2021 Fees & Stamps; Annual Dues (GST not included)

Please review our  2021 Annual Renewal Process for your information. To pay your dues on-line, please visit our secure online payment form.

Applied Science Technologist/Certified Technician $380.00
Graduate Technologist/Technician/Associate $266.50
Graduate Technologist/Technician/Associate 1st/2nd/3rd/4th year after graduation $180.00
Retired* $95.00
Fire Protection/House & Property Inspection/Onsite Wastewater $429.00
Construction Safety/Public Works Inspection/Steel Detailing/Underground Utility Locators $380.00
ASTTBC Multi Designation (2nd designation) $80.00

* Retired means no longer gainfully employed and not expecting to return to the work force; primary income is from pension or investments. Does not include those who have left applied science technology and are working in other fields.

Pro-rated Dues: Where a member joins part way through a calendar year, pro-rated dues apply. Pro-rated Dues are calculated as follows: (Annual amount/12) x no. of months.

Application Fee $256.25
Reinstatement Fee $256.25
Transfer Fee $50.00
Stamp Fee $100 – $250
Reclassification Fee $179.35

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