Delivering to the Energy Step Code, a Team Approach

Delivering residential buildings that meet the requirements of the BC Energy Step Code takes a team approach from concept to design and through to construction and verification.  Our panel of industry experts will discuss aspects ranging from the policy perspective of BC’s Building and Safety Standards Branch about energy code requirements, implementation and the role of the Energy Advisor, and what different training and education initiatives are available to industry to support energy-efficient, code-compliant design and construction.

Participants in this session will walk away with an understanding of:

  • What the Energy Step Code is
  • How the Energy Step Code works and how it may change professional practices
  • The role of an EA in delivering the Step Code effectively
  • How ASTTBC members can engage in education and training to lead Energy Step Code implementation in their work

Presented by:

  • Zachary May, Director, Strategic Policy, Building Safety Standards Branch, Province of British Columbia
  • Bertine Stelzer, Program Manager – New Construction Market Transformation, BC Hydro
  • Peter Sundberg, Executive Director, City Green Solutions