Professional Liability Insurance

In accordance with the ASTTBC Bylaws, Part XI, Section 86:

All registrants must carry and maintain professional liability insurance, whether it is through the employer or a third-party organization.

It is the responsibility of the ASTTBC registrant to ensure adequate professional liability insurance (E&O insurance), including general liability insurance is in place.

Council Policy on Access to Insurance Plan Coverage

In partnership with Willis Towers Watson Canada (broker) and Victor Insurance Canada (underwriter), ASTTBC registrants have access to a directed insurance program.

Registrants who seek coverage under the Victor Insurance Canada Plan with ASTTBC must meet eligibility requirements in order to access this coverage. Specifically, this coverage is only available for ASTTBC practising registrants. If you are a trainee, student or other non-practising status registrant, you will not qualify.

Registrants may choose to obtain insurance coverage with other qualified insurers to meet the conditions of the ASTTBC bylaws. There is no requirement for registrants to only be insured through this program.

Insurance Enquiries

Registrants may enquire about the program or any other insurance solutions directly with Willis Towers Watson Canada at the following coordinates:

Willis Towers Watson Canada
National Program Customer Service Dept (toll free):  1-855-864-1320