certified House Inspector or Certified Property Inspector.   For example, you may not use the Logo on material relating to a part-time hobby or business you operate that is not related to your duties as a CHI or CPI.
  7. If you intend to add the Logo to employer-supplied stationery, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary advance permission from your employer.
  8. As registration in ASTTBC – PI is individual and not corporate (regardless who pays your dues), the Logo may only appear on material used exclusively by you. For example, you may not have it preprinted on letterhead that is used throughout your office by others.
  9. The Logo shall not be used in any manner that detracts from the high ideals of ASTTBC – PI or from the values espoused by ASTTBC – PI.  Determining if the Logo is being misused in this way is at the sole discretion of ASTTBC – PI.
  10. Any item or person that bears the ASTTBC – PI Logo shall NOT contain any additional information, logos, titles, reference, or standards and ethics of any other association, company, or individual, which is directly or indirectly related with the home and property inspection industry, real estate transactions, or property and building construction and maintenance unless written permission to do so has been provided by ASTTBC – PI.
  11. The use of the Logo does not and must not indicate any legal guarantee by ASTTBC – PI, any direct endorsement of services, or that the individual is acting on the Institute’s behalf.
  12. No person gains any rights whatsoever to the Logo or its use; it remains the property of ASTTBC – PI. ASTTBC – PI reserves the right in its sole discretion to require the removal of the Logo from any location or item ASTTBC – PI feels does not comply with these terms, or which could or does discredit the Institute. If ASTTBC – PI gives you notice to remove the logo, you must do so immediately.

Download ASTTBC – PI Logo Reproduction Sheet

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