ITP Internship Logbook

To assist ASTTBC registered internationally trained professionals (ITPs), ASTTBC has developed the ASTTBC Internship Logbook designed to help ITPs document relevant work experience towards fulfilling reclassification requirements.

‘Provisional’ registrants have a period of three (3) years from the date of their registration approval to complete the one (1) year Canadian experience requirement at the applicable membership level (as a technician or technologist). Often documenting this work experience can ben confusing with out guidance.

The ITP Internship Logbook is designed to help ‘Provisional’ registrants show evidence of this work and have it ‘signed off’ or ‘endorsed’ by a supervisor.

National Technology Benchmarks (NTB)

National Technology Benchmarks documents define the general competencies and indicators of performance for EACH applied science or engineering technology discipline. They are used accreditation boards to determine if academic training outcomes are achieved by post secondary programs. In turn, the NTBs also use job performance indicators to describe job functions which are most applicable at the given level of certfication.

The NTBs can be used by the ITPs within the logbook to define work experience and to show competency at either an Applied Science Technologist (AScT) or Certified Technician (CTech). Once this experience is documented and verified, it can be submitted to ASTTBC for review and consideration.



ASTTBC has developed a website containing resources to support internationally trained professionals by providing information on career pathways, certification and mentorship.

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