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As of Feb 5, 2021, we have transitioned from under the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (ASTT) Act to Professional Governance Act (PGA). Pursuant to the change, we are currently revising the Professional Practice Guides under the PGA lens. Although the Act under which ASTTBC functioned has changed, it remains binding on the registrants to stay informed of and follow the Professional Practice Guidelines that are uploaded to this page.

ASTTBC publishes Guides to Professional Practice, Standards of Practice and lists a number of external guides relating to practice across a number of different fields. These resources are intended to provide guidance to ASTTBC registrants outlining expectations of their professional practice.

Registrants are expected to follow this range of guides, standards and other relevant resources in conjunction with established codes and standard practice in industry to deliver services compliant with ASTTBC’s Code of Ethics. It is also the expectation on each registrant to be familiar with legal requirements and obligations stipulated by the authority having jurisdiction when undertaking engineering technology and/or applied science technology work.

ASTTBC registrants should only undertake that work for which they are certified and competent. Registrants must also only practice independently and take professional responsibility for their work where permitted in law.


The following ASTTBC Practice Guides have been APPROVED by the ASTTBC Council for use by ASTTBC Registrants.

ASTTBC Practice Guide Email
Biomedical Technology
Electrical Technology Services for Building Projects

  • Current version approved by both ASTTBC and EGBC Council September 2015
Electronics Technology
Fire Protection Technology
Geomatics Technology
Mechanical Technology Services for Building Projects
Site Improvements Surveys


The following policy has been APPROVED by the ASTTBC Council for use by ASTTBC Registrants.

ASTTBC Stamp & Seal Policy Details
ASTTBC Stamp and Seal Policy Resource practice policy ASTTBC registrants must adhere to when applying professional certification seals, stamps, or when utilizing digital authentication or signatures to documents.


The following Guides have been APPROVED by the ASTTBC Council for use by ASTTBC Registrants where required by law.

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Guidelines for Legislated Riparian Area Assessments Resource practice guide for ASTTBC registrants must adhere to when performing assessments within Riparian Areas.


The following Standard of Practice (SoP) has been APPROVED by the ASTTBC Council for use by ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technicians (RFPT).

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Registered Fire Protection Technician Standard of Practice Standard of Practice (SoP) for Registered Fire Protection Techncians (RFPT).


The following guides have been ENDORSED by the ASTTBC Council for use by ASTTBC Registrants.

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AMEBC Safety Guidelines 5th Edition Safety guide endorsed by ASTTBC Council for ASTTBC registrants who work or are involved within the mineral exploration sector.


The following Guides were APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE by the ASTTBC Council and pending final approval.

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Architectural/Building Technology

  • This guide is scheduled for review in 2020.


If you have comments or questions on the guides or would like to suggest other areas of professional development to consider for technology professionals, please feel free to submit them in writing or email to:

Jason Jung, AScT
Director, Professional Practice and Development

Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia

10767 – 148th Street
Surrey, B.C.
V3R 0S4