Board Election Update

Volunteering as an ASTTBC Board Director is an excellent way to serve the public interest in the practice of applied science technology. We encourage all who are interested to learn more about this opportunity. Questions regarding the nomination process may be directed to the registrar and Nomination Committee by email to

The Committee evaluated all eligible applications based upon pre-established criteria based on the selection principles set out at section 5 of the Professional Governance General Regulation, using a scoring system matrix. The criteria-based matrix considered such factors as: disciplines of certification, geographic area, diversity, experience serving on boards, experience in financial management, policy governance, professional experience, leadership skills, integrity, objectivity and general ability to serve on the Board of Directors. Only those applicants who received a minimum score on the matrix were nominated to run in the upcoming Board election ballot.

Eligible voters should have received an email from GetQuorum to complete and submit their ballot. Thank you in advance for participating in the 2023 ASTTBC Board Election and remind you that voting will end at 4:00pm PDT on May 31, 2023.

Please review the information below to learn more about the applicants participating in the 2023 Board election. For information, click on either the name, or photo, of each applicant.

Kerry Barth
Brian Davies
Serge Fjetland
Slobodan Zivkovic