Professional Responsibility Versus Union Responsibility

ASTTBC is a society incorporated pursuant to the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians Act. As a self-governing professional body, ASTTBC certifies, regulates and disciplines its members. It is required to provide a Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines and to discipline members who breach this Code of Ethics.

Legal advice obtained by ASTTBC suggests there are no significant potential conflicts between a member’s obligations to his or her trade union and the member’s obligations under the ASTTBC Code of Ethics. In particular, an ASTTBC member should be able to participate in a legal strike without violating his or her professional obligations. However, a member who believes there is a potential conflict between his or her professional obligations and other duties or rights should consult his or her own legal counsel and ASTTBC in each case .

There are always problems created by ethical guidelines, both in terms of interpretation and in terms of conflicting obligations. That does not necessarily mean that any guideline is poorly written or that the guideline is inappropriate. It simply means that any guideline must be considered in terms of each individual case and in context and that the individual member should carefully consider the intent and purpose of the guidelines in making their daily decisions.

When in doubt, seek advice and ensure that any decision is not made alone. Most moral dilemmas have a solution; it is just that the solution may not be readily apparent to the person closest to the problem!