Practice Guidelines

As part of ASTTBC’s continuous improvement efforts, the ASTTBC Council has concluded that there is room for improvement to these Guidelines and is currently adjusting the Guides in a manner that will maintain the integrity of ASTTBC’s mandate and responsibilities under the ASTT Act.

Leading up to 2015, the ASTTBC-EGBC Joint Board worked on a revision of the ASTTBC Electrical Technology Practice Guide. Both ASTTBC and EGBC Councils approved the revisions. The intent of the Joint Board was to revise other existing ASTTBC guides beginning with those related to Building Projects. Preliminary revisions have been made using the approved Electrical Technology Guide as a template.

As a reminder, ASTTBC members should only undertake that work for which they have competency. Members must also only practice independently and take professional responsibility for their work where permitted in law.

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Biomedical Technology
Electrical Technology

  • Current version approved by ASTTBC and EGBC Council September 2015
Electronics Technology
Fire Protection Technology
Geomatics Technology
Mechanical Technology
Site Improvements Surveys

The following Guides were APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE by the ASTTBC Council and are issued for comment.

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Architectural/Building Technology

  • This guide is scheduled for review in 2019.

If you have comments or questions on the guides or would like to suggest other areas of professional development to consider for technology professionals, please feel free to submit them in writing or email to:

Jason Jung, AScT
Manager of Professional Practice

Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia

10767 – 148th Street
Surrey, B.C.
V3R 0S4