Professional Practice Bulletins

This page will contain all relevant and current practice bulletins issued to ASTTBC registrants addressing professional practice including:

  • ASTTBC issued professional practice bulletins
  • Bulletins issued by other Regulatory Bodies
  • As directed by Council or other Committee of ASTTBC.

This listing is not a comprehensive list.

ASTTBC registrants must ensure they are familiar with bulletins or practice directives which may affect their professional practice area or discipline.

ASTTBC General Bulletin

COVID-19 Update:  Practice Requirements           Dec 2020                               PB-Gen-2020-002
for ASTTBC Registrants

Practice Requirements during                                 Apr 2020                                PB-Gen-2020-001
COVID-19 pandemic

ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technician (RFPT) Bulletins

COVID-19 Update: Practice Requirements              Dec 2020                            PPB-2020-FP-002
for Fire Protection Registrants

Practice Requirements for Fire Protection              Apr 2020                            PPB-2020-FP-001
Registrants during COVID-19 pandemic

RFPT Tags and Labels                                                 Nov 2019                            PPB-2019-FP-001

RFPT Standard of Practice (SOP)                               Apr 2019                            RFPT-SOP-2019

External Covid-19 Resource Bulletins for RFPT

CFAA Bulletin                                                                                                    Apr 3, 2020

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)                                             Mar 24, 2020

Message from BC Fire Commissioner                                                        Mar 20, 2020

City of Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services                                                 Mar 20, 2020

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Fire Watch Requirements              Mar 20, 2020

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Fire Watch Log                                     Mar 20, 2020

Message from FPOABC                                                                                 Mar 20, 2020

External Covid-19 Resource Bulletins for ROWP

Message from Island Health  

External Regulator and Information Bulletins

Technical Safety BC Regulatory Notices & Information Bulletins

ASTTBC Field Representative permit holders                                        Jul 31, 2019

WorkSafe BC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation

Occupation Health & Safety Regulations (OHSR) Revisions               Jun 3, 2019